Cuteness overload with Fragrant Jewels Panda-Monium Jewel Candle!

When I grow up, I want to be a Panda Nanny. I think that has got to be number one on the list of the world’s greatest jobs.  Seriously, what could be more adorable than a whole bunch of playful pandas?  Not much!!

Fragrant Jewels has a fantastic collection in honor of pandas called the Panda-monium Collection. There are two products available, a candle and a bath bomb, and inside each one is a one of 10 panda-inspired rings beautifully highlighted by Graphite and White Opal Swarovski® crystals. You can buy the set of both products for $42.95.


I don’t have the Bath Bomb ($16.95) but I do have the Panda-Monium – Jewel Candle ($29.95) and it is the most delightful and charming candle ever! This candle would be a fantastic gift for the holidays and it doesn’t just bring pleasure thanks to the scent and the fabulous jar (plus the surprise inside!). It also helps a great cause – every bath bomb or candle purchase provides 6 meals for cubs who don’t have moms thanks to Fragrant Jewel’s partnership with’s Project Peril.

Yes, the candle is too cute – but you will really be overjoyed when you find the prize inside, a fabulous panda-inspired ring. You don’t know which ring you are getting when you order, which makes it even more fun since there is a surprise inside. You do get to choose your ring size, however.

Fragrant Jewels Panda-Monium Candle

The candle is in a simply wonderful panda jar that you can continue to use long after the candle is gone. The candle has two wicks and it smells beautiful, like a floral rainforest, with notes of grapefruit, wild daisy, summer greens, and soft woods. You will love the candle as it’s burning, but you won’t be sad when it’s gone because you will be left with a terrific reusable jar as well as a gorgeous ring. 

I don’t know which ring I have yet since my candle is only about half gone now but I will update with pics once I have it! I am hoping for the little panda face one…but they are all beautiful.

Fragrant Jewels Panda-Monium Candle
Fragrant Jewels Panda-Monium Candle
The back of the Panda-Monium Candle – the 7 is my chosen ring size, right above that cute little Panda tail!

If you want, you can join the Fragrant Jewels Inner Circle, which is a $33 subscription box that includes two or more of their best-selling products once a month. What I like is you can take the set they automatically send or you can choose a different set – they have about six other options. There are other benefits to the Inner Circle:

Get monthly gift sets with 2 or more of our best-selling products.
Get up to 30% off + free shipping on your order.
Get automatically entered into our sweepstakes to win a $10,000 ring.
Enjoy 2x FJ Reward Points on your Inner Circle gift sets.
Unlock early access on our most popular items.
Gain access to the exclusive Inner Circle Store where all products are discounted up to 30% and you’ll be able to buy items not available to the general public.
Enjoy a VIP customer service phone line dedicated to Inner Circle Members.
Cancel anytime. You’re not locked into a contract.

Fragrant Jewels Panda-Monium Candle

The Panda-Monium Jewel Candle really is almost too cute to bear. Check it out along with all the other amazing products at Fragrant Jewels online at Also, if you make an account you get 15% off and a free gift, and you can also get another 20% off your purchase with the code: SAVE20 at checkout. This code is valid for savings up to $90.  Everything is so adorable you will have the best time just browsing!  – Lisa

A little more about’s Project Peril: is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. Project Peril, a program of, is committed to the conservation and care of the Giant Panda, including helping provide vital formula to the rejected cubs of twin families. Formula for panda cubs is imperative to their survival and ultimately aids in the conservation of the species.


  1. Stephanie | 5th Oct 19

    The candle is adorable and the rings are very pretty.

  2. Dana Rodriguez | 6th Oct 19

    Those are so cute! Can’t wait to see what you get!

  3. Lola Seicento | 7th Oct 19

    It really is an adorable candle!

  4. Piroska | 7th Oct 19

    Oh, I just adore the panda candle! How cute is that?!

  5. NeverSayDieBeauty | 7th Oct 19

    I have had a thing for pandas since I was little so one of these panda cuties is a must for me!

  6. Stacie Hamilton | 7th Oct 19

    That really is cuteness overload!! I love companies that give back and I also love surprises!!

  7. Jen Mathews | 7th Oct 19

    I have a Fragrant Jewels pumpkin candle and it’s one of the best and most highly scented candles I’ve tried!

  8. Claudia Materdomini | 7th Oct 19

    I know a couple people that love pandas! This is the perfect gift for them!

  9. Kathryne | 7th Oct 19

    Beyond cuteness! I love pandas and the candle w/ panda ring will make me happy if someone will give it to me!

  10. Polished Hippy | 8th Oct 19

    What a cute candle! This will make a nice mug when the candle is finished.

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 8th Oct 19

    How cute and fun!

  12. Katie Marie | 8th Oct 19

    Oh my goodness, my daughter would absolutely love that bath bomb — it’s so cute! And the surprise inside would be the cherry on top!

  13. Cindy Ingalls | 9th Oct 19

    The candle is adorable!

  14. Madhubani | 11th Oct 19

    These are ultra adorable. How cute and fun…

  15. My Nail Polish Obsession | 18th Oct 19

    OMG you were right, cuteness overload! If I were ever going to buy a candle or bath bomb with a ring inside it would be a panda one!

  16. Polarbelle | 19th Oct 19

    That candle is so freaking cute!!!

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