Earthen Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser review and #giveaway

Earthen Daily Facial Cleanser


We talk about wanting to use green products all the time but that doesn’t always translate into our buying habits. Part of the problem is that most stores that we shop at don’t seem to have the smaller independent companies that are dedicated to living green. Listen to Earthen’s message though: At Earthen, we believe that everyone’s journey is different when it comes to self discovery and building confidence. To us, your skincare routine reflects more than just achieving the perfect complexion. It’s having the perseverance and tenacity to discover your best self in order to live a fulfilled life.

All of their products are natural and chemical free. They also are fragrance free which is an important feature to me. I’ve just had the opportunity to use their Daily Facial Cleanser but would love to try other products in the line after seeing the effectiveness of this vegan cleanser.


All cleansers should remove makeup, oil, dirt and pollutants from your face but not all do. Earthen’s Daily Facial Cleanser though has done that for me. It’s a very light foaming cleanser. Actually if it didn’t say it was foaming I wouldn’t have known it. It lathers up a little but not too much. I love that my skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped after using it. It’s a great first step in my routine. It was created for all skin types and people even use it with their older children.

Earthen Daily Facial Cleanser comes in 2 sizes – the 3 oz is considered a travel size so you can use it for that or for your gym or work bag. The 6 oz is the full size that I keep by my sink.

For morning and evening use.

  1. Gently massage a moderate amount onto moistened face and neck.

  2. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  3. Gently pat dry with a soft towel.

  4. Follow with our Repair and Lift Serum and one of our moisturizers.


Earthen Facial Cleanser Ingredients

The Earthen Facial Cleanser is going to leave your skin soft, moisturized and not stripped of natural oils. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without any dryness.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY: Now for the really good news, 3 US Beauty Info Zone subscribers will win a skincare package from Earthen. If you win, you’ll get to try more than I have had the opportunity to try. I’m jealous but I’m excited that they are offering this for our readers. Winners will receive a package with the vegan cleanser, instant peel and serum. (Maybe I can beg to get this set myself!!) The giveaway is open through Dec. 20th at 11:59 EST to US only. Please remember to comment and be a subscriber.

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  1. Jessica W. | 11th Dec 18

    I don’t like super fragrant face products. It bothers my allergies, so less scent, the better.

  2. Amy Sheets | 12th Dec 18

    I don’t avoid anything specific, but I strive to use products that are natural and without strange chemicals!

  3. My Nail Polish Obsession | 12th Dec 18

    I’ve become more and more selective of the products I use on my face. These ones sound pretty good!

  4. Becky Sell | 12th Dec 18

    I try to avoid anything that is not cruelty-free.

  5. Melissa Martinez | 12th Dec 18

    i highly avoid excessive fragrances

  6. Melissa Storms | 12th Dec 18

    My skin is so sensitive that I just look for products with few ingredients that I can at least come close to pronouncing.

  7. Tabitha | 12th Dec 18

    Not sure

  8. Cher Garman | 12th Dec 18

    I try to avoid products with petroleum-based ingredients.

  9. Laura B. | 13th Dec 18

    Salicylic acid irritates my skin.

  10. Mary Somerville | 14th Dec 18

    I avoid Parabens.

  11. Holly Thomas | 14th Dec 18

    I avoid sulfates of any kind.

  12. courtney b | 14th Dec 18

    I avoid alcohol cause its usually never good in skincare products.


  13. Kristina | 14th Dec 18

    I avoid fragrance because my skin is very sensitive.

  14. Sunnymay | 14th Dec 18

    I avoid Triclonasan, Phylates, and Sodium Laurel Sulfate if possible.

  15. Gwendolyn Jordan | 16th Dec 18

    I avoid fragrances

  16. Diana Moore | 17th Dec 18

    I don’t like heavy fragrances

  17. Melissa Cunningham | 17th Dec 18

    i try to avoid laurel sulfate

  18. Michele Pineda | 17th Dec 18

    I try to avoid non natural products if I can, as I find the more chemicals there are in my products they worse my skin looks after using them.

  19. Paula Pennachio | 18th Dec 18

    I avoid fragrance, I just don’t need or want it

  20. Annamarie Aquino | 18th Dec 18

    Alcohol is number one, as it dries my skin. I also avoid fragrance

  21. ae minx | 18th Dec 18

    Anything with a lot of fragrance. it irritates my skin

  22. Virginia Rowell | 19th Dec 18

    I also try to use fragrance free products.

  23. danell palmer | 19th Dec 18

    Anything with a lot of fragrance. I have sensitive skin, it causes me to break out pretty bad!

  24. Sheila K. | 20th Dec 18

    I try to avoid alcohol as much as possible.

  25. Jessica Walker | 20th Dec 18

    I don’t like oxybenzoine in my products. It’s hard to find any skincare products without it.

  26. Anissa | 20th Dec 18

    I strive to use natural products and to avoid parabens and fragances.

  27. Breanne | 20th Dec 18

    I avoid fragrances.

  28. Laurie Nykaza | 20th Dec 18

    Talc is one item i watch for so i dont buy it

  29. Chris L | 20th Dec 18

    I try to avoid artificial chemicals. I prefer natural products.

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