China Glaze OMG! – what a beautiful collection

China Glaze OMG! Flashback

China Glaze is celebrating with a 10th Anniversary Collection – OMG! Flashback. These are the prettiest holographic polishes to come around. When they first came out they were a major change in what I wore on my nails and I bought most of these plus others that China Glaze put out. Now that they are back with this collection I had to have them again. I decided to buy the mini collection so that I could get my fix.

China Glaze OMG! Flashback 10th Anniversary Collection

So far I’ve worn two of these and can’t wait to wear the rest. Since they are still available I decided I better show you what you are missing so that you can get in on the fun.

China Glaze IDK

It’s purple so of course it’s the first one I chose to wear. IDK is a linear holo that looks as good on day 7 as on day 1. I love the rainbow effect that I see in certain lights.

China Glaze IDK

My second favorite is 2Nite since blue polishes rock my world. This too is a linear medium blue.

China Glaze 2Nite
China Glaze 2Nite

I’m wearing this as I type and I just love to look at my nails. I’ve worn it three days and on each of those days I received at least one compliment!

It’s hard to decide what to wear next so maybe you can help me with that.

China Glaze OMG

China Glaze OMG is the one that started the whole collection. I don’t have pictures of this from my original wearing but it’s a beautiful silver linear polish that is rainbow-ific once on. This one started me on my life with holos.

China Glaze BFF

BFF will steal my heart once I have the chance to wear it. While it’s considered a purple it has a lot of pink to it.

China Glaze DV8

DV8 will take me out of my comfort zone since I don’t normally wear bright teals but I don’t think I can resist this amazing shade.

China Glaze TTYL

TTYL is the one that I doubt I’ll wear. It’s a warm copper and my hands have a lot of pinkness. I feel more comfortable in cool shades than warm shades. But it’s still beautiful.

Let me know in the comments which one you think I should wear next since I just can’t pick out of these beautiful shades.  —  Marcia

To see these shades on nail bloggers hands here are some suggestions:

Cosmetic Sanctuary always has stunning nail pictures and is a favorite of mine and many many independent nail companies.

Beauty Geeks shares her outdoor photo shots which really show how beautifully these shine.

Luckily China Glaze can be found locally for most of us but these won’t be around forever. Individual polishes are $8.29 at Sally’s Beauty, $8.99 on Amazon, and $9.50 at Ulta or buy the mini set for $18.25 on Amazon and $15.00 at Ulta.

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  1. Sandy Pincombe | 1st Aug 18

    I am in love with these polishes. I love both of the colors that you chose. As soon as I head back to Michigan from Folly Beach I am definitely buying theses.

  2. Ehmkay Nails | 1st Aug 18

    I wish they released the entire collection! Not just 6! I love them but the old ones had a terrible formula.

  3. Lola Seicento | 1st Aug 18

    These are stunning! I really love IDK and 2Nite!

  4. Stacie Hamilton | 1st Aug 18

    I’m not a fan of the collection. The 2Nite is pretty, but I much prefer to wear cream shades.

  5. Courtney B | 1st Aug 18

    Those are some fun holos!

  6. Jen Walker | 1st Aug 18

    DV8 is my favorite of the flashback release! I didn’t have any issues with it, but be mindful of staining since I know others experienced that.

  7. Cindy Ingalls | 1st Aug 18

    My favorite is the purple you have on. I was going to Ulta tomorrow anyway so I think I’ll pick up the set. I hope it’s still there!

  8. My Nail Polish Obsession | 2nd Aug 18

    Always loved these colors! My bss hasn’t gotten them yet.

  9. Dana Rodriguez | 2nd Aug 18

    These colors are all so beautiful. I especially love IDK!

  10. Cassie Tucker | 2nd Aug 18

    This collection is gorgeous and I didn’t know they had it in a box set like that! I love that you included links to other bloggers for people to look out.

  11. Courtney | 2nd Aug 18

    I love all of these colors!

  12. Babi | 2nd Aug 18

    I want this entire collection! Every shade is SO pretty!

  13. 25 Sweetpeas | 2nd Aug 18

    It really is a nice collection!

  14. Michele Pineda | 3rd Aug 18

    These colors are gorgeous! The IDK is beautiful, my daughter loves everything purple as do I and this would be the first one we would wear out of the collection as well.

  15. Glamorable | 5th Aug 18

    I love this collection!! Every color is amazing.

  16. Susan Gillam | 5th Aug 18

    These colors are stunning!!

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