CIREM Skinsurance Protective Sunscreen and Primer are hero products

Two of the most used and loved items I’ve been using this summer were gifted to me by CIREM. Their Skinsurance Protective Sunscreen and Skinsurance Protective Primer have been exactly what I’ve needed and I’m sure they are what you need too. This cruelty-free, made in the US brand, creates the smooth skin that time has tried to take from me.

Skinsurance Protective Primer SPF50 is lightly tinted and blends invisibly into my skin yet leaves a light glow that makes me feel incandescent. My skin is very fair and I burn easily but I’m confident that this silky primer is protecting me from UVA and UVB rays.

CIREM Skinsurance Protective Primer

I love that I can wear this all day, touching up as needed, without leaving lines when I remove my mask. It isn’t foundation, it’s a primer but it acts as a tinted moisturizer for me.

CIREM Skinsurance Protective Primer

Ingredients are great since each one has a job. Aloe, Cucumber and Chamomile help with signs of irritation and redness plus they help reduce the appearance of age spots. There are healthy oils within that don’t leave my skin looking or feeling greasy: Argan, Kukui Nut, Meadowfoam Seed and Sunflower Seed oils mixed with Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract act as a shield against UV exposure.

CIREM Skinsurance Protective Primer
CIREM Skinsurance Protective Primer

Skinsurance Protective Tinted Primer/SPF50 ($65):

  • Insure your makeup and skin are protected from environmental and UV damage with this nourishing protective primer.
  • Lightly tinted, this silky formula provides maximum protection to brighten skin tone, spot-treat T-zone, or protect from the sun—with or without makeup.
  • Enriched with an infusion of soothing ingredients like Aloe, Cucumber and Chamomile

I think it’s extremely important to wear sunscreen year round. I may live in Michigan where the weather changes all the time but I know even on gloomy days that the sun’s power is out to get me! In the dark ages, when I grew up, sunscreen was unheard of so I have years of sun damage now. CIREM Skinsurance Protective Sunscreen is great 365 days a year. It has Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and contains the same wonderful ingredients of the Protective Primer.

CIREM Skinsurance Protective Sunscreen

There’s a very light citrus fragrance to these two that you notice as you are putting them on but this doesn’t linger. Since the sunscreen is pure white you really need to buff it onto your skin to make it invisible. That might not work for darker skintones but for me it blends like a dream.

CIREM Skinsurance Protective Sunscreen

You can use one or both, either way you’ll love the way they look and feel on your skin. Keeping your skin protected from the UV and environmental damage of the sun is vital and CIREM has created these two broad spectrum SPF products that are loving to your skin. — Marcia


  1. Lola Seicento | 24th Aug 20

    I could use these right about now!

  2. Jen Mathews | 24th Aug 20

    Sounds like it would work well for my skin!

  3. Cindy Ingalls | 24th Aug 20

    A primer with SPF is genius!

  4. Kathryne | 24th Aug 20

    Love the genius play of words: skinsurance. Also the primer with spf.

  5. Glamorable | 25th Aug 20

    That sunscreen looks so dreamy!

  6. Natalie | 25th Aug 20

    I love the packaging on this! I also love your descriptions of this product as well. I am thinking about switching to a tinted moisturizer, so this might be one to try!

  7. Jen Walker | 25th Aug 20

    I love when primers have sunscreen although it technically isn’t enough. I do like using them to help boost my sunscreen I apply underneath though!

  8. Natoya | 28th Aug 20

    I love that this primer has SPF in it. I always forget my sunscreen. This is right up my alley

  9. Kristi V BeginNails | 30th Aug 20

    Yay – SPF, check! Cruelty Free, check! 🙂 I really like the paper packaging too – so luxe!

  10. Krystal | 6th Sep 20

    Wow they have really expanded their line! I’m using two of their products now after finishing a moisturizer. I absolutely love what they do for my skin!

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