Eco-friendly laundry with Unwrapped Life Wool Dryer Balls

It’s Saturday, and for me that means laundry day. It also means time to scroll through my phone and catch up on what is happening in the world – and how could I miss 4 million people gathering to peacefully demonstrate for awareness of climate change? As I sit by my washer and dryer I marvel at how amazing human beings are when we come together. 4 million people might make what I do seem small at first – after all, I am in the comfort of my own home, not out marching – but even the biggest revolution begins with the action of one person. Today, as I am playing Suzie Homemaker, I am also doing what I can to help fight our environmental issues by using Wool Dryer Balls from Unwrapped Life.

Unwrapped Life Wool Dryer Balls

The WOOL DRYER BALLS (pack of 3 is $30) are balls made from felted Merino or Polwarth wool. They are your alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets which are full of chemicals, perfumes, and dyes. Fabric softener and dryer sheets aren’t environmentally friendly and if everyone gave them up we would make some tremendous progress.

The Wool Dryer Balls eliminate the waste from dryer sheets and they do so much more! They actually dry your clothes faster. I have found that a large load that would normally take an hour only takes about 45 minutes now. They don’t have any chemicals or dyes so they are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. However, if you like your clothes to smell good, you can add some essential oil drops to the dryer balls and clothes come out smelling amazing. I am a huge fan of essential oils and I currently have these in my laundry room, so I can choose which scent I want based on my mood of the day: jasmine (love this scent, and it’s an aphrodisiac!), grapefruit (smells so fresh and it is supposed to help you stick with your diet), sandalwood (soothes and calms), rosemary (awesome for de-stressing), lemon (keeps energy high), and cinnamon (great for holiday season!).

The Wool Dryer Balls can be used over and over – one set will last you about 5 years, or 1,500+ loads. The wool doesn’t ever rub off and the dryer balls keep their integrity because they don’t harbor bacteria. They also won’t hurt any type of clothing, and they keep clothes from getting wrinkled. They also eliminate static cling!

I am sure you are wondering how they work. I know I did – they look like they are just big cat toys.  Unwrapped Life explains, “Pure felted wool dryer balls help maintain humidity levels in your dryer by absorbing and evenly distributing moisture. The balls create air circulation between your clothing as they rotate in the dryer which results in softer clothes that dry faster, with less wrinkles and static cling.”

They couldn’t be easier to use. Just put the balls in your dryer with your clean, wet clothes. That’s it.  3 balls work for normal sized loads, but if you have a super large or bulky load you want 6 balls. One word of caution – you’ll want to dry your synthetic fabric separately, because fabrics like polyester and nylon are the culprits for creating static cling. Either hang those clothes up to dry or else don’t dry them completely – take them out of the dryer once they are damp dry. 
Reduce waste, dry clothes faster, save tons of money, and keep sensitive skin happy…what’s not to love about these round gray miracles? Go to and get yourself a pack or two of the Wool Dryer Balls. Happy laundry day!  – Lisa


  1. Mary W | 21st Sep 19

    I love using wool dryer balls. They really do shorten drying time and fluff up your clothes to reduce static. You can add drops of essential oil to the balls if you like a scent on your laundry. My cats really like chasing and playing with the dryer balls when they roll out of the dryer.

  2. Laurie Nykaza | 22nd Sep 19

    I love that it takes 15 minutes off your drying time . I will have to get some love to use oils on them too. I like that you can use them so your clothes will smell so good.

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