Enter the world of Beth Bender Beauty (giveaway inside!!)

What sets Beth Bender Beauty apart is their claim to fame – they are the first company that invented eye stencils and smokey eye stencils. The company has been around since 2005 and keeps creating new products to make our eyes look more inspiring.

Beth invented one of the most innovative eye makeup tools to hit the beauty industry in a decade. Her revolutionary Eye Makeup Stencils are favored by customers and makeup artists as one of the best eyeliner tools for creating eyeliner and eye makeup looks effortlessly. All of the eye makeup stencils that Beth Bender Beauty has created fit all eye shapes and sizes, and are only available on bethbenderbeauty.com

What makes Beth Bender Beauty more exciting is the way they are branching out with new products too as you’ll see from today’s review.


Starting with the iconic and original Cat Eyeliner Stencil and Smokey Eye Liner Stencil since that’s what gave Beth Bender Beauty its great reputation. After all you’ve heard about this stencil set you’d expect the price to be sky high but it’s on sale for $14 (from $18) and includes both stencils.

Cat Eyeliner Stencil and Smokey Eye Liner Stencil

These stencils are made of plastic yet they are flexible making them suit any eye shape or size. You can use them to create anything from a simple eyeliner (top and/or bottom) as well as what often gives us trouble – the perfect cat eyeliner. Using the cat eyeliner stencil, which is reversible, hold the plastic stencil in place and use a powder shadow to outline the look you want. Remove it and go over the powder with your choice of liner: liquid, gel, or more powder.

By starting with a light hand and a shadow you can play around more easily than if you started directly with your gel or liquid liner. Just like you are “coloring” you are outlining and then coming back to fill in. Their tip is not to use a pencil to start this process but you can finish with your favorite pencil liner.

Beth Bender Eyeliner Stencil for Cat Eye and/or winged eyeliner look

The smokey eye is easy to create with that stencil. You fill in with the color of your choice and then go back to line.

At first you are going to feel like you are all thumbs with these two stencils but with practice you’ll get the hang of holding one in place to line with. Don’t try to line perfectly right away, outline first and then go back and set it with your favorite. The makeup stencils wash easily so that you can reuse them as often as you want.

Beth Bender Smokey Eye stencil in use

Much easier for me to use are the removable EYE CANDY EYELINER STENCILS ($9.99) that have a gentle adhesive. For these I don’t need an extra pair of hands since they adjustable.

Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy removable stencils

Start with gently removing one of the two stencils off the sheet (in this package there are 16 sheets so 32 stencils). You’ll need to figure out which eye it’s for since they aren’t reversible. Apply it and move it around until you have the thickness and shape you want. Then go to town with your eyeliner. This is where you can really have fun since you can use one or more colors for your look. If you get color on the stencil it’s no big deal as your liner will still look fine once removed.

Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy removable stencils
Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy removable stencils
Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy removable stencils

Watching this video helped me to see how to apply and use the stencils properly. I advise you to follow the directions of lifting them up by the rounded corner since I ruined one by lifting it by the pointy end. Also I do start with it on my hand to remove some of the stickiness. Smooth it down once you have it in place then go to town with your liner or shadow.

Beth Bender Eye Candy stencil
Beth Bender Eye Candy stencil PLACE
Beth Bender Eye Candy stencil FILL
Beth Bender Eye Candy stencil PEEL OFF
Beth Bender Eye Candy stencils – looks

These are available in several size packages. The Eye Candy Starter pack has 16 stencil sheets for $9.99. All Eyes on You is a smaller starter pack for $14. The Pro Pack has 30 sheets with 60 stencils for $22. The best deal though is the Eye Candy Deluxe Stencil Set on sale for $18.99 since that contains one Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencil Starter Pack, one Smokey Eye Stencil (also does a cut crease), one Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush and one Dome Shape Mini Liner Brush. And the grandmother of them all is the new The Eyes Have It ($35) which contains 2 Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencil Starter Packs, 1 Classic Angled Eyeliner Brush, 1 Medium Pro Shadow Brush, 1 All Over Fluff & Blender Brush, and 1 Long Wear Gel Liner in your choice of shades.

