Defend Your Beauty with Mally Beauty (review and swatches)

I succumbed to the draw of Mally Roncal’s sweet drawl and winning smile and bought the Mally Beauty Defend Your Beauty kit from QVC about a month ago. It was hard to resist this kit because it is absolutely loaded with gorgeous products. The one item I’d most wanted to try was Mally’s Poreless Face Defender. I’d read reviews of it (on Prime Beauty among others) and had been wanting it for quite a while but wasn’t willing to spend the money. Then this kit showed up and not only does it have Face Defender but it has new products like Face Defender Blush in Pink Perfection and Face Defender Highlighter in Gorgois Glow and that was it. I had to buy it.

bag holding Mally Defend Your Beauty

The kit was a TSV so the price was better than it is now but it’s still worth it at the  current QVC price ($69.76 number A219243) because there are 7 winning products in the cutest bag. Absolutely everything in this kit deserves raves.

Inside the Mally Defend Your Beauty Kit

  • Mally Beauty Face Defender Travel Size & Sponge
  • Mally Beauty Face Defender Blush in Pink Perfection
  • Mally Beauty Face Defender Highlighter in Gorgois Glow (Champagne)
  • Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Mally Beauty Volumizing Lip Gloss in Flirty (Golden Pink)
  • Mally Beauty Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Black Cherry (deep black plum)
  • Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Stick in Violet (Purple)

I’ll start with the Poreless Face Defender since that was my goal. The purpose of Face Defender is to make sure your face looks poreless. While I’ll never get rid of these pores I can certainly hope to mask them without anyone knowing I’m masking them. This is a clear gel powder (an oxymoron of course). It feels gel like but dries down like a powder. It costs $40 for the full size if you buy it alone so you can see why I think the kit is a bargain and this certainly isn’t what I consider a travel size, I’m sure it’s close to full. I use this over my foundation and I’m careful not to use too much (thanks to Prime Beauty’s warning!) It really does make my pores look diminished and my face look softer and more polished. On the bottom of the pink compact is a sponge that you use to apply the gel and that’s the best tool for it. I love this and I’ve used it every day since I bought the kit.

Mally Poreless Face Defender

Mally Face Defender

The Face Defender blush has a similar texture. It melted like buttah on my finger when I went to swatch it the first time. I love the feel of this and I love the color. It’s called Pink Perfection and it’s a peachy pink. The texture isn’t like any blush you’ve tried before, it’s so soft and easy to apply. The color looks intense when you look at it in the pot but I find it’s an easy to wear shade that never overapplies.

Mally Pink Perfection Face Defender blush

Face Defender Highlighter in Gorgois Glow is a QVC exclusive. I’m very picky about items like this. When you have large pores and when you have a large number that is called your age then you need to watch the amount of glow aka shimmer you can apply. This is actually subtle, at least the way I apply it. I’m sure you can get more shimmer from it if you want it but I just want that gorgeous glow.

Mally Gorgois Glow Face Defender Highlighter

From the face we move to 3 wonderful eye products: Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Black Cherry, Evercolor Shadow Stick in Violet and Volumizing Mascara in black. I already owned one shadow stick in taupe so seeing this in the kit was another incentive for me. I love how the Evercolor Shadow Sticks make eyeshadow a simple affair. You can use this in conjunction with powder shadows or use it alone for a quick but beautiful eye. The shade is called Violet but it’s really more of a browned  purple. It looks great with the automatic eyeliner in Black Cherry which has more purple to it than the shadow stick. The contrast is great between these two. Mally has always had a lot of love for her mascaras and this Volumizing one proves to me why.

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Violet

Mally Evercolor eyeliner in Black Cherry

swatches for shadow stick and eyeliner

To complete the look there’s a lipgloss in Flirty which is the perfect shade for the blush – it’s a golden pink shade.

Mally lipgloss in Flirty

If you are still with me here’s how Mally recommends using this kit: How do I use it: Start by applying your primer, concealer, and foundation. Then, using your fingers, apply Face Defender Highlighter along your cheekbones in a C-shaped motion, taking it all the way across your lids and up to your brow bone. Next, line your eyes and fill in your lid with the Evercolor Shadow Stick. Then, define those gorgeous eyes even more with the amazing Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner. This is a super soft, creamy formula that glides right over the lid, never skipping or tugging on the delicate skin around the eye. Volumizing Mascara will give you those same amazing lashes with just two coats on the top and one on the bottom! Now, it’s time to apply your brand new Face Defender Blush. Swirl the product on the apples of the cheeks and gradually bring the product up along the cheekbone. Volumizing Lip Gloss gives you a beautiful, full-looking pout. Finish your look with the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender by dabbing the sponge into the product and smooshing it into skin to create amazing-looking skin.

Wearing the whole Mally Defend Your Beauty kit

Eye closeup for Mally

Can’t you just hear her saying this in that amazing voice: “define those gorgeous eyes” “those same amazing lashes”. You’ve got to love Mally and you’ve got to love her amazing products. I’m glad I bought this as a TSV but it’s only about $6 more now and well worth every beautiful, amazing cent! — Marcia


  1. Don’t you just love these products? The eyeliner and shadow sticks are amazing and so easy–just swipe and go, plus they do NOT coem off until taken off. I almost bought this kit too, but I have most of these already. That Mally can talk me into anything though!

  2. Melissa Kecken says:

    Hey MOMMA ( As Mally would say lol)
    Thanks SO MUCH!! I LOVE MALLY!! I think that they look amazing on YOU!! 😉

  3. After moving to Houston and having everything in my make-up arsenal melt off my face from the humidity I quickly began a love affair with Mally! Her primer & poreless face defender are now everyday staples in my life. They save my face from humidity like none other. I may have to check this kit out, the blush & highlighter look amazing. And you can’t ever go wrong with her shadow sticks, I always get compliments when I wear them & they are so easy. Thanks for this review! 🙂

  4. I have this kit and I love it. The shadow and liner stay put all day, hours and hours. The face defender really keeps the oilies at bay. Mally’s mascara is my absolute favorite. Long, thick lashes with no effort. I love the blush and lip gloss too. It’s all beautiful. I love Mally and her products. They do what she claims they do.


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