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Ah the life of a Pixi Beauty lover! It’s so wonderful to have new choices from Pixi that are affordable and beautiful. In the winter #PixiPretties collection there are so many unique choices and my choice today is the Eye Palette in the collaboration with Heart Defensor.

Pixi + Heart Defensor palette

Had I heard of Heart Defensor before Pixi introduced me to their collaboration by sending some products? Nope, I’m not someone who watches a lot of YouTube so I had to google to learn about her.

Heart Defensor is a YouTuber from Philippines who is well-known for creating beauty and fashion content for her self-titled channel. She also has a side channel called ‘ThatsHeartTV’ on which she posts vlogs related to her day-to-day life. Today, Heart Defensor has emerged as one of the most popular Filipino YouTubers on the social platform. Her makeup routines, nail art videos, skin and beauty tutorials, and fashion content are viewed with much interest by women all over the world.”

With the arrival of this package I was eager to know about her since the colors in this eye palette are outstanding. The pigmentation is not to be believed.

Pixi + Heart Defensor palette
Pixi + Heart Defensor palette

Here’s my feeble attempt at describing the colors

Feb 4th  – sweet light apricot matte

Oh He Got Money  – peach with a touch of shine

The Best FAM  – sparkly peach/orange

Phillipines  – metallic peach/gold

Always Dancing  – coral satin

Fur Babies  –  light rusted brown

Lip Sync – metallic burgundy brown

Coffee  – matte coffee au lait

Pixi + Heart Defensor palette

Some explanations  – In the photos of this palette Always Dancing (5th shade) looks like a red but in reality it’s a bright coral. Lip Sync (7th shade) can look purple in photos but once on it’s got a little purple, a little burgundy and a little brand. It’s a stand out shade. The first shade Feb 4th is a great brow shade or inner eye shade since it’s whisper soft.

Feb 4th, Oh he got money, The Best FAM, Phillipines

PIXI + Heart Defensor is a warm toned palette yet I’m completely comfortable wearing it in spite of my cool skintone. The shadows are very pigmented and easy to wear. Combinations are plentiful. And there’s no glitter in the palette which means no little sparkles gracing your face.

Pixi + Heart Defensor palette can be found at Target for just $20 as well as at the Pixi website. Pixi is a cruelty free company that has some of the most delightful products around. Known first for beauty and now for Pixi Skintreats, you just can’t go wrong with them.  —  Marcia


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  1. Lola Seicento | 27th Dec 19

    What a beautiful palette! I absolutely LOVE your swatches, Marcia!

  2. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 27th Dec 19

    The highlight palette was my fave out of this round of pretties!

  3. Polished Hippy | 27th Dec 19

    That’s a really pretty monochromatic palette!

  4. Laura | 27th Dec 19

    These colors are so pretty and your searches look great!

  5. Natoya | 27th Dec 19

    These shades are so lovely. Love the warm shades especially during theses winter months

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