Even though the reason you know about BETH BENDER BEAUTY is their eyeliner stencils they’ve come out with 30 Highlighters that can be used as blush or highlighter. The Sweet Cheeks Highlighters can be purchased individually in palette form ($14), in a great compact ($20), or in premade palettes ($30).

Beth Bender Sweet Cheeks Highlighter in Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust is a champagne highlighter that comes in a sleek, black mirrored compact adorned with an authentic Swarovski crystal. “This color has the perfect amount of shimmer, sheen, and sparkle and can light up a complexion in an instant. Perfect for fair to medium skin tones.”

Beth Bender Sweet Cheeks Highlighter in PikNik

PikNik is a peach blush or highlighter that is infused with just the right amount of 24 karat gold, iridescent apricot, and a touch of gold dust for good measure. These are beautiful soft highlighters that last well. The texture of them is wonderful and they apply easily.

Beth Bender Beauty Sweet Cheeks Highlighters, fan brush and satin pouch

When you buy a Sweet Cheeks Highlighter you receive the compact as well as 1 Pro Fluff Highlighter Brush, 1 Beth Bender Beauty Satin Travel Pouch. ALL BETH BENDER BEAUTY HIGHLIGHTERS ARE: VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE,TALC FREE, PARABEN FREE, SULFATE FREE, PHTHALATES FREE.

Now for the giveaway information – we will have 3 winners in total. Look at these sets to decide which one strikes your fancy

Beth Bender Beauty Prize One

Prize one winner will get a Eye Candy Starter Pack along with a Beth Bender Espresso Gel Eyeliner.

Beth Bender Beauty Prize Two

Prize Two’s winner will receive an Eye Candy Starter Pack along with 3 Beth Bender Brushes for eye makeup.

Beth Bender Beauty Prize Three

Prize Three contains two Sweet Cheeks Highlighters, a fan brush for application and the Beth Bender Satin Pouch.

Now what’s your favorite? Enter the giveaway from now through April 9th at 11:59 p.m. ET. Giveaway is open to US and Canada but the Sweet Cheeks prize 3 is US only because it’s so fragile. Be sure you are an email subscriber and you comment if you want to be eligible. Almost every giveaway we run I have to eliminate someone for not commenting. Thanks to Beth Bender Beauty for supplying extra products for our anniversary giveaway.  —  Marcia

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  1. shanna | 26th Mar 18

    The stencils! How neat!

  2. Lynne B | 26th Mar 18

    My favorite is Prize 2 with the brushes (I think I have a problem! lol). After that, either prize pack would be awesome!

  3. Rosie A (Heather G) | 26th Mar 18

    I would like Prize 3.

  4. Emeryl | 26th Mar 18

    I’d like prize 2!

  5. Meghan Malicoat | 26th Mar 18

    In order for me it would be number 2, 1 and then 3.

  6. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 26th Mar 18

    I’d love to win!
    My preferred order ~
    1. Prize 3 (with highlighters)
    2. Prize 2 (with eye brushes)
    3. Prize 1 (with eyeliner)

  7. Mary W | 26th Mar 18

    I would like to win prize #3 the most.
    3 – 2 – 1

  8. Lisa Queen | 26th Mar 18

    I would like to win #1 the most. Then #3 and then #2. Thank you!

  9. Susan P. | 26th Mar 18

    #1 stencil with Gel eyeliner
    #3 highlighters and brush
    #2 stencil with brushes

  10. Judy Ruffolo | 26th Mar 18

    I’d love to try that fan brush! Good luck everyone!

  11. Laura Griggs | 26th Mar 18

    I like them all but would choose 1, 3, 2

  12. Tracy Robertson | 26th Mar 18

    My order would be

    The stencils are heck of cool! I have chronic hand tremors and love eyeliner. I have a harder time putting it on than most.

