Brush up with Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Face #5 Brush

Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Face Brush #5

One of the oddest makeovers I ever received was at Neiman Marcus several years ago. The makeup artist at the Kevyn Aucoin counter applied every single item, from foundation to blush to eyeshadow, without using brushes. Yup, just her fingers. The result was ok…but it would have looked a lot better with proper brushes. And I have to admit I was kind of grossed out by those fingers going into cream pots and sliding along pressed powders. I kept  thinking, “All that bacteria and oil, going right into those products…and then onto my face…” Fingertips don’t have many of the sebaceous glands that produce oil, but what do we do with our fingers? We touch our faces and our head and that transfers oil to fingertips. Not to mention all things you pick up without even knowing it, like bacteria and viruses.  Just EWW. Use brushes.

Remembering all of this makes me really appreciate the lines that not only have employees who don’t use their fingers, but also make high quality brushes that give you your very best result. Merle Norman stores have been around since 1931, and you don’t get that sort of longevity without quality products. Since the makeup artists of Merle Norman have been impressing people for that long, you know they must be using some quality brushes.
Merle Norman carries seven eye brushes, seven face brushes, and one lip brush. Fun fact:  the face brushes are numbered 1 through 8, but there are only 7 face brushes on the Merle Norman website. No one knows what happened to poor number four.
People absolutely RAVE about the brushes from Merle Norman, which have the reputation for fantastic quality at very reasonable prices. People swear by them. So far my favorite Merle Norman face brush is the Makeup Artistry Face #5 Brush (Angled Brush) $32. It’s a medium natural hair angled brush – and no worries, because Merle Norman is a cruelty free brand.

This brush has very fine bristles that are also firm enough to grab onto powder and blend without being too wimpy.  Because of the angle, it’s easy to put your contour powder and your highlighting powder exactly where you want it.  It’s one of the best powder brushes I’ve tried. If I am in a hurry, I even use it for a wash of eyeshadow.

Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Face Brush #5

I have several other Merle Norman makeup brushes on my wish list for the holiday – I need a new contour brush and I hear amazing things about their Makeup Artistry Eyes #3 Brush and I am seriously lemming that beautiful Makeup Artistry Face #3 Brush.

Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Face Brush #3

You can find Merle Norman online at , and they have an easy search engine for finding a salon near you.  – Lisa


  1. Lyndsey Rullman | 7th Nov 19

    A proper brush is so important. And to me, nothing feels better than a brand new brush!

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