Cheers! The January 2018 Your Bijoux Box has arrived in style #YourBijouxBoxStyle

Surprises are fun! Well, most of them are…I can’t say I was thrilled about that surprise $400 phone bill this month. The surprises in my January Your Bijoux Box were far, far more enjoyable! Your Bijoux Box brought me lots of elegance – matching earrings and a classic Y necklace, along with an incredible architectural gold necklace, plus a surprise bonus jewelry tray.  

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January 2018 Your Bijoux Box

The January Collection from Your Bijoux Box is a coordinated set of three jewelry/accessory pieces that complement almost any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. Each monthly box has three items for women (this month there were three items plus one extra item). The boxes are curated by stylists so although these are customized, everyone gets the same jewelry each month, although January has different options for one of the necklaces. A monthly subscription is $39.99 and there are options for a three-month ($115) or six month ($230) subscription. They ship to the US (free!) and Canada.

Ysabel Earrings

The first item I found were the 3-inch-long Ysabel Earrings. These are cobalt blue hanging earrings that frame the face and really stand out, even for those of us with longer hair. I love these earrings – they have great movement and look incredible on.  They are very versatile and look just as good with jeans and a t-shirt as they do with a little black dress. They match the Ysabel Y Necklace.

Ysabel Y Necklace
Ysabel Y Necklace

The Ysabel Y Necklace is a lengthy 19 inches long with a full 3 inches of extender chain. The center length is five and a half inches. I wear tons of long necklaces so I was very pleased to find this classic beauty in the box. I don’t ever wear it with the earrings, though – somehow, together it’s just overkill. Separately, they are statements enough to stand alone. Both are gorgeous and hardy enough to classify as essential workhorses in your jewelry wardrobe. Your Bijoux Box did a terrific job curating these pieces, in my opinion.

Jules Smith Necklace
Jules Smith Necklace

The superstar piece of the month is the Jules Smith Necklace. This is the necklace style that came in my box – your piece may vary. I am totally digging the art deco vibe! I can’t find this particular piece online, so I’m not sure what the value is, but Your Bijoux Box says that the Jules Smith pieces they include in the subscription boxes can retail for up to $175. I am totally going to pair this with the Jules Smith bracelets that came in my November 2017 Your Bijoux Box – remember these beauties??

Jules Smith Bracelets

The surprise extra in the January 2018 Your Bijoux Box is a cute Cheers! Jewelry Tray, which is rimmed in gold and features a cream background and black details.

Cheers! Jewelry Tray

It’s very attractive and a great place to put your rings, watch, earrings, etc.  I have been using it as place for the jewelry I pick out to wear for the next day so I don’t have to go hunting around in the morning and it saves me a few minutes.

I love this month’s box of elegance and style. I am getting tons of use out of every single item. These lovely baubles took all the sting out of that horrific phone bill, that’s for sure!

If you are new to Your Bijoux Box and want to sign up, use the coupon code WELCOME to get a bonus piece of jewelry with your first box!

It’s a great time to treat yourself to a nice surprise once a month. I know I always look forward to it! – Lisa

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  1. Lola Seicento | 24th Jan 18

    Those bracelets are so pretty!

  2. Chelsea | 24th Jan 18

    That cobalt blue is beautiful! And I love that Jules Smith necklace, it’s different.

  3. Mara | 24th Jan 18

    I love the necklaces!! So gorgeous.

  4. Courtney | 24th Jan 18

    I really like the Jules Smith Necklace. It has a very futuristic feel!

  5. nichole costa | 24th Jan 18

    I’m not much for costume jewelry, but I like those bangles.

  6. Phyrra | 24th Jan 18

    What an interesting set of jewelry. I like the bright blue shade.

  7. Ehmkay nails | 24th Jan 18

    I love the idea of a jewelry box but oh my, I have so much! Haha

  8. Krystal E. | 24th Jan 18

    $400 phone bill?! OUCH. I love the blue earrings though.

  9. Judy | 24th Jan 18

    Oh my gosh that Jules Smith necklace is gorgeous! It’s right up my alley and I feel like it’s on trend right now!!!

  10. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 24th Jan 18

    I like the Jules Smith necklace!

  11. Never Say Die Beauty | 24th Jan 18

    The Jules Smith necklace look fabulous on you! Perfect with that neckline too

  12. My Nail Polish Obsession | 24th Jan 18

    That’s a fun sub box! I like the cute jewelry dish.

  13. Stacie Hamilton | 24th Jan 18

    I personally wear very petite sizes in my jewelry, but I do love the bright cobalt blue color of these pieces. It’s a great color to wear year round.

  14. Glamorable | 24th Jan 18

    What an interesting box! The bracelets are right up my alley, except I would prefer them in silver or rose gold.

  15. Kathryne | 24th Jan 18

    If I’m not swimming in accessories, I would consider subscribing to this box

  16. Polarbelle | 24th Jan 18

    That was a great box!!! Ii think I like the bracelets best….or the art deco gold necklace….or even the tray. It would be hard to decide.

  17. 25Sweetpeas | 25th Jan 18

    Fun statement pieces!

  18. PolishandPaws | 25th Jan 18

    I love the cobalt blue! That’s a wardrobe staple color for me.

  19. Yvette Price | 25th Jan 18

    Love both necklaces, the y necklace is lovely and the Jules one looks like an abstract piece of art!

  20. Helga | 25th Jan 18

    The necklaces are pretty. Nice selection of jewelry.

  21. Kadambari | 25th Jan 18

    I could relate to your start “Surprises are fun! Well, most of them are..” Lol
    Jewelry displayed will match with most of the wardrobe.elegant ones

  22. The Jedi Wife | 25th Jan 18

    I love the Ysabel earrings although the coordinating necklace is a little too much for my taste.

  23. Cassie Tucker | 25th Jan 18

    This looks like a great subscription for someone who likes jewelry. I have to say the bracelets were my favorite in this box!

  24. Lacquerexpression | 26th Jan 18

    This month’s jewelry are all beautiful and I like this box concept a lot.

  25. Leslie | 27th Jan 18

    That cobalt is so striking! Great pieces!

  26. Gabrielle | 29th Jan 18

    That Jules Smith necklace is a real statement piece! Wow!

  27. Ava | 30th Jan 18

    Pretty Pretty !!
    I especially fall in love with your bracelet, it is looking so elegant and beautiful.
    Your golden statement necklace is also just wow.
    I really want both of these 🙂

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