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This is a very interesting and exciting time in the world of skin care.  We have incredible ingredients available that really and truly make a difference, rewinding the clock and giving you the skin you had 10 or 15 years ago.  One ingredient that seems to be everywhere these days has actually been around forever, but hasn’t had its ‘moment’ until recently – cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD.

Researchers say that CBD is excellent for calming skin.  It’s a little complicated, but basically your skin has what is called the endocannabinoid system, which is a receptor site for cannabinoids.  CBD communicates with the receptor sites, telling them to change the current message that is resulting in aging and inflamed skin and instead start firing the message skin used to naturally have when it was younger.  CBD is an antioxidant, and a fabulous one too – along the lines of vitamins C and E.  Plus, another benefit is that it returns oil production to a normal level, so a face shiny with oil becomes a thing of the past.


The S•O•L CBD MOISTURIZING CREAM ($45.00) does everything that CBD does, and then some thanks to some other fine ingredients.

Hemp CBD Oil. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. Anti-Aging peptide- reduces skin inflammation and damage
Vitamin A. Stimulates skin repair
Vitamin E. Powerful antioxidant.
Jojoba Oil. Helps repair skin and damage control

Add Hyaluronic Acid to that impressive list, and we have one awesome moisturizer.  The CBD Moisturizing Cream has no fragrance and is housed in an airless pump bottle.  The moisturizer is somewhere between a liquid and a cream, and it soaks in immediately.  It leaves skin feeling AMAZING – so soft and hydrated.  And it tackles almost every problem that skin encounters as it ages – free radical damage, wrinkles and fine lines, dryness, dull complexion. 

CBD Moisturizing Cream does so much, and it hits every issue of contention in aging skin.  It is surprising that with all this power, CBD took so long to become a star.  Here is a pretty thorough explanation of what the specific ingredients will do for you and why:

A Powerful Anti-Aging Antioxidant

Antioxidants protect skin from Free Radicals (that come from UV rays, smoke, environmental pollutants, smog, alcohol and tobacco) which cause aging, cancer and impaired healing.

CBD has been shown to be a STELLAR ANTIOXIDANT, capable of protecting the skin from free radicals and oxidization that contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. Studies show that CBD is a more potent antioxidant than VItamin E, Vitamin C & Omega3 EFAs, nutrients which have been hailed as the best antioxidants for many years.


Scientists believe that the natural anti-inflammatory compound found in CBD could be the missing link to great skin care. CBD has been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory so it’s tailored to help in the fight against blemishes.  Eczema, acne and psoriasis are all common skin conditions which cause inflammation of the skin. 

As free radicals cause oxidative stress and damage, the body will try to compensate and heal this by activating an inflammatory response, which causes more stress to the skin. This type of inflammation degrades elastin and collagen, the two proteins your skin relies on to stay firm and free of fine lines and wrinkles. 


In addition to acting as an anti-inflammatory, CBD is a strong antibacterial that naturally fights and kills bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms that can cause skin infections. 

Repairs Damaged Skin

 When we are young, our skin cells slough off and rejuvenate at a healthy, rapid pace. As we age, the process slows down, which makes dead skin cells linger on our face and body longer than they should. When these dead and dying skin cells stay like that, they can accumulate into the natural lines on our skin, encouraging deeper wrinkles. Dead skin cells also make our skin appear dull and lifeless. CBD is used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis because it can balance out dysfunctional cell turnover and repair damaged skin cells.

Advanced Moisturizer

CBD is full of Omega 3 and 6, both important components of cell membranes on the skin and throughout the body. These Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) found in quality moisturizers increase the production of collagen in the skin, which is what keeps your skin firm and healthy. 

No Side Effects

Risk factors should not be a concern for most people when considering the use of CBD products for health or beauty. CBD has no known serious side effects. Poor reactions to cannabinoids are rare, although it is possible to be sensitive or allergic to compounds found in cannabis.

I am very, very impressed with the S•O•L (AKA Strands of Life) CBD Moisturizing Cream.  Every day I see even more of an improvement, and the cream is just lovely and pleasant to apply.  If you are thinking about diving in to see what the whole CBD craze is about, this is a great place to start!  You can find this moisturizer and other S•O•L products online at .  – Lisa


  1. Mary W | 3rd Nov 19

    This is a miracle cream if it really does everything you mentioned in this article! Sounds like this would work well for people with eczema or psoriasis. Since they would need to apply it frequently and over large areas of their body, it would be nice to have a less expensive product. I’ll have to ask a Dermatologist their opinion of CBD skin products to see if it is safe.

  2. gloria patterson | 3rd Nov 19

    I am so impressed with the airless pump bottles, you always get ever drop out of these bottles. I have been wanting to try skin products with CBD but didn’t know where to start. This sounds really good.

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