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Eddie Funkhouser

I’m so excited to be able to share new EDDIE FUNKHOUSER products with you. It’s been so long since I’ve had any to share and there are some wonderful additions to his line. I’ll forever love his Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus since that is the first liquid eyeliner that I fell in love with and his Quartro Variable Lash Mascara is primo.


Now I have two sets that are perfect for your lifestyle and perfect for your holiday fun. I’m starting with the limited edition GLOW GETTER GIFT SET. You can buy these products separately but why not get this perfect set instead? The two products in it are the most popular of Eddie Funkhouser’s line. (In the future I’ll be calling him Eddie since he and I were an item years ago!!)

Eddie Funkhouser Glow Getter Set

This is what you want for parties and special nights out. It’s subtitled Luminous You Glow Kit as it contains Glow Drops and Luminous Powder at a special price.

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Glow Drops

Luxlight Glow Drops are magic in a tube. It’s a very versatile product that you can sheer out or apply a little heavier. Eddie says

  1. Using a Flat Foundation Brush or Concealer Brush, apply Glow Drops to: center of forehead, bridge and tip of nose, top of cheekbones, edges of cupids bow and highpoint of the chin.

  2. Apply Glow Drops to eyes, cheeks and/or lips for a soft veil of color and shimmering effects.

The Luxlight Glow Drops are 15 mL and $16.99. They can be mixed with foundation which gives you a diffused glow.

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Glow Drops swatched lightly and heavily

Also in this kit is Luminous Powder which is absolutely featherweight. It’s so finally milled and a little goes a long way. It has a very delicate color that is described as a peachy pink champagne. Besides using it on your face, try it on your body especially your decollete. You’ll attract attention but in the best of ways.

Eddie Funkhouser Luminous Powder
Eddie Funkhouser Luminous Powder

Luminous Powder features a featherweight formula and velvety texture paired with a delicate-peachy pink champagne hue that illuminates the face and body in the most perfect way.

The packaging is perfect for a powder and you never have to open it like my second photo. I peel off part of the sticky seal over the powder holes and then tap it out on the plastic to pick it up with my brush. You don’t need to tap out much at all. The plastic keeps the powder from spilling so seal it with that. You’re going to love it. It’s only $14.99 but since the entire kit is $25 you’d be saving $7.

Eddie Funkhouser Twisted Kisses Matte Lip Pencil Collection

The product I’ve been most interested in has been Eddie’s Twisted Kisses Matte Lip Pencils. These have intrigued me and now I get the great experience of using them. You can buy these separately ($13) or get the Twisted Kisses Matte Lip Pencil Collection of all five shades ($54) saving $9.

Eddie Funkhouser Twisted Kisses Matte Lip Pencil Collection

How fun are these and the names that Eddie has chosen! While it’s called a lip pencil it’s really a lipstick in pencil/crayon form. The top is chiseled so it’s easy to apply and the twist-up crayon makes it easy on the go. This is Eddie Funkhouser’s Rockstar Vibe. The lip pencils are matte but with a creamy texture.

Eddie Funkhouser Twisted Kisses Matte Lip Pencil Collection
Eddie Funkhouser Twisted Kisses
Eddie Funkhouser Twisted Kisses

There’s a slight fruitiness to Twisted Kisses when you first apply but it’s gone quickly. The lip crayons don’t make my lips feel puckery. The color lasts well but it does have to be reapplied after a meal.

Eddie Funkhouser Twisted Kisses

A fun tip from Eddie is to apply the Luxlight Illuminator prior to lip application. It acts as a priming base plus it brings some illumination to your lips. I’ve been wearing Kiss Me Twice (the lightest) and it really makes the color better!

I’m so happy that Eddie is back with new exciting products. This independent line has everything I’m looking for since there’s no animal testing, no soy, it’s non-GMO, gluten free and cruelty free. Eddie Funkhouser is a brand we should be standing behind since we don’t get many like this.  Fab and fun!  —  Marcia




  1. Lola Seicento | 19th Dec 18

    The Glow Drops and the lippies are stunning!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 19th Dec 18

    The glow drops and the luminous powder are my favorite shades. And the lip crayons look great too. Glad Eddie’s back. Wish his products would be sold in the drugstore again

  3. Claudia Materdomini | 19th Dec 18

    Love bite looks like a nice shade for me. I love his blushes!

  4. Jen Mathews | 19th Dec 18

    I need to try these!

  5. 25 Sweetpeas | 20th Dec 18

    The big Tease is my kind of color!

  6. Cindy Ingalls | 20th Dec 18

    I love EF products, so glad there are some new products!

  7. Ehmkay Nails | 21st Dec 18

    The matte lip pencils look awesome. Sometimes I need a break from liquid matte.

  8. Courtney | 21st Dec 18

    I like Love Bite!

  9. Jen Walker | 21st Dec 18

    These look fun! I want some Twisted Kisses and the Glow Drops!

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