Dear KBShimmer – so many polishes, so little time, so much love, and umpteen questions

Dear KBShimmer,

Why oh why do you tempt me so often? Why must you create beautiful polishes that glow, fascinate, and amuse me? And why are they such complicated colors?

Let’s start with Puns and Roses. Now this is a fantastic polish that is a multichrome finish. It’s beauty both intrigues me and makes me question what I’m seeing. When I first put it on I saw a lot of bronze. Then suddenly I saw some purple/burgundy on my nails.

KBShimmer Puns and Roses
KBShimmer Puns and Roses

Before I could figure that out I saw yellow and green.

KBShimmer Puns and Roses

Right now I’m sitting at my computer and a minute ago saw a dark green but when I moved my hand to take a closer look I was back to the beautiful bronze that I first noticed.

So KBShimmer – which is it? And why do you tease me with this amazing polish??

Now I want to ask about Now & Zen. This is a totally different finish and I hate to pick favorites but this might be my favorite finish that you make.

KB Shimmer Now & Zen

How did you come up with the idea of putting holo flakes in Now & Zen? It looks like a glitter polish but in reality is has such a light amount of micro shimmer to it that I wonder what is going on!

KB Shimmer Now & Zen
KB Shimmer Now & Zen

Just look at that gorgeous blue. I must say that you’ve fascinated me with this polish. But then again – look what you did!!!!!!!!!

KB Shimmer Now & Zen

Why do I see aqua? Yet I still see blue and sometimes even a little lavender. Every light I’m in seems to change the view. It’s such a gorgeous polish and reminds me of the ocean (without sharks and octopus). It makes me want to move from room to room, from window to window, to see how you’ll respond. And I understand that you have a new glitter grabbing flat brush.

KB Shimmer Now & Zen

So my questions are – how the heck do you do this? And why are all your polishes so beautiful? I have a wishlist as long as my arm that I know you can make come true.  —  Marcia


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  1. Pat S | 13th May 19

    Fun colors!!

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  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 14th May 19

    KBShimmer polishes are always so gorgeous. I love both of these, but Puns and Roses are my shades!

  4. Claudia Materdomini | 14th May 19

    Wow, that first one is an eye catcher!!

  5. Kathryne | 14th May 19

    Those shades are really stunning especially the first one

  6. Courtney | 15th May 19

    I’m wearing KBShimmer on my nails right now!

  7. 25 Sweetpeas | 15th May 19

    This is a pretty polish for sure!

  8. Ehmkay Nails | 15th May 19

    Now and Zen is such a sleeper polish. It’s STUNNING and doesn’t get enough love. Great photos!

  9. Antoinette M | 16th May 19

    Beautiful nail colors. My favorite is Puns and Roses.

  10. | 16th May 19

    Wow, what a stunning shift Puns and Roses has! I always wonder what on earth they do to get it to shift like that as well!

  11. Krystal E | 17th May 19

    I’ve been very impressed with KBShimmer – while every color may not be for ‘me’, she has definitely thought outside of the box and I love her expanded body lines as well.

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