Emme Diane Tinted Mineral Sunscreen for great SPF protection

As you are reading this I’m on a journey that will take me outdoors a lot more than my regular life. I’ve got one full size product packed, the rest are travel sized (other than a few makeup items not made smaller). That item is the Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen with SPF40.

As you can see by the little Emme Diane skin tip picture I know that I need sunscreen all the time.

We associate UV light and radiation with the sun and outdoor light.  It’s why we use sunscreen and SPF when we are in direct sunlight – to protect our skin from those pesky UV light rays.

But did you know that UV light is actually found indoors also?

Fluorescent and halogen bulbs emit low levels of ultraviolet UVA light (the rays that damage and age skin).  Although they are not as strong as the sun, the daily cumulative exposure adds up.

Our tip: Protect yourself daily, whether inside or outside.

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40


Emme Diane L.E., is a licensed esthetician on a mission to solve the seemingly un-solvable skin issues, from acne to aging and everything in between. Her line is cruelty-free and a favorite among customers with problem skin. She has pictures showing before and after on her website that will convince you that you need her products.

When I first started using Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen with SPF40 I had some hesitations but the more I’ve been wearing it the more I like it. My hesitation was not because of the product, it was from the tint of the sunscreen. It’s much darker than my skintone so I was sure that I’d look odd.

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40

The truth of the matter though is that the sheer tint of this blends well with my skin giving me a natural look and just enough color that I don’t look ghostly. It gives me a healthy look while at the same time protecting me with physical sunscreen (Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide) and Broad Spectrum SPF 40. Considering that I’ll be on walking tours I’m very glad that this is water and sweat resistant up to 80 minutes.

Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF40

The finish is matte yet it’s silky. I apply it with my fingers all over my face and go about my business for the day. When I was recovering from a recent illness and had no desire to put on any cosmetics at all I still used this Emme Diane Tinted Sunscreen so I wouldn’t scare anyone away.

Emme Diane has two other sunscreens to consider as well. Illuminating Tinted Sunscreen with SPF58 and NonTinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 are other choices to consider. Emme Diane is known for being a receptive skincare company that’s willing to consult with you. There’s no guessing games since you can get personal recommendations from them. I had sent them pictures of my skin for a skincare item that I’ll be sharing with you later. This consultation is for every customer, not just a beauty blogger, so take advantage of it and find out the recommendations for your skin type and concerns too.  —  Marcia


Wear your SPF no matter what! 

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  1. I am not good about wearing sunscreen indoors or out. This product looks worth trying and at SPF 40 that’s a lot of protection.

  2. This brand is new to me. It sounds like a good product.

  3. Maryann D. says:

    Emme Diane Mineral Tinted Sunscreen with SPF40 is worth a try for me. I also worry about the tint being too dark for my light skin, but I would give this a shot.

  4. I’ve read some glowing articles about this brand. Is there a fee for consultations?