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I don’t think I can remember just how long I’ve used hair ties – it has to be 30 years. I’ve always had longer hair and I’ve always had to control it when I’m busy or hot or having a bad hair day. But what I didn’t have was jewelry that doubled as a hair tie until Go Girl Designs sent me a Busy Girl Bangle.

Go Girl Designs: Busy Girl Bangle

Go Girl is the creation of a mother and daughter team in Tennessee. This is the kind of company that I love to support since it’s American made and an independent one. Since their humble beginnings they’ve branched out into many styles including several for kids but the Busy Girl is their most popular one. Everyone can have great hair no matter the age.

Before I get into the actual review I want you to know that from now until Christmas that you can buy any Go Girl Designs bangles for 50% off with the code GIFTS. Wow!!

Go Girl Designs Silver Busy Girl Bangle


The Busy Girl Bangle is available in 3 metal tones – silver, gold, & rose gold. They all have a stainless steel base that is plated with the appropriate color. What you’ll own with this is a stylish bracelet that holds a hair elastic. The hair elastic is adorable with a small heart dangle. I chose silver even though my ring is gold but I felt that it looked the most timeless for my style.

Go Girl Designs: Silver Busy Girl Bangle

The Busy Girl Bangle comes in two sizes – a 2.5″ diameter or a 2.75″ diameter. For someone with a large wrist the 2.75″ is easy for me to slide on and feels really comfortable while on. If I do something strenuous or start having a hot flash I just whip off the hair elastic, pull my hair back to apply, and poof I have neat hair.

Go Girl Designs: Silver Busy Girl Bangle

The bracelets come with 3 hair elastics and you can buy more if you need them. There are several sets of colors so that you can change the design of your bangle easily.

There are a lot of interesting styles and now that they are 50% off I’m going to buy the new Ebony and Ivory Collection for myself and gifts. Here’s the one on my wishlist.

Go Girl Designs Ebony Collection Bangle in gold

There’s a bonus with the Busy Girl bracelets – you can remove the decoration from the outside of the bracelet and wear the bangles separately. You get two styles for just $25 (full price, $12.50 on sale).

Go Girl Designs: Silver Busy Girl Bangle
Go Girl Designs: Silver Busy Girl Bangle

Who says I can’t have a good hair day even when I’m having a bad hair day?  —  Marcia

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  1. LaNeshe | 1st Nov 18

    OMG this is such a smart product! I don’t know how many great pictures I’ve taken that have been ruined by a hair tie sticking out!

  2. Carol | 1st Nov 18

    It’s so pretty and a great idea!

  3. Kristi V BeginNails | 1st Nov 18

    This is such a clever idea! I always have my hair bands on my wrist and sometimes it’s annoying, this would solve that problem and add a little “luxe” look to it!

  4. Cindi | 1st Nov 18

    Very pretty way to keep those hair ties handy.

  5. Kathryne | 1st Nov 18

    that’s a nifty idea. great for gift-giving too!

  6. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 1st Nov 18

    This is clever, and actually pretty cute!

  7. Cindy Ingalls | 2nd Nov 18

    I have some of these by another brand that i just love. I like to stack them and wear as bracelets.

  8. Jen Walker | 2nd Nov 18

    This is such a creative product! My hair is short so I don’t do hair ties, but I remember the days of putting an ugly tie around my writ for when I needed one. This is much prettier!

  9. donna porter | 2nd Nov 18

    These is a great idea. I have long hair and use ties often so I would really use this!

  10. Lola Seicento | 2nd Nov 18

    What a great idea. I always have a hair tie on my wrist, and this is certainly a lot more cute!

  11. Jen Mathews | 2nd Nov 18

    That’s such a great gift idea!

  12. 25 Sweetpeas | 2nd Nov 18

    Well thats a cute way of having that on hand!

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  14. Ehmkay Nails | 3rd Nov 18

    This is so so creative. I usually keep hair things in a little makeup baggie in my purse.

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  16. Jenalyn | 14th Nov 18

    Oh I love these! Way better than cutting off circulation to my hand, haha.

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