Earthen Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser review and #giveaway

Earthen Daily Facial Cleanser


We talk about wanting to use green products all the time but that doesn’t always translate into our buying habits. Part of the problem is that most stores that we shop at don’t seem to have the smaller independent companies that are dedicated to living green. Listen to Earthen’s message though: At Earthen, we believe that everyone’s journey is different when it comes to self discovery and building confidence. To us, your skincare routine reflects more than just achieving the perfect complexion. It’s having the perseverance and tenacity to discover your best self in order to live a fulfilled life.

All of their products are natural and chemical free. They also are fragrance free which is an important feature to me. I’ve just had the opportunity to use their Daily Facial Cleanser but would love to try other products in the line after seeing the effectiveness of this vegan cleanser.


All cleansers should remove makeup, oil, dirt and pollutants from your face but not all do. Earthen’s Daily Facial Cleanser though has done that for me. It’s a very light foaming cleanser. Actually if it didn’t say it was foaming I wouldn’t have known it. It lathers up a little but not too much. I love that my skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped after using it. It’s a great first step in my routine. It was created for all skin types and people even use it with their older children.

Earthen Daily Facial Cleanser comes in 2 sizes – the 3 oz is considered a travel size so you can use it for that or for your gym or work bag. The 6 oz is the full size that I keep by my sink.

For morning and evening use.

  1. Gently massage a moderate amount onto moistened face and neck.

  2. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  3. Gently pat dry with a soft towel.

  4. Follow with our Repair and Lift Serum and one of our moisturizers.


Earthen Facial Cleanser Ingredients

The Earthen Facial Cleanser is going to leave your skin soft, moisturized and not stripped of natural oils. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without any dryness.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY: Now for the really good news, 3 US Beauty Info Zone subscribers will win a skincare package from Earthen. If you win, you’ll get to try more than I have had the opportunity to try. I’m jealous but I’m excited that they are offering this for our readers. Winners will receive a package with the vegan cleanser, instant peel and serum. (Maybe I can beg to get this set myself!!) The giveaway is open through Dec. 20th at 11:59 EST to US only. Please remember to comment and be a subscriber.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez | 7th Dec 18

    I try to avoid Sulfatse as much as possible. I love that this is free from them.

  2. gala | 7th Dec 18

    I actually don’t

  3. Lynne B | 7th Dec 18

    Alcohol is the ingredient I avoid. I’m a huge proponent of reading ingredient lists.

  4. monique s | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol as it dries my skin too much

  5. Lola Seicento | 7th Dec 18

    This sounds like a very effective cleanser, and I like that it removes everything without stripping or drying the skin.

  6. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Dec 18

    I love foaming cleansers for the warm weather. I love that this is an effective one because too often I can see more foundation coming off when I use toner after cleansing

  7. Jen Mathews | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid products that are tested on animals, so I’m glad to hear this brand doesn’t test and doesn’t use ingredients that are tested.

  8. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 7th Dec 18

    I try to avoid sulfates & alcohol in my beauty products…

  9. Krystal E | 7th Dec 18

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I really don’t avoid anything in my products … I just look to see if it product works for me or not!

  10. Mary W | 7th Dec 18

    I look for the Leaping Bunny symbol or a No testing on animals sticker. I avoid alcohol, petroleum products and artificial fragrances.

  11. Susan Smith | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol as it dries my skin which is already dry.

  12. Leela | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid an ingredient that’s in some seasonal lipsmackers. It’s starts with an O and I can’t remember what it’s called.
    It makes my lips swell up.

  13. Nancy | 7th Dec 18

    Anything that dries out my skin.

  14. Gabrielle | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid parabens as I’ve heard many bad things about them.

  15. Claudia Materdomini | 7th Dec 18

    I try to avoid sulfates when I can!

  16. Susan P. | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid retinol, alcohol, parabens and fragrance in beauty products.

  17. Linda M | 7th Dec 18

    I try to avoid alcohol and fragrance of possible.

  18. Isabel O | 7th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol because it dries my skin like crazy

  19. Ken Ohl | 8th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol

  20. Lauren Easler | 8th Dec 18

    Alcohol is really drying so I avoid it

  21. Kristina V | 8th Dec 18

    Great giveaway! The cleanser sounds really nice.

  22. Missy Schutz | 8th Dec 18

    I avoid parabens and products contains alcohol.

  23. Maryann D. | 8th Dec 18

    I do try to avoid ingredients that are not very natural or drying for my skin.

  24. gloria patterson | 8th Dec 18

    What ingredient do you avoid in your skincare? Nothing ………………………….. BUT

    NOT a fan anything that goes on my face that has a scent

  25. Helga | 8th Dec 18

    I avoid mineral oil!

  26. Steph | 8th Dec 18

    I avoid pine resin

  27. Babi | 8th Dec 18

    This is a great giveaway! The cleanser in particular sounds lovely!

  28. patricia caradonna | 9th Dec 18

    I avoid fragrance in beauty products.

  29. Tracy Robertson | 9th Dec 18

    I don’t try to avoid any specific ingredients, but I do like something that is gentle on my skin.

  30. Vicki Wurgler | 9th Dec 18

    I look for fragrance free products

  31. 25 Sweetpeas | 9th Dec 18

    This does sound nice!

  32. Gia Welch | 9th Dec 18

    I don’t really avoid anything, but I am super picky about fragrance.

  33. Susan Gillam | 9th Dec 18

    Alcohol because I have very dry skin.

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  35. Annamarie V | 10th Dec 18

    I don’t have any items I avoid but I do try to use the most natural products with the least ingredients.

  36. Sarah Mathias | 10th Dec 18

    I avoid BHA. It is a known carcinogen, but is still found in some products.

  37. | 10th Dec 18

    I stay away from sulphates – they actually break me out! This sounds like a very gentle formula.

  38. Lyndsey R. | 10th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol at all costs. It breaks me out really bad.

  39. Andrea Darst | 10th Dec 18

    I try to avoid sulfates and alcohol.

  40. sarah s | 10th Dec 18

    I usually look for terms‘non-comedogenic’ but I should probably look at the ingredients more in depth then I do.

  41. Rebecca Weiss | 10th Dec 18

    I try to avoid harsh cleansers for my face so it doesn’t dry out my skin. I struggle with dry skin in the winter anyway!

  42. Ehmkay Nails | 10th Dec 18

    No plastics or microbeads in my products. I also avoid super fragrant products for my face.

  43. Laura | 10th Dec 18

    I like to avoid alcohols in face products.

  44. Amy Marshall | 11th Dec 18

    I try to avoid facial beauty products with alcohol in them.

  45. Mary Gardner | 11th Dec 18

    I try to avoid any skin care products that have been tested on animals.

  46. Tiffany S | 11th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol because it dries out my skin.

  47. Darlene Carbajal | 11th Dec 18

    I try to avoid scented products.

  48. Isra | 11th Dec 18

    i try to avoid fragrance as much as possible

  49. Diana Moore | 11th Dec 18

    Alcohol and sulfates

  50. Danielle Menard | 11th Dec 18

    i avoid fragrance because of my skin condition

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