Father’s Day Fashion Flash giveaway with prizes for you and dad


Don’t turn away from this terrific giveaway if you aren’t interested in winning for your dad or a male in your life. Fashion Flash has helped me create a giveaway that is going to be love at first sight for you too. Not only will you win a terrific grooming set for Father’s Day but you’ll also win a $50 Ulta gift card and a great novel for your reading pleasure. I’m sure that you’ll want all three of these.

Lavender Blue by Donna Kauffman

Let me start with the book LAVENDER BLUE by Donna Kauffman that you are sure to enjoy. With a single father and teenage son and a woman starting a new life as one of the owners of a lavender farm you know that this story will tug at your heart. The teenager, Jake, has lost his mother and really needs the love and support he can get from his dad. The characters are charming, the relationship between the woman and dad is the heart of the story will make you feel like you are living in their small town. It’s 5 star rated on Amazon and will win you over.

Reuzel Grooming Kit

This Reuzel Grooming Kit is an example of 8 products that Reuzel Pomades has created. It’s a great set that can be used by dads and sons. It contains 4 of their famous pomades and 4 hair grooming products.

Reuzel Grooming Kit

There are products for all the males in your life in this awesome set. There are even instructions for us with the different pomades and hair tonic so your giftee can appreciate this set even more.

I know you all want this! A $50 gift card to Ulta. Use it to spoil your dad with his favorite products for grooming or to spoil yourself with something you’ve been wanting. This is a gift for everyone!

Giveaway information: This giveaway will be open to US and Canada through 6/14/19 at 11:59 pm Eastern time. The only mandatory entry is a comment but I hope you’ll be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber too. You can tweet daily to give you more opportunities to win this wonderful prize. Thanks to Kensington Books and Donna Kauffman for supplying the book and gift card for one lucky winner. Tell your friends about it too.  —  Marcia

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  1. andie | 12th Jun 19

    Honouring my husband this year – he is an amazing dad!

  2. Amy Deeter | 12th Jun 19

    the special male in my life ill be honoring is my father

  3. Samantha Garcia | 12th Jun 19

    The special guy is my husband, father extrordinaire to our 5 minions!

  4. linda | 12th Jun 19

    I will be honoring my husband.

  5. Salma Hammouda | 12th Jun 19

    honoring my husband 🙂

  6. Jennifer H. | 12th Jun 19

    I would honor my husband.

  7. Amber Kolb | 12th Jun 19

    My husband!! He is amazing. He works 50+ hours, still helps out around the house, loves to cook and plays at the park with the kids like he’s 10 again. He’s the best!

  8. Terri Shaw | 12th Jun 19

    It will be for my nephew.

  9. Paula Pennachio | 12th Jun 19

    I would love to give my Dad the grooming kit

  10. Rose Santuci-Sofranko | 12th Jun 19

    The special man is my sweet hubby! Our dads are up in Heaven with our moms…we always honour them. Thanks and God bless!

  11. AEKZ2 | 12th Jun 19

    I’ll be honoring my husband.

  12. Mary Cloud | 13th Jun 19

    I’ll be honoring my husband this Father’s Day

  13. Jessica Gipson | 13th Jun 19

    I’ll be honoring my amazing hubby this Father’s Day…

  14. Allyson Tice | 13th Jun 19

    honoring my husband this year! hes a amazing hardworking dad and husband!

  15. Brenna M | 13th Jun 19

    I will be honoring my boyfriend, who is the best Daddy I know!

  16. Shannon D Citrino | 13th Jun 19

    My hubby.

  17. Amanda Whitley | 13th Jun 19

    my husband is the special man in my life i would love to honor with this

  18. Tamra Phelps | 13th Jun 19

    The Dad gifts would be for my brother. He’s a great dad to my niece and nephews.

  19. JAMES DASILVA | 13th Jun 19

    I only have my Natural father still alive, he is the only father that I ever had.

  20. Sandra Preti | 13th Jun 19

    My father and father-in-law!

  21. Kayla Klontz | 13th Jun 19

    I’d be honoring my children’s father this year!

  22. JanD | 13th Jun 19

    My dad is the special man in my life.

  23. Michelle Damon | 13th Jun 19

    My amazing husband

  24. Shari | 14th Jun 19

    Will be honoring my best friend.

  25. Elisse | 14th Jun 19

    My huband Dan, who I love with all my heart

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