Clearly awesome! Belli BASICS Clearly Coconut Oil

I am a coconut lover – I love the food, I love the scent, and I love the oil.  The oil is amazing for everything from cooking to massage to skin care, and Belli BASICS has an excellent product that is really all you need in the skin care realm.  It’s all natural and in fact it has only one ingredient – 100% fractionated coconut oil.

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Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil

In all honesty, I had one big disappointment with my Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil ($6.99).  It has absolutely NO fragrance.  Now, I understand that in every other universe that exists, no fragrance in skin care is a big huge check in the positives category.  But I LOVE coconut and I wanted this to smell like a ripe, juicy coconut at sunset on the beach!  Sadly, I will have to go back to sneaking sniffs of my Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen for now.  Don’t turn to Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil for your coconut fragrance fix.  You have been warned.

Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil

What can you turn to Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil for?  Lots of things.  This is a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin.  I love it for my hands and cuticles, for my lips and around my eyes.  I love it for my elbows and my feet.  It’s great for any dry areas anywhere on your face and body and it is very soothing for irritated skin.  It’s great for grownups and for tiny babies.  If you are pregnant it’s wonderful for stretch marks or for tender breasts.  It’s terrific for hair too – after I use it on my hands and cuticles I always run my hands through my hair to smooth out my locks and get rid of any static and flyaways.  It’s also a great makeup remover.

Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil

Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil has no color, no fragrance, no preservatives, and irritants.  Just one ingredient and an endless array of uses.  I highly recommend this fantastic product, even if it doesn’t smell like coconuts at all.  You can find Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil online at  – Lisa

OB/GYN & Dermatologist Recommended * Allergy Tested * Paraben-Free * Gluten-Free * Cruelty-Free * No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances * Medically researched to avoid ingredients that may be harmful during pregnancy or nursing.

Ingredient: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.


  1. Dana Rodriguez | 6th Jun 18

    I love using coconut oil on my hands also! I love that this is in a spray form.

  2. Laurie Nykaza | 6th Jun 18

    Sounds like an amazing product to use and I would not have thought about it having no scent. I do like having that option when I want to wear a scent then I wont smell like coconuts .

  3. jessi | 7th Jun 18

    this probably suit me since the natural ingredients of it

  4. Cassie Tucker | 7th Jun 18

    I have been looking for a coconut oil spray to replace the Yes to Coconut one that has been discontinued. It helped SO much for my eczema on my face and not having it has made a difference. I WILL be checking this out!

  5. Lola Seicento | 8th Jun 18

    I am a big fan of coconut oil, and Belli’s is quite nice!

  6. | 8th Jun 18

    Belli has an absolutely amazing lactic acid face wash, and a really nice Glow moisturiser, both of which I love for when I’m acneaic.

  7. Krystal E | 8th Jun 18

    I haven’t used coconut oil before like this but I’m really interested in using it for my dry skin!

  8. Kathryne | 8th Jun 18

    I like oils for my body. I love coconut fragrance too, they should make a scented one!

  9. Katie Marie | 8th Jun 18

    Coconut is such a great ingredient, and I love that this bottle has a pump/spray

  10. Judy | 8th Jun 18

    Coconut oil is such a great staple to have on hand and I like that this looks like it’s a spray bottle!

  11. Painted Fingertips | 9th Jun 18

    I love coconut too, it’s delicious!

  12. Babi | 9th Jun 18

    Ooh a mist! I definitely like that option!

  13. Kristina G | 9th Jun 18

    I have sensitive skin and can’t handle added fragrances, so having some coconut oil without any is really nice. So many moisturizers just irritate my skin and make it dry, which really defeats the point.

  14. Nina Kasper | 10th Jun 18

    Wait…coconut based product and no coconut smell?!?! How sad! I’m like you, give me all the coconut scents!!!

  15. Gwendolyn Jordan | 10th Jun 18

    Sounds like a great product

  16. Susan Gillam | 10th Jun 18

    I so need this product!!

  17. Lorna Webster | 11th Jun 18

    Interesting to see it in a spray-on form! Lovely pictures.

  18. Lynne B | 11th Jun 18

    I think that fractionated coconut oil is normally fragrance free. I don’t use it on my face because I have oily skin that can pop out a pimple if I’m not careful.

  19. Sandy Pincombe | 11th Jun 18

    Oh I was so excited to see Coconut Oil in a spray form. Definitely added to my “must try”list.

  20. Polished Hippy | 11th Jun 18

    This oil sounds really versatile!

  21. Katie Nystuen | 11th Jun 18

    Sounds like a great all around product.

  22. Ehmkay nails | 11th Jun 18

    I kinda get freaked out when I use something for skincare and cooking haha but it makes sense!

  23. Julie Waldron | 12th Jun 18

    I love the scent of coconut! I would be a little disappointed if I got this and expected it to smell like coconut. LOL It does sound like a great product though, I’ve used coconut oil and it does work great.

  24. Lisa Marie Heath | 12th Jun 18

    I love that it’s a spray!

  25. Stacie @ | 17th Jun 18

    LOL, the one time that fragrance-free is a letdown! This sounds like lovely stuff regardless.

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