Bye Bye Pores but Hello Contest: IT Cosmetics

Once I have a positive experience with a cosmetic company I’m eager to use more of their products. I’ve previously blogged about IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye concealer which led me to buy their Bye Bye Pores HD Silk Micro Powder ($24). I had read some raves on a beauty forum about this powder so I didn’t hesitate buying it from last fall. One of the banes of my existence are the pores on my face. I know that having oily skin when I was a teen helped in the long run since my skin looks younger because of it but those pores!!! Who needs those? Not I.

I’ve tried several high definition powders from mainstream brands to etailer brands, none of them ever kept my interest. But Bye Bye Pores has kept me coming back. The powder is a light creamy shade, not quite white, not quite yellow, it goes on translucent so it would work for almost any skintone. It’s very finely milled and melts into my skin. The container comes with a small powder puff which I used when I first purchased this but I now use other either my Beauty Blender sponge, a very soft MAC kabuki brush or a Trish McEvoy velour puff depending on my mood and the coverage I want.

Reading up about this powder makes me realize that not only is the powder wonderful and a big help in helping to eliminate the look of the pores on my face, but it’s also filled with things that are good for your skin. It has Vitamin K to help reduce discoloration, anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, and E to help ward off free radicals and line smoothing hydrolyzed collagen. It’s the perfect complement to my Bye Bye Under Eyes.

Are my pores totally invisible? No but they are greatly improved. The finish is matte which is fine during the summer since I provide my own dew! My blushes go on beautifully over the powder, in particular  cream blushes. My foundation lasts longer especially during very hot weather. I don’t have to blot with blot papers often at all when I’m using this powder. I’ve used it with every foundation I own and have been pleased as can be. Bye Bye Pores says Hello to me almost every day.  — Marcia

Now comes the good news for you. BeautyInfoZone has one container of Bye Bye Pores HD Silk Micro Powder  to give away thanks to IT Cosmetics. You’ll be able to find out for yourself what a treat this is and how it beats out the most well known brands. To enter the contest you must be a subscriber and leave a comment telling us what you look for in a finishing or blotting powder. The contest will last for one week, ending Friday June 18th at 11:59 P.M. EST. The winner will be announced on the BIZ on June 20th and will have 4 days to email us with their address to [email protected].


  1. I look for a finishing powder that takes away some of my shine while leaving me look dewy. I also like this type of powder to be virtually colorless and to minimize the pores on my cheeks. Any other benefits it can provide are just bonuses to me!

  2. mamifi77 says:

    I look for a soft matte look that lasts a few hours, one that doesn’t look too made up. I prefer translucent look. I also like the powder to take the stickiness of some suncreens away.

  3. purviska says:

    I need something light that won’t make me break out!

  4. greengirlsfbay says:

    Your description of this powder sounds a lot like MUFE HD powder which I love. I look for a matte but sheer formula so it does not look cakey or “powdered”. I also like that pore covering effect.
    Translucent is also easier than trying to color match – doing that with foundation is hard enough without worrying about powder!

  5. courtlizy says:

    I look for a sheer powder that doesn’t add color to my foundation, but sets the foundation and makes my skin looks flawless.

  6. bethl22 says:

    I am looking for a powder that makes my skin look fresh and refined!

  7. viviannesmom says:

    I’d like something that doesn’t make me look like a ghost in photographs!

  8. I need a powder to hide pores and combat oil as well…especially in the summer heat. It has to be invisible though…no dry, cakey mess please!

  9. I am following free grechen on twitter. i tweeted the contest. i am @kammikoza. i shared the contest with over 400 friends on facebook. i would love to try bye-bye pores powder. i’ve never tried it and i should try that since i have pores on my nose and cheek. ew! just one. lol. i am a subscriber of free grechen blog.

  10. mickey113 says:

    Would love to use this powder to try and hide the huge pores on my nose and checks. As an oily skinned person even into my 50s, hiding these pores is like a job, and I need all the help I can get! Please enter my into the contest.

  11. mamavalveeta03 says:

    I signed up for a subscription to your emails. I would love to find a powder that doesn’t make me look like an old woman (i.e. shows all the wrinkles, dry, cakey), so if this is it, GREAT!

  12. nightlydevil says:

    I have oily skin too, and I agree, it’s a blessing and a curse. Usually a curse in the summer. If I could find a blotting powder that would blot excess oil (duh), mattify my skin without making me look chalky or cakey, set my concealer without moving it around, and maybe even out my skin tone a little bit (is that too much to ask?) I would be a lifelong customer. Right now I just use a light mineral foundation, but that’s really not cutting it.

  13. elenarudaya says:

    I am looking for a powder that gives a matte finish for hours and it also must be invisible!

  14. lilybiscuit7 says:

    I’m oily and need coverage. I need a powder to keep my concealer/foundation in place and minimize pores. The oil ruins my makeup without a good finishing powder. Thanks.

  15. I am a subscriber and I look for oil control in a finishing or blotting powder

    [email protected]

  16. I have tried every finishing or blotting powder out there. Haven’t found one yet that does want I want it to do. I need natural, oil spill cleanup! I need it to not look cakey or powdery. I want a no shine, but flawless, colorless finish!
    Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

  17. I need a powder that makes my skin look like Julianna Marguiles’ skin did back when she was an ingenue/nurse on ER. She made scrubs look good, and that’s hard. Unfortunately, I have rosacea and my pores are really more like caves than pores, and I think the caves might have a troll or two living in there. Will this powder help me resemble a young Julianna Marguiles at last? Will it at least help me banish my face trolls? Won’t you choose me as your contest winner so we can all find out?

  18. smilefest says:

    I look for coverage and decreasing shine in a finishing powder. Thanks for the chance!!

  19. thefurtaws says:

    I would like a powder with a matte finish, that looks natural and not too cake-y.

  20. Samantha says:

    Definitely a matte finish without using a lot of product. And a translucent/colorless shade is a big bonus for me too.

  21. liis177 says:

    I look for a long lasting matte finish! I hate when my t-zones get shiny 🙁

  22. I like a finishing powder to refine my pores a little, take away shine and set my foundation without making me look dry or cakey. Thanks for the chance!

  23. I look for blotting sheets that do not have powder in them. They tend to leave residue, and it messes up my makeup. I like to use a matteifying primer, it helps set my makeup, and keeps my face from becoming overly oily.

  24. Melissa Bourquein says:

    I thought I added a comment but its not showing up…. anyways, ill try one more time. I would absolutely love this product! I have an embarrassing large pore in middle of nose that is very visible! I have tried everything and can’t seem to get it under control! It makes me super self-consious and hate it! I would use this and I’m sure id fall in love w/ it! Only to lead me to other IT products I’m sure! 🙂 thanks for considering me!


    P.S. this past weekend while I was out I met a guy. We were talking and he proceeded to tell me I had a hole in my nose….how embarrassing!


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