Cosmetic brush giveaway – 3 winners

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As we are finishing up our 7th anniversary blogging celebration the timing coincides well with me packing to move. I’ve found treasures galore for my readers. I’m sad to see these go but I just have to downsize. Hopefully you are one of the 3 winners.  —  Marcia

Winner 1: Rock & Republic set contains 8 brushes: powder, blush/foundation, angled eyeliner, fluffy eyeshadow brush, large laydown or highlighter brush, medium size laydown brush, pencil brush, lip brush.  Rock & Republic went out of business several years ago which is a shame IMO. These brushes are all cruelty free. Silver handles

Rock & Republic Powder Brush (amazon)

Rock & Republic Powder Brush (amazon)

Winner 2:  Francesca Guerrara large foundation brush, Francesca Guerrara large taklon brush (concealer, foundation, eyes), Cat Cosmetics pencil brush, Stila fluffy small eyeshadow brush, Stila flat top eyeliner brush, Tarte taklon brush for cream products, Lottie London eyeshadow brush, BellaPiere angled eyebrow/eyeliner brush

Francesca Guerrara large concealer brush (amazon)

Francesca Guerrara large concealer brush (amazon)

Francesca Guerrara #37 Perfect Foundation brush (amazon)

Francesca Guerrara #37 Perfect Foundation brush (amazon)

Winner 3: Sorme Blush Brush, Trish McEvoy foundation brush (discontinued, lucite handle), Luxie skunk brush, Luxie Tapered Blending e/s brush, Nikka K rounded eyeshadow brush, Raw Color large eyeshadow brush, Inspr fine angle brush, Luxie Eye Blender Brush Pack (2 brushes), Bobbi Brown Face Blender

Luxie 514 blush brush (amazon)

Luxie 514 blush brush (amazon)

Bobbi Brown Face Blender

Bobbi Brown Face Blender

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  This is an international giveaway unless prohibited to receive this kind of mail (for example Germany doesn’t allow it, Quebec doesn’t). I make no guarantees about receipt once it leaves my hands if it’s out of the US. I pay the postage for all of these giveaways so I don’t often have WW giveaways but these aren’t terribly heavy and I want our international readers to have a chance.

The giveaway is open through 5/8/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments close you can email your comment to me at [email protected] and label it Brushes. Do not email me unless the comments are closed though (Speak Your Mind). You MUST be an email subscriber and comment. Good luck!!

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    I commented on “What does Brooke from Blushing Noir buy over and over? You’ll want to know!”

  2. Amy Stonger says

    My preference is #1, #2, then #3.

  3. The Rock & Republic Brush Set looks the most exciting because they are hard to find.

  4. I’d like set #1, then #3, then #2.

  5. Set #1

  6. Dana Rodriguez says

    Rafflecopter isn’t working for me today but I did tweet

  7. Melissa Davis says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Congrats on 7 years of blogging!

  8. Rock & Republic set – so curious to try them!

  9. BlackAsphodel says

    #1, #2, #3

  10. My preference is #3, #1, #2

  11. I commented on this post: Moving day is now a reality – let’s lessen the stress

  12. I really want to try the Rock & Republic set.

  13. I think my first choice is set 2 because I’d love to try the brush made especially for cream products. But I’d love 1 or 3 pretty much equally!

  14. Set 1 as my first choice
    Set 2 as my second choice
    Set 3 as my third choice

  15. Perfect brushes!

  16. Oksana V. says

    I love set #1

    Thank you for the chance!

  17. I commented on the post: Are you looking for the absolute best serum? Try The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum then.

  18. I’d like set #1, then #3, then #2.

  19. Love the Winner #1 Set of R & R set of brushes!

  20. I left a comment on your “I’m ready to share the magic of Magic Opener with you” post. Those are so neat!!!

  21. Julie Waldron says

    I’d like #2, #3 & #1 🙂

  22. Julie Waldron says

    I commented on the “I’m ready to share the magic of Magic Opener with you” post.

  23. Lushka Smith says

    The Rock & Republic Brush Set would be my #1 choice.

  24. Winning any set of brushes would be like Christmas morning for me! I have some brushes that are just poor quality. I keep meaning to replace them, but something else always comes up. I know my makeup would look better if I had quality brushes. Thank-you for the opportunity.

  25. 3 is my 1st choice 1 is 2nd

  26. In order, my preferences would be set 3, set 1, set 2. Great giveaway!

  27. Marilyn Nawara says

    My favorite set is #1, then #3 and #2

  28. Valerie C. says

    I’d pick #1….#3….#2
    All really nice sets!!

  29. id love to have #3, #1 and then #2 last. I dont own any make brushes and im soo excited to learn to use them

  30. I’d love to have #3, #1 and then #2

  31. Laurie Nykaza says

    #3 then # 1 and then #2 thanks they all look great!

  32. My comment was on the Mally concealer post

  33. Crissie Woolard says

    Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway. I would definitely be interested in all of them because they are all amazing. If I had to choose and order it would be 2,1,3. But I would love any of them

  34. I would love to win #1 then #3 and #2.

  35. Sharon Rooney says

    I would choose 3, 2 and then 1.


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