Earth is smiling – Pure Planet Club Organic Lip Balm

Plastic is always on my mind. I think about how the ocean is filled with garbage, and how much the earth and her animals suffer from it. I will never forget the day I saw a documentary about the actual garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Just a tiny peek into the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

And the thought of deforestation just hurts my heart. So I am 100% behind all beauty companies who take the mission to protect the earth seriously. Pure Planet Club is one of those lines – when the owners heard that about 27,000 trees are chopped down every day to manufacture toilet paper they decided to make a difference and create their company.

Small things can create big change, so Pure Planet Club focused on products we use every day that we could swap out for environmentally friendly versions, making a big difference. They started with tree-free toilet paper. Now they also have Organic Lip Balm with plastic-free packaging, natural organic ingredients, and no aluminum, parabens, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. All of their products are sustainably and ethically sources, and of course with no animal testing.

The other cool thing is they are a subscription service. So, you get a discount, and the subscription is about as user friendly as it can be. You decide when you want your products to arrive with no hassles and no problems!

The Pure Planet Club Organic Lip Balm is what you need to take the place of your lip balm that comes in a plastic container. The ingredients are lovely – shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E and Certified Organic flavors. They are 100% natural and cruelty-free. And, they have amazing packaging – 100% uncoated PCW paper that can be recycled or added to your compost.

The Organic Lip Balms come in four flavors: Mint, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Natural. You can order a pack of three for $30 (and even the shipping material is 100% recycled!), although if you decide to get a subscription the price goes down to $27 for a pack of three.

Pure Planet Club Vanilla Organic Lip Balm

The Rich & Soothing Vanilla Organic Lip Balm is sooo nice…it has a very natural vanilla flavor that isn’t fake and metallic tasting like other vanilla lip balms.

Pure Planet Club Raspberry Organic Lip Balm

The Fresh & Fruity Raspberry Organic Lip Balm smells and tastes delicious…like a real juicy, ripe raspberry. It’s so yummy it’s mouth watering.

Pure Planet Club Mint Organic Lip Balm

The Cool & Crisp Mint Organic Lip Balm is just a delight. I struggle with heavily scented and overly flavored mint lip balms, but this one is just right. It smells cool and refreshing, but it isn’t overpowering.

Pure Planet Club Natural Organic Lip Balm

The Pure & Fresh Natural Organic Lip Balm is for those of us who like going al fresco with our lip balms…no flavor or scent, just tons of moisturizing and healing goodness for lips. Hooray for naked lip balm!

You can find Pure Planet Club online at Please take a look at this wonderful line that just might inspire you to make a small change that creates a big difference. – Lisa


  1. Lola Seicento | 27th Jul 20

    I am so excited to try these, mine are on the way. I love the concept, and it’s good to see so many companies making responsible, sustainable choices!

  2. Courtney | 27th Jul 20

    I always love vanilla! Very cool concept.

  3. Kathryne | 27th Jul 20

    I like how this company is all about sustainability! Love the concept they have

  4. Cindy E Ingalls | 27th Jul 20

    I would love to try these, they sound amazing!

  5. Stacie | 29th Jul 20

    Wow, what great packaging! I love these eco friendly companies.

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