Finding innovative boutique beauty brands at SOMA Naturals #Absolutely_Flawless

There are websites that features beauty brands and then there are websites that truly curate brands that mean something. SOMA Naturals features brands that fit their philosophy – they demand that every brand represent their “ethos and advocate a clean and healthy lifestyle, be authentic, never hold back on creativity, and most importantly of all reinforce our strong belief that everyone is flawless just as they are.”

All of their brands have great offerings, and they all represent SOMA Naturals core values:

1. Serve those who interact with us passionately – go beyond every single time

2. Always be authentic in everything we do

3. Never settle for ordinary; don’t hold back

4. Stay committed to building something outstanding – be proud

5. Be humble, stay hungry

6. Never forget 1 -5


I was sent an adorable makeup bag that says “Absolutely FLAWLESS” that was filled with some samples of a few of the beauty brands that can be found at SOMA Naturals.

Messinian Spa Body Butter

Messinian Spa Body Butter

The Messinian Spa Body Butter (full size is $13) is a super thick body cream from Greece that features Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shea and cacao butter, almond oil, calendula, Sea-buckthorn, aloe, and vitamins B5-A-E. It’s incredibly nourishing for skin, and my scent is lemon & fig, which is absolutely delightful. It smells sweet and fresh all at the same time. I am very impressed with how it soothes my dry winter skin without leaving it feeling wet and tacky. Lovely!

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

I am excited to try the Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.  I have a trip coming up and these travel sizes are perfect for my bag.  Here’s the info on these babies:

A luxurious shampoo that visibly smooths, increases shine & elasticity while transforming texture and improving health. Known as the “no brainer” clean haircare shampoo, it’s the most effective sulfate free, gluten free and vegan shampoo available. Ideal for all hair types, this beloved and best selling shampoo balances pH levels. A unique blend of nourishing antioxidants, plus amino and fatty acids restore hair from the inside out, while providing anti-aging benefits.”

“This versatile all hair types formula is guaranteed to add shine, detangle, smooth, reduce frizz, for straight to curly, and fine to super thick locks. Like all EVOLVh products, it is also safe for chemically-treated or colored hair. Active ingredients include wild pansy, sweet clover, and apricot extracts – all of which contain our proprietary phytoblend of nourishing antioxidants – plus amino and fatty acids which are essential for strong, silky healthy hair.”

Pure Lano’s Natural Lip Balm

Pure Lano’s Natural Lip Balm

I also love Pure Lano’s Natural Lip Balm (full size is $10). The ingredients include all natural ingredients like Lanolin Oil and bees-wax. My lips have been so dry this winter, and this has been incredibly soothing and wonderful. It keeps my lips from chapping and gives them a light sheen.

These products are only the tip of the iceberg at SOMA Naturals. Head on over to the website to see what they have to make you #Absolutely_Flawless!  – Lisa