Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop

This is the first year that I can remember that we haven’t seen much at all about Breast Cancer Awareness. October isn’t the only month we should be aware of it but it is the dedicated month to remind people that it’s time to get a mammogram and see your doctor. It’s a little strange to me to do a giveaway for it but if it reminds you to take care of yourself then it’s worth it.

Each of the participating blogs will be responsible for their own rules and prizes. As usual with these hops you could get lucky and win often. Thanks to The Review Wire & Chatty Patty’s Place for their organizing this.

The prize from Beauty Info Zone is $20 paypal and it’s open WW if you have a paypal account that can accept American money. I chose this as the prize hoping that if it’s hard for you to pay towards your copay that this might make a difference. Or that you might contribute it yourself to one of the great charities that help us in our fight to get proper testing and care.

The giveaway is open through October 30th at 11:59 pm Eastern time. Good luck and great health. – Marcia

EDIT: It appears that the comment section isn’t working. If that’s the case email the comment to me with the title BCA Hop to [email protected] It’s a mandatory requirement of the giveaway.

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