Eeny Meeny – FACE atelier I pick you!

Eeny meeny miny moe – which of these fabulous products do I start with to crow?

Shall it be lips that are impervious to sips?

What about blush that’s incredibly lush?

Or how about lips that are plumped like our hips?

Whichever I chose, you surely won’t lose.

Now that my Dr. Seuss time is over (happy birthday Dr. Seuss) I’ll begin my raves with the three lip products that I’ve been using from FACE atelier. I’ll start with the lipstick ($22) and admit that when I was allowed to pick a shade to test out, I blew it. I can’t always tell what a color would look like when I see it online so I just picked the lightest shade that FACE atelier makes. FACE atelier divides their 27 lipstick shades into 7 categories.  I picked one from Rhapsody in Pink called Candy Floss which I believe is a frost finish and it turned out to be even lighter than I like.

The solution of course is to wear it with a lipliner and or a gloss. Of FA’s lipliners it appears that Sweet or Love would work to deepen the lipstick properly. In spite of not being able to wear the lipstick alone I am able to wear it and experience how creamy it is. Frost finishes aren’t always hydrating but Face Atelier has overcome that with the emollients they use.

My favorite lip product from FACE atelier is their Lip Putty ($24) .

I am thrilled with this product. You apply Lip Putty prior to using any color. It fills in lines on your lips as well as around your lipline. For me this is the way to perfect way to plump my lips. I’m not putting anything on that burns, instead I’m priming my lips therefore making them look fuller. It can be used with any lip product I have so it’s extremely useful. You can even wear it alone to just moisturize and protect your lips (it has organic ultra-violet protection). There’s no fragrance to it though it’s loaded with essential oils and vitamins. An absolute winner in my book.

The third product I’m using is Lip Lock ($22). What Lip Lock does is protect your lipstick from disappearing. It’s not a miracle worker and it’s not going to last all day or night but it certainly helps your lipstick last a lot longer especially if you are a lipstick eater like I am. Lip Lock is a thin brush-on shellac type item that you apply in a light layer.

Now if your lips are chapped you’re going to feel a slight burning feeling when you first apply this but it goes away quickly. The first time that happened to me though I was quite surprised but now I know that I’ll possibly feel that for about 20 seconds but then my lipstick is set and will last, at least to mealtime.

My last rave is for Ultra Blush ($26). I love this blush. Pink Satin is the perfect tone for me. It’s a baby pink in the container and translates into an out of the cold pink flush for me.

(I couldn’t get a truly accurate picture so here’s the blush in another light:)

I haven’t seen the other shades of this blush (there are 5) but if you like a cool toned pink blush, you want this long lasting color. I love the compact, it’s an ultra thin compact that is filled with a silky smooth beautifully pigmented blush. There’s no talc in the blush but there are silicones in it. It doesn’t sink into my pores, it just gives me a look that I love.

Now you can see why I had so much trouble picking what to tell you about. FACE atelier has so many delights that picking favorites is difficult – we should all have those kind of problems!! — Marcia

Disclosure: items were provided for PR consideration


  1. I have that blush. It’s my favorite pink blush. I want to buy Lip Putty after reading this review.


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