When you are brought up in the days that sunscreen wasn’t existent but baby oil or Coppertone were prevalent to become tanned, then you appreciate a great SPF product even more as you age. I never tanned but I burned badly so I stayed out of the sun. I lived in a great apartment that was loaded with singles who spent hours upon hours at the pool. And there I was covered up. Luckily my skin wasn’t permanently harmed but you better believe that I am a 100% proponent of wearing sunscreen 365 days a year.

CoTZ Face Moisture Lightly Tinted SPF 35
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Enter CoTZ Face Moisture SPF 35, a velvety mineral sunscreen that is as good for skin as it is for the planet. It’s become my go to when I’ll be outside. Things to love about this include

  1. It’s a moisturizer and a sunscreen. A lot of the sunscreens I use need a separate moisturizer but this is all in one.
  2. CoTZ Face Moisture SPF 35 is 100 percent free of chemical sunscreens, making it the safer, smarter choice for everyday wear. Formulated with 16 percent Zinc Oxide, the luxe mineral SPF hydrates skin while protecting from damaging UVA-UVB rays with a flattering light tint that blends with all skin tones.
  3. Both men and women benefit from CoTZ so you have less to take in your bag with you.
  4. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes and includes ceramides to help reinforce skin’s natural lipid barrier whether you are poolside, engaged in water sports, hiking or walking to work.
  5. CoTZ is gluten free, cruelty-free, reef friendly, and doesn’t contain chemical filters that would hurt corals.

    CoTZ Face Moisture Lightly Tinted SPF 35

It’s important to know why I personally like and recommend CoTZ Face Moisture SPF 35 beside the 5 reasons above. It has NO fragrance!! If I’m going to use something day in and day out that’s what I prefer.

CoTZ Face Moisture Lightly Tinted SPF 35

It’s easy to blend. In spite of the fact that this is a Lightly Tinted shade and looks darkish when I first apply, it blends in perfectly with my fair skintone. Since it’s basically invisible I believe it would work for all skin tones.

It’s not expensive! At $23.99 at Ulta I’m getting two skincare products in one handy portable tube. This is a new product for CoTZ but there are 4 other great products that comprise their line and are all good for your skin.

CoTZ Face Moisture Lightly Tinted SPF 35

There’s a slight silicone feeling to it as you can see from the ingredients. It makes my skin feel so smooth and does a nice job of mattifying my pores. I often go places with this as my only skin product (plus a little cream blush) and feel totally comfortable. This is a winner for my normal to dry skin and one that invisibly makes me feel protected.  —  Marcia



Active: Zinc Oxide 16% Purpose: Sunscreen.
Inactive: Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, Ceramide 3, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethiconol, Iron Oxide, Methicone, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Vinyl Dimethicone/Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer.

About CoTZ

CoTZ was created in 2002 by a plastic surgeon whose singular mission was to create healthier sunscreens.  The result was an exceptionally elegant mineral sunscreen collection that people actually love to wear because it feels great.  Our name says it all:  CoTZ Contains Only Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide.  We are committed to these mineral sunscreens, that work by reflecting harmful UVA/UVB rays away from the skin’s surface.  

All CoTZ sunscreens are 100% free of Chemical Sunscreens, Oils, Preservatives, Fragrances, Parabens, Gluten and Phthalates. That’s why CoTZ is The Healthier Sunscreen®.



  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 5th Apr 19

    I love this sunscreen. It’s a good primer so I often pair it with PRAI Potent-C Moisturizer that doesn’t have built in sunscreen.

  2. Kathryne | 5th Apr 19

    I wear sunscreen every single day. It’s the most important skincare everyone should have

  3. Lola Seicento | 5th Apr 19

    I have never heard of this brand! I definitely will have to try it! Thank you for the review, Marcia.


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  5. Cindy Ingalls | 5th Apr 19

    Wow that’s awesome that it can fill pores AND is a sunscreen!

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  7. Taneja's Bride | 6th Apr 19

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  8. Erika | 6th Apr 19

    I need to check this out! I am in need of more elegant face sunscreen options that are strictly mineral screen. 🙂

  9. Kelsi H | 6th Apr 19

    I love mineral sunscreens, but not a huge fan of the usual white marks they leave. This tinted one seems like a great choice!

  10. Ehmkay Nails | 7th Apr 19

    I like that this is specifically for the face. I hate putting regular sunscreen on my face because it feels so oily.

  11. Krystal E | 7th Apr 19

    This looks really promising! I haven’t worn a tinted sunscreen in forever.

  12. Polished Hippy | 7th Apr 19

    I’ve been careful about sunscreen since I was 21 and it has paid off in pretty-wrinkle-free skin in my forties! This sounds like a great product.

  13. Bailey | 8th Apr 19

    Ooh, this sounds perfect!

  14. 25 Sweetpeas | 8th Apr 19

    Ooo this sounds nice!

  15. Nina Kasper | 10th Apr 19

    I am almost out of another brand of tinted moisturizer and looking for something new to try so I will check this out. I love that it’s matte.

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  17. Cindi Overstreet | 11th Apr 19

    Ooh, I really like this! I’ve used a similar product in the past and loved it. It was perfect for summer and gave me great sun protection without a heavy layer of makeup but evened out my skintone. I really need this for summer! Thanks for sharing as I had quite forgotten how much I liked this.

  18. Terri Shaw | 18th Apr 19

    This sounds fantastic! Thank you for sharing,

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