Fashion Flash ends July with the best of the best

It’s my pleasure to be the host of the Fashion Flash magazine this week. Our bloggers have submitted some great worthwhile articles that are going to help improve your life. We have beauty, lifestyle, health, food, fashion and more – what else could you ask for? Join each of us for the fun.

Have you ever listened to a podcast? Click this link and hear how to update your makeup for mature skin, on this episode of the Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless podcast!

Do your peepers need a quick refresh? Erika of Notes from My Dressing Table is here to share just how to get those tired eyes feeling and looking better in no time, flat thanks to Patchology Flash Patch Rejuvenating Eye Gels. Toss them in the fridge or your skin care fridge for an extra cooling, soothing treatment any time you want.

Want loose wavy curls that will be the envy of your friends? Prime Beauty tried two hero products from Ivy & Elder and got fabulous results!  

Are they out of your favorite skin care products? Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog tells you how to make your own.

Never Say Die Beauty has found a relaxing hydrating antidote for over-washed hands with 7th Heaven Soften Glove Masks.

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom blog really enjoys getting a few beauty boxes in the mail each month. Her review of the latest Allure Beauty Box may have you running to sign up too.

Now that our lips are sealed . . . well, covered anyway . . . eyebrows have become an important tool for conveying our emotions. So this week Barbara Hannah Grufferman, founder and editor of Menopause Cheat Sheet, shares her best tips (video included!) to have beautiful brows at any age

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Do you have clothes that are too skimpy, too tight, too short or too revealing for you to feel good wearing them? Angie at Your True Self Blog shares tips on how to be more modest in absolutely anything body conscious!

If finding an hour to do your workout is difficult, you might want to try Intermittent Exercise. This method allows you to space out a typical one hour workout into short bursts throughout the day. This way you can do 15 minutes of cardio in the morning, 30 minutes of resistance training in the afternoon, and 15 minutes of abs before bedtime. Phyllis Lerner of followPhyllis explains the how and why.

Cool off with sugar and dairy free banana strawberry gelato that takes minutes to make!  Kristen Coffield of The Culinary Cure shares her simple recipe for food processor gelato and it’s absolutely delicious.

Inka of explains why you should hire a car on your vacation.

I’m Nina with sharing a journey. Eight Summer Fashion Mistakes to avoid after 50—I was especially surprised by #5. By the way, we aren’t covering the tips you see all the time.

Doing some Water Ballet Exercise in the water, while cooling off is not such a bad idea I’m thinking.
This Workout not only tones your lower body but it also helps to elongate your muscles while you are doing it. And because you are in the water, you are adding resistance to strengthen your legs and butt while at the same time using your core muscles to help keep your body upright and balanced. Give it a whirl from Moving Free with Mirabai.

To end your Fashion Flash reading pleasure join Beauty Info Zone by entering some of the amazing giveaways that are available this week.

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