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It’s wonderful when a company actually listens to customers. It makes me feel even better about buying their products. IT Cosmetics is the company I’m referring to. They reformulated their already wonderful Bye Bye Under Eye concealer and made it even greater than it was before. The complaint from customers was that the concealer could get gritty. The reason this happened is that the product contains high concentrates of collagen which balled up in the tube. I used it in spite of that because I could easily rub away the little balls. But when IT Cosmetics heard from enough customers they knew it was time to change something. I recently started a brand new tube of this great concealer  after actually finishing up my first tube. The new one is smooth as can be yet works just as superbly.

Bye Bye Under Eye ($24)  is a full coverage concealer. It’s especially great for those dark circles under your eyes. It also can be used on any part of your face, I use it to cover those little red marks I get from being a little overzealous with my tweezers at times and I use it on the inner corner of my nose. I need the teeniest amount. I mean teeny. A little goes a long long way. I gently squeeze out a drop on the back of my hand and then pick it up with my finger to apply. I like the heat from fingers since it helps meld the concealer into my skin. I’ve tried it with a concealer brush and it’s fine that way but not my preference. I then apply my foundation and powder and I’m set. I rarely have to touch up under my eyes at the end of the day. Once in a while I’ll use something like a highlighter or YSL Touche Eclat when I’m going out at night though.

The formula is moisturizing and contains vitamins K, A, C, and E.  Vitamin K is great for dark circles,  vitamins  A, C, and E  as well as Collagen reduce puffiness and strengthen the delicate skin under our eyes. It’s a waterproof formula which for the Hot Flash Queen, aka Marcia, is the best!

I first bought this in Medium Neutral from because that’s the color that is recommended for 70% of IT’s customers. I liked the shade and used it often but then decided I wanted to see what Light was like. I read that it was ultra fair but then again, so am I. It’s the perfect shade for me. A friend of mine wanted the Medium Neutral after my raves so there was no guilt in buying Light. I’m currently on my second one in Light after at least 8 months of use on the first.

I have double thanks to IT Cosmetics – first for putting their customers as Numero Uno and then for creating such a fabulous concealer. — Marcia


  1. Lynda aka taloolah | 10th May 10

    I like this concealer very much also. I have not had the problem of the product balling. I haven’t tried using it for all that you do, so I will begin experimenting with it today. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Constance | 17th May 10

    I’m glad you posted this review. I thought there was something wrong with the tube I got, but didn’t have the gumption to send it back to the website I ordered it from.
    Maybe I’ll try it again.

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  6. Suzanne | 9th Dec 10

    I am also a devoted Bye Bye Under Eye fan! I love it! I found out that they used to use a formula that was made with the tiny balls in it but now that formula is gone! They told me they improved on the first formulation and now only sell the smooth formula! So we can now all conceal in peace:) … knowing that won’t happen again! Thanks for the review!

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  9. BooBooNinja | 14th Jan 12

    I’ve heard that this concealer is tricky to work with… that it never quite sets. Have you experienced this? Would you mind sharing your application tips?

  10. | 15th Jan 12

    I adore the concealer. I use the teeniest amount. Lately I’ve been mixing a tiny amount of eye cream with the concealer on the back of my hand to make it even more creamy. I then use a concealer brush or my finger to apply. The only problem with the concealer is that the tube can stop working. When that happened I cut it open and put it in a little jar and had months and months left in it.

  11. jayne rendol | 14th May 12

    I want this concealer soooooo bad, but i live in the uk, i have spent hrs on the internet trying to see if anyone will ship to uk, but to no avail :-(( if anyone knows of how i can get my hands on a tube of this plzzzzzzzzzz let me know, i will be forever in your debt :-)) xxx

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