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Makeup Wars picked a topic that a lot of us are having trouble with so not as many bloggers participated. What are the hyped products that you’re interested in? It’s so different for us all because of where our interests lie. Are you a skincare junkie? Do you crave eyeshadows? Are lipsticks your thing? And if you do pick lipstick what formula? See what I mean? I’ve chosen a few items that I think are worth the hype. I wonder if you agree.

Makeup Wars favorite hyped products

Eyeshadows are my jam. I’d rather buy eyeshadows than anything ever. As you can see by my newest “hyped” choices I like the same colors over and over and I’m really into satin and metallic shades. All 4 of these palettes were bought in the last month. Now I have to stop myself!!

Eyeshadow palettes from Marc Jacobs, Urban Decay, ColourPop, Huda Beauty

URBAN DECAY HEAVY METALS and Urban Decay Distortion palettes are the two that have been on the tongues and minds of most beauty bloggers. I said no to both of these……….. but then I caved for Heavy Metals. It has its negatives but the colors are so pretty and the formula is excellent. I seriously thought about Distortion but I have the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette so I have talked myself down and used that instead with my darker eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette

The nice thing about UD’s Heavy Metals is that I still get all my neutrals but then I have brights that I may or may not use too often. The only negative about the palette is the size and configuration. I don’t have a drawer big enough for it at the moment.

HUDA BEAUTY has definitely been among the most hyped brands and I wanted in. At only $27 the small Obsessions eyeshadow palettes were an easy pick. Only Smokey Obsessions had colors that I knew would look good on me even though I was tempted by Warm Brown and Mauve.

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions eyeshadow palette

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions—Master the ultimate smoky eye or staple nude look with this range of four mattes and five metallic shimmers—including an intense black, warm shades of dark brown, champagne, gold, and silver.

Even though it’s not the most sturdy palette I love the size and will most likely take it on my long trip. The textures are divine.

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY already takes up a lot of real estate on my vanity but I was so tempted by their new formula and had to buy an Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette. I know I didn’t need it but I couldn’t help myself. It was a necessity that I try the new formula. Don’t you agree? (Please say yes). Of course I stuck with the most traditional one and bought Glambition with its nudes and bronzes. Marc Jacobs isn’t as hyped as it used to be when it was new but it’s a brand that should get a little more attention.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic palette in Glambition
Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic palette in Glambition

COLOURPOP is hyped to the sky and back. You can’t beat their prices and you can’t beat the amount of products that they have. I’ve bought a lot of ColourPop and when Sephora started carrying it I was back looking for it again. My choice this time was the Semi Precious Shadow Palette ($26). I wanted to try their pressed shadows and this has some lighter shades I wanted. I know I won’t use them all since red/cranberry and my eyes don’t go together but the lavender and greenish gold are fabulous.

ColourPop Semi-Precious pressed eyeshadow palette

The one lipstick brand of all the ones being talked about lately that has tempted me is PAT MCGRATH. She has two formulas out but LuxeTrance is the one I wanted since it’s a cream formula and not a matte. The pictures on Sephora aren’t representative of the shades at all but through research I narrowed it down to Sextrology described as a neutral pink. It’s not a light pink but it’s not dark either. It feels good on my lips which is uber important and there’s no fragrance! Go Pat. There 25 shades in LuxeTrance and 9 in MatteTrance. This is the first Pat McGrath that I’ve felt deserved the hype. And the package wasn’t filled with sequins that get all over the place.

Pat McGrath TranceLuxe lipstick
Pat McGrath TranceLuxe lipstick in Sextrology
Pat McGrath TranceLuxe lipstick in Sextrology

Now onto skincare. When Lisa and I started this blog she was the one that emphasized skincare. I used a limited selection but that’s changed dramatically and now I’m the one emphasizing it along with her. I have 3 items from IT COSMETICS that I use daily. Two are new so there’s more hype about them and one is a staple that I’ve purchased 4 times after receiving my first one.

IT Cosmetics Miracle Water, Secret Sauce, Bye Bye Serum

IT COSMETICS BYE BYE LINES SERUM Advanced Anti-Aging Wrinkle-Smoothing Miracle Concentrate is my absolute favorite serum ever. I love serums and consider them to be a vital part of my regimen. Bye Bye Lines Serum is great for me day and night. It never interferes with cosmetics. It smell delicious with a hint of orange. It fills in fine lines. I always go back to it if I’m testing other brands.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Serum

This revolutionary, antiaging miracle concentrate was developed with plastic surgeons to deliver 10 powerful clinical results to your skin in as little as 10 days. Infused with proprietary Drops of Light Optical Blurring Technology™ and skin-loving ingredients—including peptides, caviar extract, hydrolyzed collagen and algae—the weightless wonder serum visibly erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the look of tone, texture, firmness, suppleness, and elasticity. It also supports the natural skin barrier, hydrates, and gives skin a look of youthful vitality and radiance.

IT COSMETICS SECRET SAUCE Clinically Advanced Miraculous Anti-Aging Moisturizer is a new product from IT that I’m loving. While I’ve only been using it for about 3-4 weeks it’s one that I’ll purchase when the time comes. At Sephora right now you can use the code ITSECRET to get 10 free samples of this with your Sephora purchase. I’m going to do that to take traveling with me.

