FACECASE and you will be inseparable – anniversary #giveaway too


What’s 4″ x 2″ x 1/2″ and holds everything you need for your face during the day (or evening)? Why FACECASE of course. This handy dandy tool will become a necessity in your life before you know it. You can simplify your life by attaching FaceCase to the back of your phone and take up no extra room. It doesn’t even matter which phone you have since it fits on all.


When you open the cover which comes in your choice of Rose Gold or Black you’ll find

  • 4 creamy lip colors/blusher
  • 1 Rose oil conditioning balm/gloss or highlighter
  • 1 Touch-up powder/concealer
  • 1 Lip brush/spatula
  • 1 Mirror
  • room for 2 cards and a small amount of bills

It’s usually our lips and blush that need refreshing so why not get a FACECASE to help you out? Happily FaceCase is on sale from $29.95 to $19.95 which makes it even better. And the icing on the case is that this is cruelty-free and recyclable.

Note that FaceCase was originally called PalmPact and that’s the website’s name.



FaceCase Natural Nudes

Natural Nudes has the perfect shades for me. My lips are never the star of the show when I apply makeup – that’s my eyes. But I don’t need to reapply eye makeup during the day and I do have to with lips and blush. Natural Nudes’ 4 lip/blush colors are Joy (beautiful light pink that’s very natural looking on), Spice (a light spice color that works well with the other shades to individualize a shade), Modest (the sweetest peach this side of Atlanta), and Naked (a light and lovely pinky peach).

FaceCase case

The lip/blush shades are so creamy and easy to apply. The tiny brush it comes with isn’t that good so it’s my fingers that get used instead.

FaceCase Natural Nudes
FaceCase Natural Nudes

In addition to those 4 there’s a comforting Rose Oil Conditioning Balm/Gloss and a touch up powder that works great as a concealer.

FaceCase Natural Nudes


FaceCase Rich Nudes
FaceCase Rich Nudes

Rich Nudes are still somewhat neutral, but they give lips a little more star power. I love pinks and these shades are gorgeous and having them right on my phone has proven to be handy since I always have my phone on hand although I don’t always have my purse with me.

FaceCase Rich Nudes

Rich Nudes’ 4 lip/blush colors are Sydney (the nudest of the pinks), Ibiza (a bright medium pink that is gorgeous mixed with the red NYC), Paris (a chic and sophisticated grown up pink), and NYC (a red hot candy apple red).

FaceCase Rich Nudes – top left to right:  Ibiza, NYC.  Bottom left to right:  Sydney, Paris

Also included are the Pro Glow Highlighter which can be used on the cheeks, lips, or eyes, and the Touch Up Powder which is great for shiny noses and is also pigmented enough to work as a spot concealer.

FaceCase Rich Nudes – top Touch Up Powder, bottom Pro Glow Highlighter
FaceCase Rich Nudes

This is a lovely little case that comes in extremely handy!!  Like Marcia, I don’t use the makeup brush, although here is a close up pic for you.

FaceCase brush

These are a great addition to anyone’s collection and it would make a wonderful graduation gift. Think FaceCase for all the females on that list.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  We have been sent two extra FACECASES in black cases for our anniversary giveaway. One person will win Natural Nudes and one will win Rich Nudes. That’s what you need to tell us in the comments. This terrific giveaway is open to US/Canadian email subscribers of Beauty Info Zone through 3/25/19 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

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  1. Tara L | 16th Mar 19

    I’d prefer to win the Rich Nudes.

  2. Susan Smith | 17th Mar 19

    I would prefer the Rich Nudes FaceCase Palette.

  3. DeAnna Keller | 17th Mar 19

    I would love the Rich Nudes. FaceCase palette

  4. Lisa Williams | 18th Mar 19

    I love the Rich Nudes FaceCase,the colors are simply gorgeous!

  5. Cassandra D | 18th Mar 19

    I would like to win the Natural Nudes FaceCase palette.

  6. Casey Garvey | 19th Mar 19

    Id love to try the Natural nudes palette!

  7. Tamatha Hunter | 21st Mar 19

    Rich nudes

  8. Gina Ferrell | 21st Mar 19

    I want to win the Natural Nudes FaceCase palette.

  9. Nicole Martin | 21st Mar 19

    I love the natural nudes!

  10. nickie | 21st Mar 19

    The Rich Nudes.

  11. Tiffany S | 21st Mar 19

    I would like the natural nudes.

  12. Sandy Bonesteel | 21st Mar 19

    I would prefer the Natural Nudes.

  13. Chris L | 21st Mar 19

    Natural Nudes

  14. Sarah Butler | 21st Mar 19

    I would like to try the Natural Nudes FaceCase palette!

  15. Maritess S | 21st Mar 19

    Would love to try the Natural Nudes.

  16. Danielle Day | 22nd Mar 19

    love rich nudes.

  17. Taryn T. | 23rd Mar 19

    I am thinking I would like the Natural nudes palette! Thanks for the chance.

  18. Hélène Chiasson | 23rd Mar 19

    I would like to win the Natural Nudes FaceCase palette

  19. Darlene Carbajal | 24th Mar 19

    Rich nudes!

  20. ae minx | 24th Mar 19

    I think the rich nudes one looks like a lot of fun

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