Birthday swag! Plus Nars New Order Highlighting Blush

My birthday was in February and I decided to buy myself the new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance and body shimmer. I will be reviewing them soon (a quick preview – they are AWESOME), but in the meantime I wanted to share the freebies I got when I bought my goodies from Macy’s. This GWP is still available online until March 30th.

Estee Lauder bag

Estee Lauder Lilly Pulitzer bag


inside – all the good stuff!

Isn’t this Lilly Pulitzer bag super cute? And wow, there were a ton of great things inside.

Lily Pulitzer eyeshadows and mirror

Lilly Pulitzer eyeshadows and mirror

Lili Pulitzer eyeshadows

Lilly Pulitzer eyeshadows

Estee Lauder skin care deluxe samples

Estee Lauder skin care deluxe samples

three different lippies

three different lippies

EL mascara and dual ended concealer and lip gloss

EL mascara and dual ended concealer and lip gloss

I am fascinated with the dual-ended concealer and lip gloss. I think it is genius! Touching up dark circles throughout the day does more for helping me look refreshed than almost anything…except for touching up my lip gloss. So both together is fantastic.

concealer end

Light/Medium Doublewear concealer end


concealer in Light/Medium

lip gloss end

Pure Color Gloss in Magnificent Mauve Shimmer

concealer and lip gloss swatched

Light/Medium concealer and Magnificent Mauve lip gloss swatched

After shopping at Macy’s, I made my way to Ulta because they sent me a coupon for a free birthday gift. I had no idea what the gift coupon was for and the surprise was worth the visit.

Ulta birthday freebie:  CK one mascara

Ulta birthday freebie: CK one One Color mascara

I have never tried anything from the CK one line, so I am pretty excited. Has anyone tried this mascara? I haven’t cracked it open yet since I have so many mascaras already in rotation.

Next up:  Sephora. Of course I had to get my Beauty Insider birthday gift from them! It was a pretty sweet Make Up For Ever set with a deluxe size mascara and lipstick.

Sephora birthday freebie:  Make Up For Ever set

Sephora birthday freebie: Make Up For Ever set

Make Up For Ever mascara and mini lippie

Make Up For Ever mascara and mini lippie

Make Up For Ever lippie

Make Up For Ever lippie

Make Up For Ever lippie swatched

Make Up For Ever lippie swatched

While I was at Sephora I decided to buy yet another pink Nars blush…it’s an illness, I know. This one is called New Order, and it’s a ‘highlighting blush’. I think of it as the very light shimmery pink cousin of Albatross.

Nars New Love

Nars New Order

New Love swatched

New Order swatched

Unfortunately, this was a real disappointment for me. It’s so pretty, but it is the first Nars cheek product I haven’t loved. It’s very powdery and when I put it on all I see is shimmer. I ended up liking my free gift from Sephora better than I liked this blush!

I love the free birthday gifts from Ulta and Sephora; it definitely pays to have an account with them. And if you like Estee Lauder products, now is the time to stock up because the GWP is terrific.  – Lisa

* purchased by me



  1. What a great GWP but such a shame about the NARS, that’s the type of shade I would normally go for so I’ll make sure to avoid that one.

  2. Happy belated Bday. I didn’t know Ulta had bday gifts! I don’t think I ever received or heard of one from mine! I was wondering about New Order, I still want it even if it is powdery. Will tame the lemming a little longer to make sure this isn’t just a want because it is a pretty pink cousin to Albatross.

  3. You are right!!! It has lots of good stuffs in it. I super attracted with the Estee lauder products. I always known this brand the best.

  4. Great EL GWP. I don’t like the CK mascara but then mascara is such an individual thing, it may work for you.