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce

The skin-loving, powerfully potent secret lies in the Secret Sauce fermented complex: seven clinically advanced, penetration-enhancing fermented ingredients that work to increase absorbency and maximize the anti-aging benefits. It features anti-aging collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and licorice root to reduce discoloration, lines, and wrinkles. Combined with proprietary Drops of Light Technology™ concentrate and diamond powder, the revolutionary formula delivers a youthful-looking, lit-from-within glow.

This adds a slight glow to my well moisturized skin. There’s a reason that IT brought this out and why so many bloggers are recommending it – it works and it’s wonderful!

IT COSMETICS MIRACLE WATER 3-in-1 Glow Tonic is a Micellar Water unlike any that you’ve tried before. While this cleanses like a typical Micellar Water it also maximizes the efficacy of your other skincare. It contains the Secret Sauce fermented complex so you are getting more than just the benefits of a micellar product. I personally don’t use this on my eyes but I use it at least once a day on my face and will purchase it again.

IT Cosmetics Miracle Water

Now that you’ve seen some hypes what do you think? Do you have more items to add? I know that Fenty Beauty is the most hyped at the moment but I can’t comment on it since I haven’t seen a product that I feel would work for me. What’s your favorite hyped product?  —  Marcia

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  1. Brooke | 11th Dec 17

    I can totally agree with ALL of these! Especially those Huda Beauty palettes. They are completely stunning!

  2. Lola Seicento | 11th Dec 17

    What AMAZING picks, Marcia! Is it wrong that I want every single thing that you have featured???

  3. Phyrra | 11th Dec 17

    I’m here for all the UD and KVD!

  4. Caitlin | 12th Dec 17

    I always love UD palettes.

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 12th Dec 17

    Excellent list! I adore the Huda Beauty Obsessions Smokey palette. So worth the $27! I wish I didn’t see that gorgeous Pat McGrath lipstick – now I have to have it!

  6. Courtney | 12th Dec 17

    I haven’t used any of these but I’ve heard a lot of hype on all of them!

  7. Kathryne | 12th Dec 17

    I haven’t tried Huda yet. I agree, Fenty is so hyped up which actually does the opposite to me, I avoid it

  8. Kristi V BeginNails | 12th Dec 17

    I need some of the secret sauce! LOL. 🙂 I really love Colour pop semi precious metals – those are neutrals that I wear. <3

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 12th Dec 17

    Semi precious is really pretty!

  10. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 13th Dec 17

    I just got that exact HUDA palette in the mail today. I totally agree with your 3 IT skincare suggestions. The Pat MeGrath lipstick looks amazing, how much is it?

  11. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 13th Dec 17

    The format of the heavy metals is so interesting with the mirror in the middle!

  12. Bailey | 13th Dec 17

    I definitly need to look into the Colour Pop palette! I love the look of it.

  13. Anne C | 13th Dec 17

    I have to try that Marc Jacobs palette!

  14. Gladys parker | 13th Dec 17

    I love some of your choices like the Urban Decay Heavy Metals! Although my mood changes that up or the place I am going or who I am going with. Great choices though and as for lips the Cover Girl lip gloss is for me.

  15. CosmetopiaDigest.com | 13th Dec 17

    Pat McGrath is on my must-try list for 2018; I want to begin with the lipsticks, because of the stunning packaging!

  16. StylishGeek | 13th Dec 17

    I love the selections you featured here! I became a Colourpop fan too. But nothing beats the Urban Decay performance of their eye shadows. Absolutely awesome.

  17. Krystal E. | 13th Dec 17

    How have I missed the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette?! I LOVE that!

  18. Nina | 13th Dec 17

    I love that Heavy Metals palette!!!! So pretty!!!

  19. AnnMarie John | 13th Dec 17

    I am not that great when it comes to make-up, that’s why I love reading posts like this! I think it’s awesome that these products are worth getting, they all look so good, love the packaging too!

  20. Ehmkay nails | 13th Dec 17

    I’m still so torn on the UD Metallica palette. I ended up grabbing the chocolate gold. I don’t think I need both.

  21. Amanda | 13th Dec 17

    My kid sister is totally into beauty products so this would be right up her alley. Thanks so much for the awesome makeup gift idea!

  22. Jenalyn | 14th Dec 17

    I so agree with these! Those marc jacobs palettes <#3

  23. Cynthia R | 14th Dec 17

    I haven’ tried or heard any of these products so I’m glad I came across your article. My favorite one I want to try is the IT COSMETICS SECRET SAUCE Clinically Advanced Miraculous Anti-Aging Moisturizer

  24. Nikki | 14th Dec 17

    I am obsessed with the UD palette and the IT Cosmetics products you listed. I’ve had my eye on that Colourpop palette. I’m an eyeshadow hoarder.

  25. Dogvills | 14th Dec 17

    I have not heard of these products before, and I know exactly why. I am not much of a make up person, but I am sure my daughter and my niece have heard about them. The Secret Sauce has a very interesting product name and I would want to try that out.

  26. Vidya Sudarsan | 14th Dec 17

    A good line-up of cosmetics! I sometimes get lost when I go to Sephora and glad you have given some insights on especially lipsticks.

  27. Ruth Ridley | 15th Dec 17

    Those shadow paletes are gorgeous!! I am always looking for something new to try! Great brand here!

  28. Emily Draher | 15th Dec 17

    UD Heavy Metals is definitely on my wish list!

  29. Elizabeth O | 15th Dec 17

    Those are such an awesome and huge palette collection. The shades are so gorgeous and perfect for blending.

  30. Lisa Rios | 15th Dec 17

    I love Urban Decay! And those shades are gorgeous. That’s amazing. They are great holiday gifts/

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