Find yourself with DefineMe Fragrance! Delphine, Sofia Isabel, and Harper review

One of the best parts about the change of season is the excuse to change everything – your wardrobe, your makeup, your mind (well, I guess a change of season isn’t really necessary for this one!)…and your fragrance.  You may want to put away the light, tropical scents of summer and dig into something deeper and warmer.  It is a good thing to change up your signature scent every four months or so to make sure that you don’t go ‘nose blind’ to it and unknowingly become THAT person in the elevator wearing way too much fragrance.

The quest for finding a new scent is really all about finding something that really defines who you are.  The company DefineMe, the natural, vegan and cruelty free fragrance brand that connects phenomenal scents with emotion, thinks it has exactly what you need.  They even have a quiz you can take to help determine which of their six scents is perfect for you – or maybe it isn’t just one, it’s a few, which works great since these fragrances are meant for layering.  The purpose behind every DefineMe is to help you connect to your inner goddess.  The scents are meant to remind you of your self-love, creativity, gratitude, wanderlust, free-spiritedness, and strength.  DefineMe says, “By understanding the connection between scent and emotion, we found divine-smelling fragrances to be a powerful way to help you embody that mold-breaking, barrier-crushing spirit within.”Even better, you get to help empower women with every purchase – thanks to the DefineMe Dollar Program, the company donates $1 to a non-profit that gives educational scholarships to girls in low-income countries with every full-sized bottle purchase.

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I have three of the six fragrances for review today:  Delphine, Sophia Isabel, and Harper These three women are as different as can be, but I love that – some days I feel like Delphine, other days I am more of a Harper.  Some days I am a combination so I layer Delphine and Sophia Isabel...the options are as varied as my moods. All of the fragrances have the same ingredients: love, fragrance oil, organic sugarcane alcohol + fractionated coconut oil. Here’s what I think about these lovely ladies.

The Delphine Fragrance Mist ($68) is perfect for creative souls.  It was “Inspired by the artistic, creative soul that radiates elegance, this fragrance features floral and woodsy notes with Rosewood, Lilac, Gardenia and Coconut made for those Autumn date nights and activities like apple picking.”

I find that this scent is a very unique combination of floral and woodsy, with a little tropical thrown in thanks to the coconut.

Swell: Lilac + Gardenia.
Crest: Ylang Ylang + Freesia.
Break: Coconut + Rosewood.

Lilac and coconut are my two favorite scents of all time, so I had a feeling Delphine would be a soul sister for me…and I was right!  This is a truly gorgeous fragrance.  It is soft, feminine, and interesting.  The lilac is warmed by the ylang ylang, which also gives it a sexiness and sophistication.  The coconut is deep and grounding, and the interplay between the flowery lilac and the earthy coconut is fantastic.  Delphine also plays well with Harper, Payton, and Sofia Isabel.

The Sophia Isabel Fragrance Mist ($68) is all about confidently doing your own thing.  It was “created for the free spirit that embraces life with confidence, this fragrance features a scent wave that includes Mandarin, Jasmine and Vanilla, perfect for a fall concert or harvest festival.”

I find this to be a sweet yet sophisticated scent with a lot of warmth.

Swell: Mandarin + Tangerine.
Crest: Black Currant + Jasmine.
Break: Vanilla + Sugar

Sofia Isabel is a beautiful fragrance.  It is soft and sweet, yet it has a lot of complexity.  The interplay between the bright citrus and the floral jasmine is delightful, and the warmth and sweetness from the vanilla and sugar will have you sneaking sniffs of yourself all day long.  All of the DefineMe fragrance mists have a wonderfully strong sillage, so they are noticeable but not in a ‘knock you out’ sort of way, and the lasting power is excellent.  Sofia Isabel also plays well with Audry, Payton and Clara.

The Harper Fragrance Mist ($68) is all about knowing yourself.  It’s designed “for those who walk through life fearlessly blazing their own paths, with a scent wave featuring Pink Grapefruit, Honey, Amber and Bergamot this is the ideal comforting scent for those cozy nights by a warm fire.”

I find this fragrance to be clean and spicy with a touch of honey.

Swell: Pink Grapefruit + Neroli.
Crest: Bergamot + Honey.
Break: Cedar Wood + Amber.

Harper is really unusual, and in the best possible way.  On me, the honey is very prevalent, and it has this beautiful spicy kick thanks to the bergamot.  There is an element of citrus, what with the Neroli and pink grapefruit, but while the citrus brightens the scent it doesn’t overpower it.  Then you add in the earthiness of the cedarwood and the amber, plus the sweet honey…it makes for a difficult to describe but warm and clean scent that is delightful. Harper also plays well with Delphine, Payton and Sofia Isabel.

All DefineMe products are cruelty-free and 100% vegan.  The DefineMe Fragrances are available in a fragrance mist, fragrance oil, hair fragrance mist, whipped body polish, and mood candle.  You can find this line online at and at Ulta stores. Check out all six fragrances and find your inner goddess! – Lisa