Crystal Invisible Solid Stick deodorant is a winner in all ways – try one with this giveaway

For the 10 months I’ve used only one deodorant brand and that brand is CRYSTAL. I was sent it for review and when I learned about the company I felt that it spoke to me. I’ve been using Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On ever since.
Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant and Roll-On Deodorant

Now that I’ve finished two jars of the Roll-On (and have 1 left in my closet) I’m switching to Crystal Invisible Solid. I was so happy to learn that Crystal had a new product out and happier still that it also came in Unscented.


Both formulas only offer safe, chemical free protection. The new Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant contains no aluminum which is the ingredient that is linked to possible breast cancer. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan which is important to so many of us. It’s available in 4 fragrances: Unscented, Lavender & White Tea, Vanilla Jasmine and Chamomile & Green Tea.

Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant

Let’s learn more about Crystal right from their website:

On a trip to France in 1984, the founder of CRYSTAL™ was introduced to a mineral salt product used to purify water. He realized these mineral salts work as a natural, powerful, and hypoallergenic deodorant, so he started importing the mineral salts, shaping them by hand, and selling them as Le Crystal Naturel®.

Over the years, although our packaging has changed, our philosophy at CRYSTAL has not. We know that when people pursue their passions, great things happen. Personally, we’re passionate and committed to the use of safe yet effective ingredients; the use of environmentally-friendly packaging; and our refusal to test on animals. We’re always looking to improve in any way we can for the safety, health, and welfare of our customers. Therefore, our journey is never complete, but we’re certainly proud of how far we’ve come as a pioneer in the industry!

Crystal’s ingredients contain essential oils and extracts. They’ve proven that odor protection lasts for up to 24 hours.

Crystal in Unscented and Lavender & White Tea

Beside having an attractive container the deodorants feel so smooth going on. They aren’t the least bit sticky and I find that I can put on my clothes faster since there’s no wetness. They were created to condition and moisturize your skin all while protecting it from odor. I’ve found no white marks even when wearing black bras and tops.

Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant

Look at the bottom of this deodorant, that’s how you move the stick up. It twists up by turning the bottom.

Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant

It’s hard to gush about a deodorant but you know it’s a necessity of life. When you encounter a non-sticky product without Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/Zirconium, Parabens, and Artificial Fragrance then you want to sign on. Crystal is available at stores like CVS, Meijer, Walgreens, Rite Aid and iHerb. Prices vary but hover around $5. Crystal is a winner in my book and I have no problem saying it will be in yours too.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: Two US subscribers will have the opportunity to win a Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant in Lavender & White Tea. It may be a small prize but it’s a powerful one. The giveaway is open through 4/26/18 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

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  1. Lora | 23rd Apr 18

    The Crystal Rock is my favorite. Right now I’m trying Tom’s of Maine

  2. Kelly Love | 23rd Apr 18

    I generally use Dove unscented for sensitive skin.

  3. Breanne | 24th Apr 18

    I use Degree.

  4. Kayte CookWatts | 24th Apr 18

    I have used crystal rock but kept dropping it and breaking it. I’m using Dove Cucumber scent.

  5. Nancy Jachcik | 25th Apr 18

    I Usually use Secret solid

  6. Kayla Klontz | 26th Apr 18

    I normally use Secret Liquid.

  7. Rose Santuci-Sofranko | 26th Apr 18

    My fave is powder scented Dry Idea….but sometimes I can’t find that so I use Secret and others. Thanks and God Bless!

  8. Pauline Milner | 26th Apr 18

    I was very happy with Secret Soft Solid in baby powder scent until they stopped making it. Currently, I am using Dove while looking for a new brand that works for me. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  9. Tammy iler | 26th Apr 18

    I use degree for women

  10. Carol S | 26th Apr 18

    I use Secret, but I’m wanting to try a natural deodorant like this because in the long run it is much better for my health.

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