Fabulous curls for the holidays with CHI Holiday Spin N Curl!

I remember one of the best Christmas gifts I ever got was waaay back in the day – we are talking circa early 1980’s when the air always smelled of Aqua Net and the higher the hair, the closer to God. My favorite gift under the tree that year was my very first curling iron. I spent hours and hours curling my hair, trying so hard to look just like…HER:

My hair idol from back in the day
Well, it was an impossible task. I swear that woman’s hair isn’t even real. But the curling iron earned a special place in my heart, especially since I could always label those hickeys as a ‘curling iron burn’. Very handy.
The curling iron has come a long way since the early days of clunky, hair-burning metal rods (and neck burning too…I swear!). There are all kinds of interesting gadgets on the market and the one to get this year is the CHI Spin N Curl ($109.99 normally, right now $89.99 Prime FREE Delivery & FREE Returns on Amazon. Hurry because it can still arrive before the 25th!).
I absolutely love mine! Most of the curling iron-like hair tools I try just don’t work for me. They either produce a very weak curl or they are all gimmick or the learning curve is just too long and complicated. I want something that makes my life easier and that speeds up the style time. Very very happily, the CHI Spin N Curl meets every single one of my demands and then some.
The CHI Spin N Curl comes in various colors – there is Onyx Black, a new Rose Gold, and Ruby Red. It does have a learning curve, but this device is actually far less complicated than it looks. It’s basically a curling iron inside of a chamber. Your hair is automatically drawn into the chamber and wrapped around the curling rod, where it’s held for the exact amount of seconds needed to give you a perfect curl. It has excellent tangle protection, so if hair does get tangled the device immediately stops and releases your hair, beeping to let you know what happened.
The heat goes up to 410 degrees, which is what I use because I have so much hair and it doesn’t ever want to hold a curl. Usually with a curling iron, my hair looks fantastic in the morning, but by the evening I just have waves left. I am really happy with the CHI Spin N Curl because these curls take so little time to create and they last up to two days for me.
The hardest part is getting used to using the curl chamber correctly. You need to section off hair, then hold the chamber next to your head (the correct side to face your head is thoughtfully noted right on the Spin N Curl), then press the button with the direction you want your curls to be in so the curling rod rotates, automatically pulling in your hair. Then just wait for the beep that comes after 17 to 19 seconds, depending on the temperature you chose.

CHI Spin N Curl curling direction buttons

I am very forgetful, so I love that the CHI Spin N Curl has a 1 hour auto shut off. Plus, the outside of the ceramic chamber doesn’t get hot so no worries about burning your skin. (Guess I have to swear off hickeys now…dang it.) It leaves my hair free of static, frizz, and damage thanks to the infrared heat and conditioning benefits of negative ions.  And it’s versatile – if I want loose waves, I divide my hair into larger sections. For more defined curls, I use smaller sections.
The CHI Spin N Curl is super easy to use and it takes me about 2/3 of my normal curling time.  Here’s my CHI Spin N Curled hair:
After using the Chi Spin & Curl
After using the Chi Spin & Curl

I am truly impressed with the CHI Spin N Curl. This will definitely make for a memorable holiday gift!  You can find it at Ulta and on Amazon.  I hope you give it a whirl because you will love those curls!  – Lisa

I think I owned every single one of these gadgets…


  1. Lola Seicento | 19th Dec 19

    What a cool tool!

  2. NeverSayDieBeauty | 19th Dec 19

    Lisa, your hair looks gorgeous! What a wonderful job the CHI device did.

  3. Sylwia | 19th Dec 19

    You hair looks great!! Interesting tool for sure!

  4. 25 Sweetpeas | 20th Dec 19

    That looks like it gives a lovely curl! I have not tried one like that! I recently got a deep waver though and love it!

  5. Courtney | 20th Dec 19

    Those curls look so lovely!

  6. Cassie Tucker | 21st Dec 19

    This reminds me of the Conair Curl and Twist thing but better! I think I’m going to add this to my want list.

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