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4ever Magic Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel

Your eyes are the window to your soul is a long time proverb dating back to Cicero. This hasn’t changed in over 1900 years. As a confirmed eyeshadow lover it took me a long time to realize that as much time and effort that I put into making my “art” look good that I’d forgotten an important part of the equation… EYEBROWS.

When I was younger I never gave a thought to my eyebrows except for some plucking. Now I realize that I look horrible without my brows “on”. Not everything works well for me though since I have some very sparse areas that need to look their best.

Enter 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS and their wonderful Double Shade Eyebrow Gel and brushes. At last a natural looking, long wearing product that gives me the look I want and takes much less time than a pencil does.

While there are 4 shades available to purchase, this wonderful eyebrow gel is actually 8 colors as each jar contains two shades that compliment each other. Pick from Abracadabra Black, Magic Dazzle Brown, Mystical Taupe, or Hocus Pocus Blonde.

4ever Magic Double Shade Eyebrow Gel
Magic Dazzle Brown

You have different options when you have two shades in one pot – either mix them together to customize your shade OR use the lighter shade at the beginning of your brows and the darker shade on the edges, arches and tail of the brow. Being the rebel though I do it opposite and start with the dark since that’s where my brow hairs are so sparse. Then I fill it in with the lighter of the two shades. The spoolie helps me blend the shades so they look natural.

4ever Magic Majestic Angled Eyebrow Brush with Spoolie

I’ve had the opportunity now to wear my 4ever Magic Eyebrow Gel in different climate conditions – cold breezy Michigan, warm Florida, and rainy Florida. The wear is perfect in each of these. My brows lasted through a major hot flash too without smudging or fading. They say that it will last for several days and I believe that though I haven’t put it through the test.

Now what’s in this great box for $35? Not only do you get your choice of color but it comes with a great brush which sells for $12 if you wish to purchase it separately. Not all eyebrow brushes are created equally. I have a large collection but only two that I’d recommend – Full Brow for powder and now 4ever Magic for both gel and powder.

4ever Magic Double Shade Eyebrow Gel and angled side of brush
4ever Magic Double Shade Eyebrow Gel and spoolie
4ever Magic Dazzle Brown


Here’s all the pros for these products:

  • Available in 4 Double Shade Products

  • Natural Brow Look

  • Smudge-free, long lasting

  • Water Resistance

  • Enriched with Castor Oil

  • High Pigment

  • Made in USA

  • Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan

I’m happy that I’ve entered this world of wonderful eyebrows. I’ve found the gel that makes my eyebrows complete the look that I crave.  —  Marcia


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, no matter her story. Ravit Darougar came from Israel in 2009 to marry the love of her life. Although she had a law degree in Israel, she had to start from scratch in the U.S. As a hard working immigrant, she spent three years testing her products. After years of hard work, 4ever Magic Cosmetics was born. Darougar is a self-made woman who knows the strength and determination all women have to find success & how to create perfect looking brows!

4ever Magic collaborates with organizations that help at risk women who are struggling to rebuild their lives. $1 of each purchase will go as a donation to one of three nonprofit organizations.


  1. Teresakoedyker | 29th Jan 19

    This looks like a fabulous product!!

  2. Chelsea | 29th Jan 19

    I’ve been using the Universal Brow Pencil by It Cosmetics, but I love the idea of a brow gel. It’s nice that it comes with two complementary shades, too. The brush looks like it’s worth buying, too!

  3. Sandy Pincombe | 29th Jan 19

    Thanks Marcia. Years ago I used a Tarte product similar to this in the shade of Taupe and loved it. I now use either Gimme Brow or ABH pencil in light brown or sometimes brown. Think I am going to check this line out even though I hate to spend $35

  4. Lola Seicento | 30th Jan 19

    That eyebrow gel looks fantastic! My go-to brow pencil for years has been the one from Hourglass, but this gel looks like one that I would like to try.

  5. Courtney | 30th Jan 19

    That looks nice. I wonder if they have a cool black.

  6. Katie Nystuen | 30th Jan 19

    Thankfully I was blessed with nice natural eyebrows so I don’t have to worry about them yet. Just the thought of trying to fill them in evenly makes me break out in a cold sweat. This does look like an easier product to work with them the others that I’ve seen though.

  7. Cassie Tucker | 30th Jan 19

    I like the look of these products, especially the gel. I wish my brows were light enough to pull off the shade Hocus Pocus, just for the name.

  8. Never Say Die Beauty | 30th Jan 19

    Sadly, no shades for this redhead, but I’m in love with the packaging. Maybe some day they’ll broaden the shade range.

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 30th Jan 19

    That does look nice!

  10. Cindy Ingalls | 30th Jan 19

    Gel or wax works for me too since my brows can get long and unruly.

  11. Polished Hippy | 30th Jan 19

    I tend to go with brow powders for a more subtle effect, but I could see these doubling as eyeliners.

  12. Ehmkay Nails | 30th Jan 19

    I agree about brows. I didn’t care at all until like 4 years ago. Now I feel naked without a fill in.

  13. Paula Pennachio | 31st Jan 19

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to try

  14. 4EVER MAGIC COSMETICS | 31st Jan 19

    Thank you for reviewing our eyebrow kit.

  15. Cassandra D | 31st Jan 19

    Wow, this eyebrow gel looks amazing.

  16. PolishGalore | 31st Jan 19

    I hadn’t heard of this brand before – I like the different options they offer!

  17. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 31st Jan 19

    I’ve never heard of this brand!! This looks like a great product and their packaging is cute too!

  18. Nina Kasper | 31st Jan 19

    I love the two shades in one pot! Way easier for blending and creating a natural look.

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