Fall fashion legwear trends with Berkshire!

Besides the beautiful colors, my favorite thing about fall are the clothes! I love the transitioning back into my favorites that have been stored away, as well as updating with the latest trends. This fall the legwear trends are all about textured fashion legwear, updated sheer anklets and opaque tights, and Berkshire has everything covered.


Berkshire Firm All the Way Bottoms Up Tight

If you are looking for an opaque tight, the Firm All the Way Bottoms Up Tight ($14 or two for $25) is excellent. It actually lifts your bum and flattens your tummy at the same time. Magic I tell you! Plus it gives this slight compression that keeps legs feeling great.  I wore these to my nephew’s wedding and my legs felt amazing.

Berkshire Trend Sheer Backseam

Berkshire Trend Sheer Backseam

Now, if you want sexy, the Berkshire Trend Sheer Backseam ($11) are the definition of sexy! They are gorgeous. The hose is silky and sheer, the control top holds you in without being constricting. Everyone should have a pair of these in their wardrobe!

Berkshire The Easy On Get Skinny Support Tights

If you want lots of support in an opaque tight, go for The Easy On Get Skinny Support Tights ($16 or two for $26). These don’t have a waist band, so go on with ease yet they stay in place – no need to tug and pull to keep them up throughout the day. They support your legs and are soft because of the microfiber.

Berkshire Comfy Cuff Knee Length Cozy Hose

Berkshire Comfy Cuff Knee Length Cozy Hose

Berkshire Comfy Cuff Knee Length Cozy Hose in Herringbone

The Berkshire Comfy Cuff Cozy Hose ($7 each or two for $12) socks are excellent. They have a double layer cuff that is super comfortable so it doesn’t cut into your skin but it stays in place. I can’t stand having to pull my socks up – major pet peeve! – but I also hate having those awful sock marks in my calves at the end of the day. The Comfy Cuff Cozy Hose are perfection. They stay in place all day long and slip right off in the evening with nary a mark.

Enjoy the new season and especially enjoy all the great new fashions!! – Lisa

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  1. I would like the Berkshire Comfy Cuff Cozy Hose. I don’t wear nylons any more but those backseam hose are truly sexy!

  2. I love the look and the detail on the Berkshire hosiery. Perfect for work and date night too.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    haven’t worn any kind of hosiery since I was a teen but I am really loving the look of the Berkshire Comfy Cuff Cozy Hose . Nice review.

  4. I received these wonderful stocking and socks too! I posted about my love for the anklets, and I’ve gotta get going on the knee-his and stocking ASAP

  5. These surely look comfortable

  6. I know for those chillier winter days, these sheer tights might be useful!

  7. I don’t ever wear nylons, but these look good (and comfortable).

  8. I love tights that have a seam down the back! Super classic.

  9. I do love tights, but if I can avoid wearing pantyhose I will lol. These sound nice.

  10. Here in Arizona, it is just to hot for panty hose or nylons. I haven’t worn them since the 90’s when I was in a different colder state. I do dig them for special occasions…visiting other states for weddings or sexy looks. 🙂

  11. I’m really loving the pattern of the comfy cuff knee highs! I’ll have to check out the brand and see if they have the pattern in full hose.

  12. Looks like they’re really comfortable. I don’t wear hose, with the humid weather in Hawai’i but when I was still working in corporate back in the day, hose is a staple for me

  13. Ehmkay Nails says

    I need to grab a few pairs this season. These are perfect for work.

  14. I haven’t worn any kind of pants hose in so long. I usually opt for thick leggings, but I am really liking those back seam nylons.

  15. I haven’t worn pantyhose in a very long time, they always feel so itchy. My skin is just weird! But I grew up wearing them to school because we were required to.

  16. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    I don’t think I have worn tights or socks or panty hose in at least 3 decades! I also lie in California so it’s way more laid back here and unless we are getting really dressed up for a special occasion it’s flip flops and jeans all the time.

  17. 25 Sweetpeas says

    I remember when I used to wear “stockings” with dresses, I was in constant fear of snagging! LOL

  18. My legs get too cold for dresses in the winter, but I still love the look of seemed hose!

  19. These options all look great, but I especially like the pair with the backseam.

  20. I noticed when I first moved to California that people here don’t really wear hoses, so the options in store are very limited. In France on the other hand they’re very popular – everybody wears them as soon as it gets chilly under skirts and dresses. It’s nice to see that there are great options out there! I really like the ones withe the back seams.

  21. I love when stockings have a back seem, very vintage!!!

  22. I love the look of this legwear. Looks great with the correct quotient of beauty and sexiness.. 😉