Eylure False Eyelash review and an Urban Tropics Giveaway!

Eylure Urban Tropics Giveaway
Have you discovered the wonders of faux eyelashes yet?? They are super stylish and easier than ever to apply now. (Be sure to take a look at my eyelash application tutorial HERE.) A fabulous eyelash line to check out is Eylure, which is available at Ulta in the US. Eylure is the top-selling lash brand in the UK and has been all over the internet lately, as well as all over the world on tour with artists like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Cher.
Today I have a review of  Exaggerate No. 156 ($4.99), my favorite ‘oomph’ Eylure Eyelashes, along with a wonderful giveaway. Two BIZ readers will win 2 pairs of Eylure Eyelashes from the new Urban Tropics Collection. Read on for more!
Eylure Exaggerate Eyelashes
Eylure Exaggerate No. 156 Eyelashes

Normally, when it comes to falsies I tend to hang out on the conservative side. However, Eylure sent some pretty cool, unique lashes that are so much fun that I found myself a new favorite that is way out of my normal comfort zone. Eylure eyelashes are organized into various categories, including Volume, Definition, Naturals, Dramatic, Texture, Lengthening, and Exaggerate. I think the Exaggerate No. 156 lashes are strikingly different and really fun.

Eylure Exaggerate Eyelashes
Eylure Exaggerate No. 156 Eyelashes

No.156 is a full lash with lashes of varying lengths. The different lengths make lashes that are both longer and thicker.  They come with a great lash adhesive, one of the best I have ever used. They also come with a very handy tweezer-style device that helps with proper lash placement.

I am very impressed with the ease of application, as well as with the fit. I trim a bit off the outer edge, but other than that they have a great curve with a natural fit that is perfect for me.

It’s not surprising that Eylure has great lashes – after all, they have been in the faux lash business for over 65 years. They truly have something for everyone, so take a look either online at www.eylure.com or else at Ulta.

Eylure’s limited edition Urban Tropics Collection launched exclusively at Ulta this spring. There are four different styles that are ‘as breathtaking and spectacular as any tropical getaway’. Eylure says, “The wild spirit and rich wilderness provided a plethora of fauna to study. The limited edition collection is like nothing you’ve ever seen – diamond cut styles, super glossy lashes, dense creations and fashion forward spikes. Eylure’s Urban Tropics collection are manufactured with a mix of natural and faux hair and include Eylure’s exclusive baked step to maintain a natural curve for precise application. As an added benefit, the collection includes long-lasting lash glue in each lash pack.  Each style is available for a limited time at Ulta for $5.99.”

Eylure Rough Utopia
Eylure Rough Utopia

Rough Utopia is ‘a dense yet defined style inspired by the spirit of the rainforest.’

Eylure Elysian Ghetto
Eylure Elysian Ghetto

Elysian Ghetto is ‘a super-sleek style with a wild glossy sheen inspired by the fauna of the rainforest.’

Eylure Industrial Paradise
Eylure Industrial Paradise

Industrial Paradise is a ‘diamond cut style lighter lash, inspired by the richness of the rainforest.’

Eylure Concrete Jungle
Eylure Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is ‘sharp, spiked lashes, beautifully exotic and inspired by the wilderness of the rainforest.’

Now is your chance to win two pairs from the Urban Tropics Collection! This US only giveaway has two winners. It’s open through Thursday, July 2nd at 11:59 p.m. EST. If comments close early please email me at [email protected]gmail.com and label it Eylure. Make your comment in the email, press the enter key and continue on.

I hope you win some of these stunning faux eyelashes – you will love them!!  – Lisa

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*product reviewed and giveaway prizes courtesy of the awesome folks at Eylure


  1. nina | 23rd Jun 15

    Elysian Ghetto

  2. Tanya devenney | 24th Jun 15

    I would love to try the concrete jungle

  3. Sara | 25th Jun 15

    Rough Utopia

  4. Deborah W. | 25th Jun 15

    I like the industrial paradise eye lashes!

  5. Ashley B | 25th Jun 15

    Industrial Paradise definitely.

  6. Kimberly | 26th Jun 15

    The Elysian Ghetto are the ones I’d rock.

  7. Megan Zuchowski | 27th Jun 15

    I would try elysian ghetto!

  8. Leela | 28th Jun 15

    Concrete Jungle.

  9. Jennifer H | 29th Jun 15

    I think I could pull of the Industrial Paradise. What fun lashes.

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