  13. Gabrielle | 26th Mar 18

    They’re all great prize packs! For me, the order of preference is:




  14. Francesca | 26th Mar 18

    I would love to try out the stencils!

  15. Helga | 26th Mar 18

    I like prize three the most.

  16. Melissa Storms | 27th Mar 18

    I would love to have prize pack 2. Thank you for the chance!

  17. Jennifer Rote | 27th Mar 18

    I like them in order or 1- 2- 3.

  18. Brenda Penton | 27th Mar 18

    I’d like to win #1 the most, then #2. I’m in Canada so I can’t win #3

  19. Esther | 27th Mar 18

    I would like to win prize three. I’ve never heard of this brand before.

  20. Dana Rodriguez | 27th Mar 18

    I love prize #1, followed by #2 then #3!

  21. heather eg Kaufman | 27th Mar 18

    I would like them in this order: 1, 2, 3. Thanks!

  22. Gia Welch | 27th Mar 18

    #3…I desperately need a fan brush. Then #2, then #1.

  23. latanya | 27th Mar 18

    3, 1, 2

  24. Maren | 27th Mar 18

    I prefer the prizes in this order: 1, 2, 3.

  25. Sandy P | 27th Mar 18

    Great giveaway. I would prefer this order: 2, 3, 1

  26. Cindy | 28th Mar 18

    Prize one winner will get a Eye Candy Starter Pack along with a Beth Bender Espresso Gel Eyeliner.

  27. Michelle Castagne | 28th Mar 18

    The order I would like a prize is 1, 2 and 3.

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  29. Liz | 28th Mar 18

    3, 2, 1

    Those highlighters are gorgeous!

  30. gloria patterson | 28th Mar 18

    1. # 3 with highlighters
    2. # 2 with brushes
    3. # 1 eyeliner


  31. Brenda Haines | 29th Mar 18

    I would love to win prize 2 the most. Thanks for the chance!

  32. Cynthia Richardson | 29th Mar 18

    3, 2, 1 please

  33. Lyndsey R. | 29th Mar 18

    Prize #3 is my first choice
    Prize #2 is my second choice
    Prize # 1 is my last choice.

    What great looking products though.

  34. Victoria K | 29th Mar 18

    I would love to win the Eye Candy Starter Pack

  35. Lola Seicento | 30th Mar 18

    I have these too, and think that they are very clever!

  36. Never Say Die Beauty | 30th Mar 18

    Those stencils are awesome! And I love the pink highlighter.

  37. Jen Mathews | 30th Mar 18

    Interesting. Did you find these helped you to apply eyeliner?

  38. KV | 30th Mar 18

    I would like to win the stencil set.

  39. Athena | 30th Mar 18

    Prizes 3, 2, 1.
    Thank you!

  40. Cindy | 30th Mar 18

    These are so interesting and fun!

  41. Paol Trenny | 30th Mar 18

    1. Prize 3
    2. Prize 2
    3. Prize 1

  42. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 31st Mar 18

    I could really use a stencil to help me with my liner! I’m horrible at it.

  43. Teresakoedyker | 31st Mar 18

    I would love to win any any of the prizes the all sound amazing!! Thank you fo the giveaway!!

  44. Jeanna Massman | 1st Apr 18

    I am most interested in the stencils. They look really intriguing.

  45. Lulle | 1st Apr 18

    I wonder how these stencils would work for me since I have large eyes.

  46. Kathy Davis | 1st Apr 18

    I love everything! I would use the Eye Candy Starter pack, Cat Eyeliner Stencil and Smokey Eye Liner Stencil , and the highlighters.

  47. Amanda Ross | 1st Apr 18

    Prize 3 for me 🙂

  48. bn100 | 1st Apr 18

    2, 3, 1

  49. Kelly m | 1st Apr 18

    I would love to win the liners!

  50. susan byrne | 1st Apr 18

    Prize 2, 1 and then 3

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