Calling all dry skin beauties, here’s VERTERE Dramatic Transformation Cream to help

Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream

How would you like a 5 in 1 product to help you save time? Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream may be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s not only a moisturizer but it’s also a wrinkle smoother, imperfection minimizer, dark spot brightener, and sun protection. At $135 I consider this a luxury product but I’d be able to eliminate many products and just use one step saving me time in the morning.

I was sent a .27 oz size for testing purposes. Because the jar is so small and my eyes are so bad I didn’t notice the SPF 18 on it at first. You could use it at night but I want to save it for day to get the most out of this cream as it’s meant to deeply moisturize your skin for lasting hydration.

Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream

I find Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream to be very rich. A little goes a long way as a matter of fact they suggest using a pea size drop for your entire face. And that’s really enough because of the easy way it applies. I’m now saving mine for cooler weather. The key ingredients prove why this is an excellent choice for older skin.

Key Active Ingredients

  • Lactic acid in a ten percent concentration provides a high skin cell renewal rate with a very low irritation level
  • Salicylic acid combines with lactic acid to synergistically amplify clarity
  • Alpha Arbutin produces faster and more pronounced lightening after 30 days compared to kojic acid and hydroquinone – and is a safer alternative to hydroquinone, which is banned everywhere except the United States due to carcinogenic concerns and is unsuitable for dark skin tones
  • Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate inhibits muscle contractions for a smoothing, anti-wrinkle effect; studies have shown 52 percent wrinkle reduction after 28 days
  • Omegas 3, 6 and 9 help rebuild skin’s barrier and retain moisture
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, an organic peptide, has been shown to help protect against collagen degradation and reduce skin roughness
Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream

According to Vertere; Our high-performance formula delivers visible, quick results*:

  • In 72 hours, see visible improvement in texture and luminousity
  • In 14 days, fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother
  • In 30 days, dark spots appear brightened

I’ve used this off and on for about 2 weeks and have seen some improvement. In the summer my skin isn’t as dry as it is in late fall and winter so saving this is best for my skin. Very dry skin will enjoy it all year round and we know that SPF is important year round.  —  Marcia

Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 18


  1. Dana Rodriguez | 22nd Jun 18

    This sounds like a really nice cream. My dry skin would love it I am sure.

  2. Lola Seicento | 22nd Jun 18

    This sounds like a really good multipurpose moisturizer.

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 22nd Jun 18

    Great ingredients and the consistency looks good. Thanks for introducing us to this brand.

  4. PolishandPaws | 22nd Jun 18

    Sounds like a really nice cream. I’ve been trying multiple brands lately to find a cruelty free cream that doesnt upset my acne prone sensitive skin.

  5. Stacie Hamilton | 22nd Jun 18

    Ouch, that’s expensive! The ingredients list looks fantastic. I’d love a higher spf though in a day cream. Maybe one of these days I’ll give it a try.

  6. Carleen | 22nd Jun 18

    Looks like a really nice luxury cream!

  7. Claudia Materdomini | 22nd Jun 18

    Sounds like something my mom could really use. She has dry skin

  8. Kathryne | 22nd Jun 18

    I don’t have dry skin, my mom does but I know she will complain w/ the price tag, haha!

  9. Krystal E | 22nd Jun 18

    This is all me! I need some great products for this dry skin. Now to save my coins!

  10. Cindy Ingalls | 22nd Jun 18

    The list of ingredients sounds great!

  11. Kristi V BeginNails | 22nd Jun 18

    I’m one of those t-zone gals. So my cheeks would love this!

  12. Leanne | 23rd Jun 18

    I love the ingredient list . I’ve tried so many face creams for dry skin but none really make a big difference. I might have to try this one , thanks .

  13. Madhubani | 23rd Jun 18

    Wow… This seems to be a perfect creme for my skin, especially in the winters. Thanks for reviewing this so beautifully..

  14. Leslie | 23rd Jun 18

    The price is a little hard to swallow and I typically like skin care products wit hmmmn a higher SPF, but it does sound luxurious.

  15. Leslie | 23rd Jun 18

    The price is a little hard to swallow and I typically like skin care products wit hmmmn a higher SPF, but it does sound luxurious!

  16. 25 Sweetpas | 24th Jun 18

    It does sound good for winter!

  17. Susan Gillam | 24th Jun 18

    My skin is so dry, this would definitely help me.

  18. Nora Grahe | 25th Jun 18

    I am grateful for this information and truly need this product but I can not afford it… Sounds like it would be perfect too!

  19. Customboxeszone | 26th Jun 18

    This is result oriented cream according to my customers, I like it.

  20. Ehmkay Nails | 28th Jun 18

    Hmmm rice protein sounds interesting. Never heard of it!

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