Body Be Silk Organic introduction and giveaway

We are so happy to introduce an independent organic brand for bath and body products. BODY BE SILK is a small company with some terrific products as we gleefully have learned. Their line consists of scrubs, bath oils, lip care, bath salts, bath butters and more. The creator of the line, Greta, inspires us to spoil our bodies with products that are good for us. This is a company that is a “natural and organic bath and body line that not only pampers your skin…but spoils your body and relaxes your mind as well.”

Body Be Silk Lip Kit and Body Scrub

Marcia is delighted with the Body Be Silk Lip Fix Kit

First behold the beautiful packaging. Each product you receive from Body Be Silk comes in beautiful gilded outer packaging as well as delightful products inside. I have the Bubblegum Lip Kit Fix which comes in a pink silken bag and contains the 4 products that are in each kit. You can also be delighted with Chocolate, Cafe au Lait, or Vanilla.

Body Be Silk Lip Fix Kit

There are 4 goodies in each box, 3 that you use daily or as often as you like, and one that is used once a week. They take just a minute to apply and give you hours of softer lips.

Body Be Silk Bubblegum Lip Fix Kit

Step 1 is the Lip Scrub which is where the flavor comes in. It reminds me of a body scrub since it has two layers that need to be blended. The bottom layer is the sugar scrub and the top is the oil combination. Use the enclosed plastic spoon and mix them up, then apply to your lips and rub to start exfoliating. And yes when I’m done I like the delicious bubblegum flavored combination off. Not only is the smell scrumptious but so is the taste. It doesn’t smell artificial.

Body Be Silk Lip Scrub, Step 1


Body Be Silk Lip Scrub open
Body Be Silk Lip Scrub

Step 2 is the Lip Rub which is a natural lip gloss to use after the lip scrub. This softens your lips and give a lovely shine to them. It makes my lips feel soothed. If I’m going to wear lipstick shortly after the scrub then I’ll apply that and then the Lip Rub. It looks like it would be oily but it’s just refreshing. This too has the bubblegum aroma. It has a roller top like a roll on fragrance has. I love to use this during the day to moisten my lips and keep them hydrated.

Body Be Silk Lip Rub, step 2

Step 3, Lip Hug, is an overnight lip balm. Apply this just before bed and it will last through the night so you’ll wake up to smooth kissable lips.

Body Be Silk Lip Hug, overnight balm for step 3
Body Be Silk Lip Hug, Step 3

Last but not least is the Lip Tug, a once a week lip conditioner. I’ve been using my finger to apply it and but later I’ll use the plastic spoon to scoop it out since I won’t be able to get my fingers in it.

Body Be Silk Lip Tug, weekly conditioner, step 4

It’s a pleasure to use this organic kit on my lips. I’m so happy I was sent Bubblegum to try but next I’d love to try the Chocolate. What a treat!  Tomorrow Lisa will share her half of Body Be Silk products and I can’t wait to read about it. —  Marcia


We are so happy that Body Be Silk is going to let one of our Beauty Info Zone readers win a Lip Fix Kit in their choice of flavor. This US only giveaway is open to email to subscribers who remember they have to comment too. It’s open through 6/25 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. I will be checking anyone that Rafflecopter selects so make sure you follow the rules.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ingredients Organic: sugar, vitamin e, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, agave, kaolin clay, shea butter, jojoba oil . *Depending on the flavor there may be turbinado sugar, cocoa, vanilla, or coffee oil added.



  1. Dana Rodriguez | 11th Jun 18

    These are so nice! I would love to try the Chocolate.

  2. Lola Seicento | 11th Jun 18

    I have never heard of this brand before, but these products sound wonderful!

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 11th Jun 18

    I love that they have 4 different products to care for lips, and the flavors sound delish!

  4. Patty Wright | 11th Jun 18


  5. Lynne B | 11th Jun 18

    I don’t like body products that smell like candy, so I’d love to try the Cafe Au Lait.

  6. Courtney B | 11th Jun 18

    I like that the lip scrub looks gentle. Some of those can be so abrasive!

  7. Luna S | 11th Jun 18

    Any of them would be great, the kits look helpful.

  8. Gwendolyn Jordan | 11th Jun 18


  9. Judy | 11th Jun 18

    I love bubblegum scented things I am definitely adding this to my list to try! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  10. Lyndsey R. | 11th Jun 18

    I would love to try the bubblegum scented items! Sounds very cool.

  11. Krystal E | 11th Jun 18

    I’ve never tried a lip treatment like this! I just added the lavender scrub to my wish list because that sounds heavenly!

