Embracing the playfulness of the season with Ellis Faas Autumn Set 2011

When I was a kid, I loved playing with finger paints.  I loved getting messy and getting creative, I loved mixing the colors and the beauty of an imprecise picture.  I love to play with my Ellis Faas products in the same way.  I eagerly set out to experiment and play with the new Autumn Set, and after it was over I looked at my steel palette, covered in all different hues and textures…it looked almost like a Monet painting.  I realized that this playfulness and willingness to experiment and get messy was the key to understanding Ellis Faas products.  There are people who after a try or two don’t ‘get’ the Ellis Faas line, and I hope this post inspires those who didn’t initially like to try it again, as well as inspire those who haven’t yet tried it to take the plunge.  These cosmetics are different, and the light bulb really clicks on when you allow yourself to go outside your comfort zone.Ellis Faas Cosmetics are unlike anything else out there. All the products (aside from loose powder) are in long silver bullet shaped applicators.  Some have a sponge tip, some have a brush tip, and except for the mascara you twist the bottom until product comes out.

Many Ellis Faas aficionados like to use the applicators, and sometimes I do – but more often than not I prefer to put the product on my steel palette and then play.  I use other brushes, my fingers, whatever seems to work.  I definitely get far more inspired and creative with her products than I do for any other line.

Ellis created this amazing video with her brother Thjis as her model, the video shows just how creative you can get with her products.  Check it out here.  And I highly recommend watching the “How to Use” videos on the website, as they explain the applicators and show some great application ideas.

The Ellis Faas Autumn Set 2011 ($80) includes Milky Eyes E204 (a matte teal), black Mascara E401, and Creamy Lips L102 (a deep cherry red), all perfect fall colors.

Ellis Faas Autumn 2011 - what a cool bike!

Love the promo picture for the set – a retro bike that makes me think of autumn bike rides with cool, crisp air and gorgeous orange and red leaves.  And then of course stopping for some Michigan cider and deep-fried doughnuts…hey, the bike ride balances out all those calories!!

Ellis Faas E204 brush

This is the brush for the eyeshadow before any product comes out, which is accomplished by twisting the bottom of the applicator.  The first time it takes a while before the product appears, so be patient. 

Ellis Faas E204 brush with eyeshadow

And here is the eyeshadow coming out of the brush.  You can use the brush, just smoosh the product into it to get an even spread.  I like to put the cream eyeshadow on my palette and then either use this brush or else my fingers.  Be sure the wipe the brush off after you have used it to sanitize and store it properly.

Ellis Faas Autumn Set eye look

For this look, I used the E204, which is part of the Milky Eyes collection, on the mobile lid.  Milky Eyes colors are cream to powder shadows that can be used as either a color stain or a subtle wash.  I also used other Ellis Faas eyeshadows:  E303, a beautiful bronze metallic that I first reviewed here, in the crease; Creamy Eyes Light, a shimmery silver I reviewed here, in the center of the mobile lid, and then Milky Eyes E209, a peachy skin tone reviewed here, for the brow.

Ellis Faas Autumn set - eye look close up

Here’s a close up.  I lined the eyes with Le Metier de Beaute Precision Liquid Eyeliner, and used Ellis Faas Mascara in Black, which is part of the Autumn Set.

Ellis Faas Mascara wand

The mascara is terrific.  It builds both length and volume, and it doesn’t flake or smudge all day.  I first reviewed this mascara here, and it’s one that I reach for again and again.  Here are some more eye pics for you:

Ellis Faas Autumn set eye look

Ellis Faas Autumn Set eye look

The last item in the Autumn Set 2011 is the cherry red Creamy Lips L102.  I was a little intimidated when I first saw the color coming out of the sponge tip applicator:

Ellis Faas L102 brush with lipstick

But then I remembered that with Creamy Lips, you can use it as a light stain or build it up for dramatic color.  You can also paint your lips with a light stain, then build up deeper color in the middle of the lips, a technique that Ellis recommends. 

Ellis Faas swatches: E204 and L102

Since my lips are on the thin side, I went with a light stain that lasted me for hours.  Over the stain I used Ellis Faas L309, which is a clear gloss.  It’s a little more spendy than some clear lip glosses, but it’s one of the best I have ever used – not at all sticky, it has the best texture, and it really lasts.  I reviewed the clear gloss here.

Ellis Faas Autumn Set face of the day

I used all my Ellis Faas products for this look.  In addition to the mascara and eyeshadows, I used the concealer in S203, foundation in S103L, and blush in S302.  I was in my glory with all the beautiful colors to play with, and pretty happy with the result.

I find Ellis Faas products to be of superior quality, and it’s so much fun to mix and match and experiment with the different textures and application methods.  If you have some Ellis Faas, I hope I have inspired you to bring the goodies out to play.  And if you don’t have any yet, I  hope I have inspired you to buy some and join me in all the fall fun!  – Lisa


  1. I really need to explore this line!

  2. Very pretty; I love how you did your eyes.

  3. Lovely review, and by the way, you look fabby! These are your power colors for sure. The eye shadows really bring out the hazel.
    I love Ellis Faas and have many of their eye shadows and lippies, but the applicators can be quirky.
    I think BG currently has a 15% off sale, as they are no longer going to carry the line. Shipping takes forever but it’s a nice way to try their items at a slight discount.

  4. I love your eyes with these shades.

  5. That mascara looks amazing. Bummer that BG isn’t going to carry the line anymore – it’s a really quality line.

  6. Ooooo….those eyes are gorgeous!! Love it!v


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