Create a perfect neutral eye look with Kryolan Variety 3 Compact Eyeshadow Palette

Kryolan Variety 3 Natural Shades Compact

On our recent trip to Chicago, Marcia and I visited the beautiful and talented Ulrike at the Kryolan City Store.  I told Ulrike I wanted an eyeshadow palette with easy to use, neutral colors for daytime looks.  She immediately said she knew just the thing – the Variety 3 Compact ($52.50), which has 18 natural, neutral matte colors.

Kryolan Variety 3 Natural Shades Compact - open palette

Here is the inside of the palette.  The colors range from an off-white to deep black.  They are all matte, and have a beautiful, silky texture. 

Kryolan Variety 3 Natural Shades Compact side view - check out that great mirror!

The shadows are highly pigmented, and with 18 different colors in all this is a great deal.  It works out to a little less than $3 per eyeshadow.  And the mirror is fantastic.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eyeshadow brush

It comes with one brush, which is a smaller size, like the kind you find in travel brush sets.  The bristle head is long and rather thin, which makes it great for shadow placement on the lid and brow.  It’s a higher quality brush, always very nice to get in a palette.  There is room in the brush area for at least one other brush of your own.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact - first two shades of each row

Eye colors starting with the top row, from left to right:  RB10, an off-white; RB72, a soft orange; Beige, a slightly yellow beige; Bamboo, a warm light brown; Titan, a soft light gray; Stone, a medium slate gray.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact - 3rd and 4th shades of each row

AB69, a cool light taupe; M15, a medium brown that somehow looks way lighter in the picture – see the above full palette pics for a better representation; Sahara, a warm medium brown; Beech, a cool mid-tone brown; Moon Dust, a medium cool gray; and Anthracite, a deep cool gray that looks much more blue in the picture.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact - last two colors in each row

M13, a pinky light brown; Nappa, a golden brown; K759, deep warm brown; K3, deep cool brown; Charcoal, a deep bluish-gray; and Black, a dark matte black.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact brown shades eye look with flash

I find that I reach for this palette constantly.  Every color goes on smooth, and they have terrific lasting power.  With all the varying shades of matte neutrals, it’s hard to go wrong with any combination.  Here I used several of the brown shades, the above picture is with the flash.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look - brown shades, no flash

Here’s a close up without the flash.  Below are some more views of the brown shades.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look - brown shades

Side view, Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look brown shades

Eyes open - Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look brown shades

I like how there is a mix of warm and cool colors to choose from.  I find myself doing blue/gray looks far more often than I usually do now that I have this palette.  Below are some pics of combinations using the gray shades.

Variety 3 Compact eye look - gray shades

Variety 3 Compact gray shades, eyes closed

Variety 3 Compact gray shades - another view

Variety 3 Compact gray shades eyes

This is a truly terrific neutral palette.  While it’s not going to give you shimmery, daring eyes (the palette Marcia bought will do that, stay tuned for that review!) it will give you beautiful, easy no-fail daytime looks.  It’s now an essential part of my eyeshadow stash.  – Lisa


  1. What a great staple item! I think I need this.

  2. Lisa, these shades are absolute perfection on you! You have such beautiful eyes, anyway, but I honestly think that I have never seen them look more gorgeous. This is the way I wish my eyes could look!

  3. Ok, I NEED this.

  4. Just wait til Marcia reviews the other palette – it’s a beauty!

  5. I had my eye on this palette but didn’t get it since I have so many neutrals. It is a beautiful palette and definitely one to have for anyone or any makeup artist starting out.

  6. I know this has nothing to do with the palette, but your lashes are looking fab in these pics! 🙂 What mascara were you wearing? 🙂 Since I favor shimmers/sparkles over matte usually I am definitely looking forward to seeing Marcia’s review. 🙂 Thanks for the post!


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