  12. Glamorable | 11th Jun 18

    I love that the products come in little pouches and beautiful boxes. This packaging makes them perfect for gifting!

  13. Jen Walker | 11th Jun 18

    I’m actually having a hard time picking the scent I would want to try first! Both Bubblegum and Chocolate sound divine, but the Cafe Au Lait actually has caught my attention as well…. I guess you use one and then when finished go on to the next flavor!

  14. Angelica Dimeo | 11th Jun 18

    I would like to try chocolate

  15. Kristi V BeginNails | 11th Jun 18

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! What a cute kit! Vanilla sounds great!

  16. Jennifer Warschauer | 11th Jun 18

    These products sound amazing and I would love to try them out. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  17. janetfaye | 11th Jun 18

    I would like Bubblegum Lip Kit Fix.

  18. Justina | 11th Jun 18

    I love bubblegum scented things, and homemade beauty products! I can’t wait to read Lisa’s review of what she thinks.

  19. Linda Magnuson | 11th Jun 18

    I would like to try the vanilla, but would be happy with any of them. These products look wonderful! The “system” makes sense. Using just a lip balm isn’t enough. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  20. Mai | 11th Jun 18

    I haven’t heard this brand before, I think I’d like that Lip Tug to use overnight

  21. Mary W | 11th Jun 18

    I think I would enjoy the Vanilla flavor the best. I hope to win Vanilla.

  22. Lulle | 11th Jun 18

    I love the idea of a multi-step lip treatment. I have chronically dry lips and layering moisture is the best thing I can do to keep them healthy.

  23. Susan P. | 11th Jun 18

    I would like the Vanilla scent.

  24. Kathryne | 11th Jun 18

    These would be nice for bridal parties as souvenirs!

  25. Ehmkay nails | 11th Jun 18

    It’s total indulgence for your lips! Sounds awesome!

  26. Helga | 11th Jun 18

    I would like to try chocolate.

  27. Tara L | 11th Jun 18

    I wouldn’t mind trying out chocolate (:

  28. Painted Fingertips | 11th Jun 18

    I’m really curious about these, I have such dry lips and I’m always applying balms!

  29. Haley Scully | 11th Jun 18

    I’d love to try the chocolate flavor! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Carla Lais | 12th Jun 18

    The chocolate sounds amazing!

  31. Liz | 12th Jun 18

    Vanilla please.

  32. Sharon Rooney | 12th Jun 18

    I would choose the Cafe au Lait.

  33. Stacie Hamilton | 12th Jun 18

    This kit sounds like something I could really use. My lips get so dry year round. I think they all sound delicious, but the cafe au lait appeals to me the most.

  34. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 12th Jun 18

    I could use this right now– my lips have been SO dry!!

  35. Melissa Storms | 12th Jun 18

    I would prefer the vanilla lip kit. The cafe au lait sounds amazing too.

  36. Babi | 12th Jun 18

    The Bubblegum scent sounds fun! And I love their cute packaging!

  37. Sahrish Adeel | 12th Jun 18

    I am loving that lip scrub. I wish the giveaway was open to Malaysia too 🙂

  38. Viktoria | 12th Jun 18

    Vanilla, I just love the scent of it so much.
    Thank you for the chance!

  39. Cindy Ingalls | 12th Jun 18

    This sounds like a great line, I can’t wait to hear about the other products!

  40. Christy Caldwell | 12th Jun 18

    Vanilla would be my favorite, but any flavor would be good with me. I need these products. I am terrified of waking up one day with my grandma’s face. (Sorry Gran) ?

  41. Nora Grahe | 12th Jun 18

    I LOVE Chocolate and yet I am a Bubblegum kind of gal so either or! Thank You for this chance!

  42. Julie Waldron | 12th Jun 18

    I’d like the Chocolate! I love that scent for lotions, etc…

  43. Nora Grahe | 12th Jun 18

    Commented on “Fashion Flash Tiume” speciifically DIY Skin Care! Very grateful for the information provided! I think it should appear here:

  44. heather kaufman | 12th Jun 18

    I would like to try Vanilla.

  45. Latanya Thornhill | 12th Jun 18

    The vanilla scent

  46. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 12th Jun 18

    I’d love the Bubblegum flavor — how fun!!

  47. gloria patterson | 12th Jun 18

    Chocolate works for me

  48. 25 Sweetpeas | 12th Jun 18

    The scrub sounds really nice especially for certain times of the year!

  49. Gia Welch | 13th Jun 18

    Mmmm…. chocolate or vanilla. I’m not a fan of coffee for taste, but I like the smell.

  50. Michelle H. | 13th Jun 18

    I would choose the chocolate.

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