DECORTE Cosmetics Limited Edition Kate Moss Favorites Make Up Kit

Decorte Cosmetics Limited Edition Kate Moss Favorites Make Up Kit

If you are a regular reader of the BIZ, you know I am a HUGE fan of DECORTE Cosmetics. The color cosmetics are simply incredible. I wear something from this line every single day, no exaggeration – the foundation, concealer, primer, and lip palettes are fantastic. Kate Moss happens to also be a big believer as well as the brand ambassador and she has selected her favorites to create a must-have Makeup Kit ($190) that is available for a limited time only. When she was in Tokyo, Kate was totally blown away by the complete line which isn’t available in the states. She proposed curating her own personal selection to get the secret out and personally chose the items for this kit.

This kit includes a carry case; a palette with four shades, four eyeshadows, two cheek and face powders; a brow pencil; a lip pencil; a liquid eyeliner; and three brushes.  Spoiler alert:  the DECORTE Kate Moss Favorites Makeup Kit is worth every penny.

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Decorte Cosmetics Limited Edition Kate Moss Favorites Make Up Kit

The carry case is a sleek back case that holds everything in the kit with room to spare.  One side zips open half way and holds the palette case. It has pockets on each side to hold lipsticks or smaller containers in place. The other side of the case has a full zip and opens flat. The left side has a hidden pocket and in front has covered storage for brushes and lip, eye and brow pencils. The right side has a clear pocket for even more storage. This is an awesome case – small but mighty.

There are three brushes included in the kit. The largest brush is for the two cheek and face powders. It’s ok…I can’t say that it is something I would use normally, but it works in a pinch. It’s really too small for all over and too big to get into small areas, so it’s the only thing in the whole kit that doesn’t do much for me. The other two brushes are great. The middle brush is an excellent eyeshadow brush, particularly for defining the crease. The smallest brush is fantastic lip brush. You will want to supplement these brushes with some of your own to make the kit complete, and there is plenty of room in the carrying case for more brushes.

Decorte Cosmetics Limited Edition Kate Moss Favorites Make Up Kit

So let’s dig into this gorgeous palette, shall we???  There are four lip shades, four eyeshadows, and two face/cheeks shades. Starting with the lip shades, we have four beautiful ‘amazing mattes’ as Kate calls them, ranging from neutral nude to deep wine.

They are creamy wonderfulness! Oh I love these. They are matte but somehow they make my lips look larger. They have a wonderful texture and the lasting power is terrific. They leave my lips soft and hydrated. I love each color by itself, but usually mix and match and layer for fun.

Moving on to the powdered products – the four eyeshadows are beautiful – lovely, buttery, richly pigmented and simply gorgeous. Kate’s favorite shade, the one that gets all the buzz is the ‘moss’ green shade, but they are all truly lovely.

The top photo has the moss-green eyeshadow on the left, which has a touch of yellow to it. I think it pairs beautifully with the creamy yellow next to it which has a bit of shimmer – fabulous. The deeper shades are below – a dark metallic purple-brown, and a midtone golden brown. I love the shades and the texture is incredible.

These two are the cheek/face powders. On the right is the overall face powder, a translucent illuminating powder that gives skin a beautiful soft glow. On the left is the cheek powder. It’s interesting – it’s really a highlighting powder, with more luminescence than the creamy white one. The yellow powder is even more brightening, and it looks spectacular against deeper or tanned skin tones. I wish there was a blush shade but I do love the two face powders and there is plenty of room in the carrying case for my own blush, that’s for sure.

Three other goodies inside include the Lip Pencil in PK820 Nude, the Brow Pencil in GY002 Neutral, and the Liquid Eyeliner in BK001 Noir.

The Lip Pencil in PK820 Nude is a twist up refillable non-sharpening pencil. The color is universally flattering, a neutral pink that looks good on just about everyone. The pencil is soft and glides on and makes for a great base for those amazing lip shades in the palette. I love this lip liner and carry it in my purse when I’m not taking the whole case with me.

The Brow Pencil in GY002 Neutral is supposed to be the right shade for everyone, but those with light blonde hair will find it to be too dark. It’s a great brow pencil though – it draws on perfectly, like true brow hairs. I do need a spoolie for my brows, and there is one on the opposite end – I forgot to get a photo!

I am in love with the Liquid Eyeliner in BK001 Noir.This comes with a separate cartridge that you load up, and the liquid saturates the brush with a few clicks. Inky black liquid liner that can be as demure or as dramatic as you wish. Fantastic!

Pictured above, top to bottom:  Noir Liquid Eyeliner, Nude Lip Pencil, Neutral Brow Pencil.

Overall, when you put everything together the look is fresh-faced with a bit of glam.  Here’s how mine turned out:

I also used DECORTE Priming Essence, Creme Concealer, and Soft Creme Foundation in Cool Ivory.

Overall, I think this is a truly standout collection. My only small comments are the face brush is nothing special and I wish there was a blush shade. Other than that, I am completely impressed and will use this palette down to the shiny pans!

The  DECORTE Cosmetics Limited Edition Kate Moss Favorites Make Up Kit won’t be available for much longer so get yours from Saks soon before they are gone forever!!  – Lisa


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 26th Oct 17

    What a fabulous set! I love all the shades. Gee do I wish someone would gift this to me for the holidays! The moss-green eye shadow is just my shade. Lisa, I love the lip shade you’re wearing. Is it the second from the left?

  2. Kathryne | 26th Oct 17

    4 of the shades in the palette are similar to Chantecaille’s recent limited edition w/o the high tag of course.

  3. Phyrra | 26th Oct 17

    That looks like an interesting set.

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 26th Oct 17

    I like all the colors in the set but not the price tag.

  5. Sandy Pincombe | 26th Oct 17

    Wow, Lisa, you look great. Wish it wasn’t so pricey.

  6. beautyin | 26th Oct 17

    Yes, the lip shade I’m wearing is the second from the left, over the lip liner. I know, I know, the set is pricey but you get so much with it – and it’s worth every penny!!!

  7. Kimberly | 26th Oct 17

    I have always loved kits like this. It made packing for travel SO easy. And, I dig all those lippy colors too!

  8. Polarbelle | 27th Oct 17

    The makeup looks really great! And your lashes look amazing, Lisa!

  9. Lola Seicento | 27th Oct 17

    That palette is so gorgeous!

  10. Lynne B | 27th Oct 17

    I’m not a fan of lip palettes because of the packaging. But those eyeshadow shades are gorgeous. And I’d love to get all #grabbyhands with the liquid eyeliner.

  11. Gabrielle | 29th Oct 17

    This is one heck of a nifty kit. I’m normally one to shun celebrity collabs, but this one is definitely superiour. The lip colours alone make me want it.

  12. Mary W | 29th Oct 17

    This line of make up is new to me. Thank you for the excellent review and great photos.

  13. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 30th Oct 17

    Wow I’m surprised with the pigmentation of the lip colors!

  14. Nora Grahe | 30th Oct 17

    I would LOVE to own this one! Very nice but too much $$$

  15. Nora Grahe | 30th Oct 17

    Truly is a lot for the money but some, like me, just can afford to splurge, even on something as special as this! I truly wish I could… Oh, I do!

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