Chasing perfection with Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel

I have found another winner from the beautiful skin care line Fleur’s. Fleur’s is a lovely French line with a hip, artsy vibe and excellent products – effective, based on strong science, with fantastic ingredients and elegant formulas. The emphasis is on the power of flowers; hence the company name.


Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel

Lately I have been struggling with my usual t-zone skin issues – some areas dry, some areas oily.  Blackheads and enlarged pores. Dull complexion. Every morning looking in the mirror is like a new adventure…and usually not a good one. So I was happy to test out Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel ($54), which is a floral serum that features Iris, a flower with purifying properties, that mattifies skin without drying it out, eliminates blackheads, and reduces pore size.

Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel

This serum is applied after toning and before moisturizing. It has a thin consistency that isn’t greasy and it absorbs quickly. It does have a fragrance – white flowers, tea, and apple. The fragrance is initially quite noticeable then fades quickly. It gives my skin a matte finish but doesn’t dry it, not even my drier areas like my cheeks. However, it does a great job with my nose and chin which can be extremely oily and shiny. I’ve been using this for a month and have had a great improvement in terms of blackheads and breakouts.

Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel

Key ingredients:
Iris – eliminates excess sebum, reduces imperfections and tightens pores.
Lemon – astringent, toning properties.
Moisturizing Complex – anti-drying, “water senor” effect.

Fleur’s Clinical Results:
Beautiful Matte Skin and Skin Quality in 1 Month
Less shiny skin 86%*
Matifying effect +58%**
Clearer T zone 82%*
Correction of imperfections -39%**
Refined skin textured 91%*
Less visible pores -54%**
*Satisfaction test on 22 volunteers, after 28 days of bi-daily application. **Clinical scoring on 22 volunteers, after 28 days of bi-daily application.

Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel

I really like it. The fragrance is a little bothersome at first but like I said, it diffuses quickly. I definitely see an improvement in my skin texture, blackheads, and breakouts. I also like how it mattifies my skin without making a problem for my dry areas. The bottom line is if you have dry skin, Fleur’s Imperfection Purifying Gel isn’t the serum for you. For those of us with combination or oily skin, it’s a great way to change those imperfections into perfections.

You can find Fleur’s products at in the USA, and they often run great gift with purchase specials, so check back frequently to see what they have going.  – Lisa


  1. Sounds like something my tzone and cheeks could use! My forehead is dry but I have enlarged pores on my cheeks and hate them!

  2. Though this particular product isn’t for my dry skin, I am very interested in learning more about Fleur’s and their product line. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Fleur’s makes incredible products, and this sounds great for people with clogged pores and blackheads!

  4. It sounds wonderful but not for my dry skin.

  5. Sounds like a good product, unfortunately I can’t do floral scents at all.

  6. Since I have such oily skin, I would really appreciate the mattefying properties of this! Also, I happen to love gel formulas!

  7. Sounds like a luxe product. I wonder how it will perform on me since I have sensitive, acne prone skin

  8. Ehmkay Nails says

    I like that it mattifies. I feel like I need this for summer!

  9. I always feel like that kind of applicator looks so fancy. 🙂 I’m drawn to it. This sounds nice!

  10. 25 Sweetpeas says

    This sounds nice! Matte if my fave finish long as its not drying!

  11. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    Sounds like a great product that is really working for you!

  12. Valerie C. says

    My nose, especially, is super oily. So annoying when I wear foundation. I think I need this.

  13. This brand is new to me, but it sounds pretty impressive.

  14. 86% experiencing less shiny skin has me intrigued!!! I need to give this a try ASAP!!!

  15. When I read that it would help with blackheads and pores I was all for it, I was even willing to give the floral scent a try. However, since you said it’s not for dry skin I’ll have to skip it since I have VERY dry skin. Thanks for pointing that out!