Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop

Fast and furious! A quick 4 day giveaway so there’s no time to dawdle. An extra way to win for the holidays.

Beauty Info Zone’s prize is a $20 US Amazon gift card and is open for US and Canadian subscribers. The winner will be chosen on December 3rd and the card via email. Enter as many giveaways featured as you can since the more you enter, the better your chances.

Mandatory: Be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and comment on the post. Good luck and happy reading.

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Black Friday Giveaway Hop Participants

1. Reading Reality (INT)
2. Caffeinated Reviewer (INT)
3. Angel’s Guilty Pleasures (INT)
4. Read Your Writes Book Reviews (US)
5. Samantha The Book Disciple
6. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books (INT)
7. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
8. [email protected] Goldilox and the Three Weres (US)
9. Ilovebooksandstuffblog
10. Beauty Info Zone (US/Can)
11. The Mommy Island
12. Dashing Bling Read
13. The Attic Girl
14. Maureen @ Maureen’s Books
15. Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know
16. Suzie Olsen
17. Tabatha @Broken Soul Reviews
18. Carol’s Notebook (Int)
19. The Kids Did It

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  1. Kim | 30th Nov 19

    Definitely books.

  2. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer | 30th Nov 19

    I will be buying books for my grandchildren.

  3. KV | 30th Nov 19

    I would buy books.

  4. Dianna | 1st Dec 19

    My daughter wants to have her own copy of The Institute by Stephen King, so if I win, that’s what I’ll get.

  5. Janie McGaugh | 1st Dec 19

    I’ll buy books!

  6. Linda | 1st Dec 19

    I would like to get a picture book for my son from Amazon.

  7. Clem | 1st Dec 19

    I will probably get organizing-related things.

  8. LaTanya Thornhill | 1st Dec 19

    I would buy some household items

  9. theresa norris | 1st Dec 19

    I’ll be buying a book I’ve wanted to read.

  10. stacey mccrary | 1st Dec 19

    I’m not buying cause I would give the gc to my daughter and let her get something she wants.

  11. Mary Cloud | 1st Dec 19

    I’d buy Christmas gifts for my kids

  12. LeAnn Harbert | 1st Dec 19

    I will get some books for my granddaughters for Christmas

  13. Susan Christy | 1st Dec 19

    I’ll buy a pair of texting gloves.

  14. Sandra | 1st Dec 19

    I plan to buy books of course!

  15. Melissa | 1st Dec 19

    holiday gifts for my family.

  16. Donna S | 1st Dec 19

    I want to buy my boyfriend a controller for his Xbox.

  17. Jen B | 1st Dec 19

    I’ll probably buy a Nalini Singh book.

  18. Sherry Proch | 1st Dec 19

    Some vitamins and herbs I need!

  19. Alex S | 1st Dec 19

    I will buy some mittens for winter.

  20. Daniel M | 1st Dec 19

    would use for holiday shopping

  21. Marissa M | 1st Dec 19

    I will probably by a Christmas present!

  22. Gwendolyn Jordan | 1st Dec 19


  23. Nicole Fall | 1st Dec 19

    I would use this money to put towards our bathroom remodel funds!! I have my eye on a beautiful light cover!

  24. Julie Barrett | 1st Dec 19

    I would buy a new wallet for myself

  25. adriana | 1st Dec 19

    I would save it for an instant pot.

  26. gloria patterson | 1st Dec 19

    I am a reader I have a BIG wish list of books……………………BOOKS

  27. Amber Kolb | 1st Dec 19

    I have really been working on my mental health this year and I would be looking to purchase some books that help me to continue to grow and learn.

  28. Ingrid Jackson | 1st Dec 19

    I would buy some scrapbook supplies for my ancestrial books for my grandchildren.

  29. beth shepherd | 1st Dec 19

    I would get my hubby a navy proud sweater. Thank you

  30. Megan Wilson | 1st Dec 19

    I would buy some Christmas clothes for my boys.

  31. Emma Shetler | 1st Dec 19

    I’m selfish and buy books for myself! I love cuddling up with a great fiction novel on Sunday afternoon.

  32. Lauren Becker | 1st Dec 19

    I’d love to get a book or two from my own wish list!

  33. AEKZ2 | 1st Dec 19

    I would buy a video game for my son

  34. Alecia G | 1st Dec 19

    I would probably buy a Christmas gift for my brother. Finances are tight this year and most people will probably be getting homemade gifts from me this year.

  35. sarah | 1st Dec 19

    I’m saving up for a laptop so I would put it towards that..

  36. Seyma Bennett Shabbir | 2nd Dec 19

    I will buy Percy Jackson books for my sons. My sons love stories about mythology and it is perfect for young adults!

  37. Piroska | 2nd Dec 19

    I’d buy some books for my grandchildren.

  38. latisha depoortere | 2nd Dec 19

    I would use it towards books! Thank you for the chance!

  39. Donna Porter | 2nd Dec 19

    I will buy me some books. I love reading with my coffee by the fireplace when it is cold outside.

  40. Christy Leonard | 2nd Dec 19

    I would buy a gift for my daughter

  41. Hesper Fry | 2nd Dec 19

    I would use it towards a Christmas gift for my daughter.

  42. Jillian Too | 2nd Dec 19

    I want to pre-order the next Patricia Briggs book.

  43. Kristine Paull | 2nd Dec 19

    New Jane’s Patterson books

  44. Tracy Fritts | 2nd Dec 19

    I would like to get a adult coloring book that is out its for mental illness. The money to goes to that.

  45. Liz E | 2nd Dec 19

    Something off my wish list that no one else gets me for Christmas. Likely a book or two.

  46. Leela | 2nd Dec 19

    It would go towards the laptop fund.

  47. janetfaye | 2nd Dec 19

    I would buy a Kindle book.

  48. gala | 2nd Dec 19

    I’d get some holiday reading for myself

  49. Helen | 2nd Dec 19

    I would probably use it to get some Christmas presents for my family.

  50. Sara Floyd | 2nd Dec 19

    I would use it to get something for my daughter

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