Ecstatic about ForBabs X-Static Brush!

Static.  I hate getting it from my kids…like when I asked them to take their feet off the coffee table and they did this:

The only thing worse than that is getting static in my hair. Drives me crazy!!!

Why do we get static in our hair? It comes from extra electrons that build up for several reasons, including friction (you know, rubbing a balloon on your hair) or a change in humidity. Those electrons cause hair strands to repel from one another, which makes frizzy, fly away hair. There are different ways of taking care of this problem, such as anti-static sprays that are sprayed onto your hairbrush. I have been testing something a little different – the ForBabs X-Static Hairbrush ($23.63 for one brush and one refill pack), the world’s first anti-static brush with refillable treatment sheets.

ForBabs X-Static Brush
ForBabs X-Static Brush

The X-Static Hairbrush has flexible nylon bristles that make hair shiny by massaging the scalp and spreading natural hair oils throughout hair. It also has treatment sheets that are fabric layers coated with a proprietary anti-static conditioning formula that eliminates static and frizz.

ForBabs X-Static Brush sheets

The brush comes with a pack of X-Static Treatment Sheets – there are 12 tear-off sheets in a pack. The sheets also increase shine, so really it’s like a serum that smooths, treats, and adds shine to sad looking hair. I like how hygienic this system is – after several uses, you just tear off the top sheet (which also cleans hair out of the brush) and the X-Static brush is fresh and ready to roll.

X-Static sheets on the ForBabs X-Static Brush
ForBabs X-Static Brush
ForBabs X-Static Brush

It is very easy to ‘install’ the pack of Treatment Sheets – just pop them in and click the brush frame back into place.  The brush is lightweight, but the bristles feel great on my hair and scalp. Frizz and static are both instantly eliminated! I have always used the anti-static sprays and tolerated the smell of them…but this is fabulous. No smell and immediate gratification. It’s designed for all hair types and is perfectly safe for color-treated hair. You can also use this on wet hair to stop hair static before it even starts.

Before ForBabs X-Static Brush
After ForBabs X-Static Brush

The X-Static starter kit includes one main brush and one refill head and ForBabs also sells sets with 2 brushes as well as refill kits. You can find the ForBabs X-Static Hairbrush online at Now my hair static problem is gone – so how do I stop my kids from giving me static all the time? Maybe I should wack them with my X-Static Hairbush, ha!  – Lisa


  1. gloria patterson | 30th May 20

    I would never have dreamed here there was a hair brush out there for static. And it is so simple to use, going to have to order a few of these brushes. I have a niece that needs one bad

  2. Julie Waldron | 31st May 20

    This is so innovative! I need one of these, my hair gets so static-y when I brush it.

  3. DiEtta | 2nd Jun 20

    If you want to get rid of static……..get a box of unscented dryer sheets. Take one and rub it thru your hair a few times. It will give your hair volume and get rid of the static. ??????

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