Do your eyes a favor with Skintelligent Eye Moisturizer from Merle Norman

Everything is so different these days and we’re learning to adjust to that in some wonderful ways. One way I’ve improved my life is with the MERLE NORMAN SKINTELLIGENT EYE MOISTURIZER. When I received this I started using it in my bathroom like I typically do. Now though I’m at my computer desk almost all the time and it’s become my new companion there. I like being able to moisturize my under eye area whenever I want and Merle Norman makes it so easy.

The angled contoured applicator allow me to easily apply this when the mood strikes, no fingers involved if I don’t want. It adds a cooling touch that helps my tired eyes from my computer or reading time.

angled contoured applicator

Merle Norman’s Skintelligent Eye Moisturizer has what they call Probiotic Technology, an innovative hydro-gel base that fuses levels of water and hydration with emollients for immediate and dramatic cooling and a luxurious feel. It really helps to plump wrinkles.

Merle Norman’s Skintelligent Eye Moisturizer

This eye moisturizer feels refreshing when I use it.

Merle Norman’s Skintelligent Eye Moisturizer

Eyeseryl® Peptide helps reduce eye puffiness and dark circles while super humectants and emollients help tone and plump wrinkles for a smoother eye area. Contoured metal tip applicator massages skin promoting healthy absorption and circulation.

I am a “connoisseur” of eye cream (aka a glutton) and I find Merle Norman’s to be unique. It’s not a cream and it’s not a gel, it’s more like a hybrid that hydrates like a cream. On top of everything else good about this is that it’s free from alcohol, colorants, dyes, fragrance, oil and parabens. Plus it’s Gluten-free. Nothing bugs me more than fragrance in an eye cream.

Even though the Merle Norman Studios are closed you can still purchase this great product as well as others through their website. I didn’t even know that they sold online until recently actually but I’m glad to know this so that we can have our much needed indulgences and take care of our beauty needs.  —  Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 23rd Apr 20

    This sounds lovely, and I love that type of cooling applicator tip!

  2. Kristi V BeginNails | 23rd Apr 20

    Loving the applicator! I’m a huge fan of the Marc Jacob’s concealer that his a similar applicator. And I will add that their name is genius!

  3. Laura | 23rd Apr 20

    I love applicators like this! Makes the application feel
    so much more lux!

  4. Jen Walker | 24th Apr 20

    This has a great applicator! I really should pick this up and try it out as my current eye cream isn’t really winning me over.

  5. 25 Sweetpeas | 24th Apr 20

    The applicator looks nice and cooling!

  6. Kathryne | 24th Apr 20

    Most places now that don’t normally sell online are doing it now to get by. Tough times indeed.

  7. Glamorable | 24th Apr 20

    That cooling tip applicator makes such a huge difference, doesn’t it? Love this type of packaging for my eye creams.

  8. Christy Peeples DuBois | 27th Apr 20

    I forget all about Merle Norman until I come across a post such as this. Merle Norman use to have a store in a town close to me and I remember years ago going in and the ladies were so helpful and friendly. My daughter still uses some of their products but there is a store in the town where she lives. Thanks for a great post and reminder.

  9. Polished Hippy | 27th Apr 20

    That applicators is great! Much nicer to not have to use fingers if you don’t have to.

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