Botanica by Spongelle Body Wash Buffers

Oh how I love beauty products that celebrate the season! When I walk or bike each day I see tons of butterflies fluttering around and it immediately makes me think of the beyond cute Botanica by Spongelle Body Wash Buffers.

All the gross stuff you can’t see! (Photo from Time)

But bacteria certainly isn’t pretty and summery. Yuck. Did you know that shower sponges/loofahs/buffers can be a hotbed for bacteria? I saw a special on the dangers of shower sponges and loofahs once and I was so grossed out that since then I have been vigilant about keeping my shower washing as germ-free as possible. Luckily, Spongelle Body Wash Buffers are not only infused with body wash, they are also infused with an antibacterial agent to prevent all the yucky bacteria and germs that typically occur with sponges and loofahs.

The new Spongelle’s Botanica collection ‘celebrates the metamorphosis of nature’s pharmacopoeia.’ There are four sponges available, all with scents that are found in nature. The body wash that is built into the sponges features herbal extracts of rose hip, hibiscus, and green tea. The packaging is absolutely adorable, and they make really terrific gifts.

Built-In Body Wash + Buffer
Multi-Function, Multi-Use, 18+ Uses
Extracts of Rose hip, Hibiscus, & Green Tea
Time-Released Lather
Relieves dryness and locks in moisture
Free of sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances
Multi-use, vegan-friendly, and cruelty free
Dermatologist Tested
Proprietary Infusion Technology
Includes hanging ribbon
Good for travel

The sunny yellow butterfly body buffer is the Petitgrain Body Wash Infused Buffer which celebrates citrus with top notes of lemon, sparkling water, and grapefruit; midnotes of mandarin, navel orange, and cassis; and bottom notes of musk, and sea salt. I love this scent – it’s a creamy citrus, not a sharp one, and it smells oh so clean.

The lovely lilac butterfly is the Lavender Body Wash Infused Buffer, with top notes of rosemary and cardamom; midnotes of spearmint and lavender; and a base note of musk. The rosemary and cardamom give the sweet lavender a spicy kick that is wonderful.

The pretty pink butterfly is the Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer, with a top note of sparkling citrus; midnotes of Turkish rose, jasmine, and armoise (armoise smells like green tea); and base notes of patchouli and guaiac wood. This is a very sophisticated rose scent that is deliciously spicy and warm.

The final scent in the Botanica Collection is the bright blue butterfly Tobacco Flower Body Wash Infused Buffer, with top notes of bergamot and green fig; midnotes of rosemary, juniper, and sheer lavender; and base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood. This is a gorgeous unisex fragrance that is a little peppery and very outdoorsy.

I think that of the four fragrances my favorite is Petitgrain, although they are all truly beautiful. These aren’t flat one note scents! They come with a black ribbon so you can hang the body buffer if you’d like. They change texture as you shower, going from an exfoliator to a massager to a soft cleansing sponge. I know, I hear you saying “Sure, but how long does the soap inside actually last?” Spongellé guarantees 18+ washes. Mine last about three weeks when I make sure I don’t rinse out the sponge too aggressively.

You can buy singles of any scent for $18, or you can go all out and purchase the BOTANICA ASSORTED PACK ($72.00). I really hope you try at least one of the scents – the Botanica by Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffers are beautiful and practical too. Enjoy! – Lisa


  1. gloria patterson | 19th Jul 20

    I have had a spongelle before and loved it my skin felt so good. Have to agree I have saw pictures of what is the shower puff etc before. But I lov that this has antibacterial agent in it.

  2. Julie Waldron | 19th Jul 20

    I’ve never used anything like this. I would love to, they look fun & easy to use.

  3. Kelly Freeman | 19th Jul 20

    This looks like an ordinary sponge, and ordinary sponges fall apart after a few uses.

  4. rajee | 20th Jul 20

    looks so pretty never heard that before

  5. Mary Meadows | 20th Jul 20

    These sound amazing! I love Butterflies too!

  6. Lola Seicento | 20th Jul 20

    I love everything that they make, and these are especially enchanting! Perfect for the season, too!

  7. Stacie Hamilton | 20th Jul 20

    Fun packaging! I thinks that’s fantastic that there’s an antibacterial in the sponge. I need a few of these.

  8. Kathryne | 20th Jul 20

    Those look really cute! Great gift ideas too

  9. Natalie | 21st Jul 20

    These sound so amazing! I definitely want to check them out!

  10. Cassie Tucker | 21st Jul 20

    I’ve gotten Spongelle products in beauty boxes in the past and haven’t used them because the scents are always so floral. However, that Petitgrain, I’m here for that one!

  11. 25 Sweetepas | 21st Jul 20

    Those are cute!

  12. Cindy E Ingalls | 21st Jul 20

    I adore Spongelle and the butterfly shape is so cute! These make great gifts too!

  13. Nina Kasper | 24th Jul 20

    These are too cute!!! I love the butterfly shape and the packaging makes for a great gift item! I need to pick up some for me and some for Christmas gifts!

  14. Natoya | 30th Jul 20

    These are so fun! I’ve never heard of spongellle before and would love to try them. Especially since it’s Antibacterial

  15. Natoya | 30th Jul 20

    I’ve never heard of spongelle before and would love to give them a try especially since they are antibacterial

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