Cannabliss Organic and Earth Day

Officially Earth Day is April 22nd but in reality it should be from January 1st through December 31st. We have but one earth and the purpose of Earth Day is to support our environment. We can do this through our actions and through products that we buy and use that are healthy for us and the earth. Earth Day was created in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin who was disturbed that an issue as important as our environment was not addressed in politics or by the media, so he created the first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970.

I have a particular fondness for Earth Day since my husband was a smoker. Our younger son was bothered by it immensely and would constantly ask him to quit. So together they discussed a plan that he’d stop smoking on Earth Day. It’s been over 25 years and I will never forgot this particular “holiday”. My husband is healthier and the earth is too from the lack of pollution that was caused by his habit. OK, off my soapbox and onto the review.

New to my life is a set of products from CANNABLISS ORGANIC. I’m going to start off with some information about them before I tell you about my experience with the sample set I received.

From the Cannabliss website: “We believe in a holistic approach to life. Our natural, organic products nurture your body and soul so you can be your best, true self. We are committed to eco-friendly practices and giving back to the community and environment.”

Cannabliss Organic Sampler Starter Kit

The Cannabliss Organic Sampler Starter Kit is a terrific way to start with this company, especially if you have any fears or phobias (like my fragrance one). For $25 you get three products that will help you determine the direction you want to go with this company. This set contains Cannabliss Organic’s hottest sellers: 5ml Revitalizing Serum, 5ml Age Defying Moisturizing Lotion, and 5ml Hemp Salve.


Cannabliss Revitalizing Face Serum

Revitalizing Serum is a vegan serum containing a blend of anti-aging Korean herbs infused with full spectrum Hemp oil and essential oils. The serum was created to hydrate and firm skin, promote cell regeneration, brighten and even skin complexion.  It isn’t the least bit sticky and doesn’t interfere with any other products. I’m duly impressed with this serum.

Cannabliss Moisturizing Lotion

After applying the serum it’s recommended to apply the Moisturizing Face Lotion. Not only is this a vegan lightweight lotion but there isn’t a fragrance that I notice. Contains full spectrum hemp oil and Korean herbs such as schisandra, goji berry, and peony which contain anti-aging properties and help restore skin’s youthful glow, prevent signs of aging, provides intense hydration and protects against environmental stress and damage.” This is lovely for day time but I’m still needing more of a cream at night with this crazy weather.

Cannabliss Hemp Salve

And the star of the set for me is the Hemp Salve. This does just about everything. It’s the fix-it product of the line. It’s a fantastic lip balm that is tingly at first but moisturizes my lips beautifully. A tiny bit is needed for any job. So far I’ve applied it to the blister on my foot that I developed on my trip and it’s softened it considerably. I’ve also used it on my index finger where my skin is rougher than elsewhere on my hand and that too is softened and I may be able to ease away the callus that seems to want to form. Hemp Salve is recommended where you have dry or chapped skin.

Cannabliss Hemp Salve

This all purpose healing salve works with full spectrum hemp oil and healing herbs, such as mulberry, goji berry, and ginseng, to sooth and ease irritated skin, eases muscle and joint aches, gentle enough for all skin types.” It really does melt into skin without leaving a greasy finish behind. When I use it on my lips I don’t smell anything but like I said it does tingle.

Cannabliss Organic Sampler Starter Kit products

Cannablis Organic products are free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances and dyes. Many products are vegan and all are organic. The website is interesting with a variety of items including candles, clothing, jewelry, and of course skincare. And if all this isn’t enough you need to know that this is a charitable company that  has partnered with 1% for the planet a nonprofit organization that connects eco-conscious businesses with environmental groups. You can feel good about using Cannabliss knowing that they proudly donate 1% of their sales to groups that are working to preserve our oceans and wildlife.

Join Cannabliss Organic in celebrating a healthy earth and healthy skin.  —  Marcia


  1. OK, so I have to sheepishly admit that I dismissed this whole cannabliss trend until I realized it involved hemp oil – which I already incorporate into my diy facial serum. lol. It’s great for oily, acneic skin, among other things.

  2. I need to get better informed on the benefits of hemp oil. I like kits like this to get introduced to a new brand.

  3. This definitely sounds like a good pick for Earth Day.

  4. It’s great they offer a kit so you can try a variety of the products and decide what you like best! That salve sounds awesome.

  5. I’m with Never Say Die Beauty – I love little kits like this to try the brand out. It’s great to see if my body chemistry cooperates with it. 🙂

  6. Interesting concept! I like the clean lines in the packaging especially.

  7. I love the sound of the Hemp Salve, and awesome story about your hubby quitting on Earth Day!

  8. I am so ignorant about hemp oil, thanks for the article. Love that this brand gives back too.

  9. Great info, and totally agree! Earth Day Everyday!

  10. I love the Cannabliss name!

  11. never tried products with hemp oil, would read up more on this now

  12. I use hemp oil in my routine all the time, it works wonders on my heels.

  13. I have used Hemp lotion for many years, I love seeing that there are more products now available.

  14. I am a big fan of salves and this one sounds wonderful. And I agree, Earth Day should be every day!