Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber brushes, part two

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

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Just yesterday my blog partner shared her Beauty Junkees Powder Makeup Brush Set and today it’s my turn to share the new Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Junkees. But I have something that Lisa didn’t and that’s a discount code for you. Whatever your heart desires from Beauty Junkees at either Amazon or the Beauty Junkees website you can breathe a little easier with this code!

Exp: 10.31.2017
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Now let’s get to the good stuff. Beauty Junkees 6 brush Duo Fiber set is already a bargain at $29.97 so it’s even more of a find at $22.47. You’ll be amazed at the soft and efficient brushes in this set. Like other Beauty Junkees brush sets this comes in a cosmetic case for storage or travel. You do have to air out the case at first though because it has a small plastic odor but it’s gone within days once opened.

This 6 Piece Professional Quality Makeup Brush Set Includes: Pro Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Blush Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Fan Highlighter Brush, Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush for Concealing, Pro Duo Fiber Large Powder Brush, Pro Duo Fiber Large Stippling Brush for Foundation, plus a large makeup brush case to protect your brushes in travel.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Makeup Brush Set

Beauty Junkee brushes are synthetic brushes with solid wood handles, copper ferules, and dual crimping to make the brushes last longer. I don’t get any shedding with these brushes.

Why do you want a duo fiber brush you ask… (you did ask, didn’t you?) The short bristles hold the product, while the long bristles blend to a featherweight finish. That’s what you call the best of both worlds. They work beautifully with powders, liquids and creams.

Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Eye Blending Brush:Best used for a sheer application and smooth blending of loose powder and cream eye shadows.” I use this brush for applying cream shadows, not for powder application. I have some new shadows from Inglot that I adore (review upcoming) that are perfect for this eye blending brush. It buffs the shadow on smoothly and evenly leaving my fingers clean.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Blush

Pro Duo Fiber Blush:  Best used to apply blush to your cheekbones, evenly and lightly distributing and blending the product for a sheer flawless finish.” I like separate brushes for cream blush and powder blush but this works so well on both types that I’d love an extra of this one. It’s just the right size for my cheeks and the softness is luxurious.

Beauty Junkees Duo Fiber Fan Brush
Duo Fiber Fan Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Fan Brush: “Best used for quick and easy highlighting! Just a few easy sweeps on the top of the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, above the lip.” Do you like to highlight? If so you need this Fan Brush. It surpasses my much more expensive Smashbox one with ease. It’s great for all over powder too. You’ll get so much more use out of this brush than you think you will.

Beauty Junkees mini stippling brush and large stippling brush

Pro Duo Fiber Large Stippling Brush: Works great to stipple liquid foundation, blends evenly and flawlessly for an airbrushed finish. Also used with BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers. Applies cream blush like a dream.” Pro mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush: Perfectly blends concealer and color corrector into the skin for a sheer flawless finish.” Yes you need two Stippling Brushes. You don’t think you do as you are reading this but once these brushes are in your hands you’ll wonder how you got along without two sizes. It’s the mini that gets used by me the most since it’s unlike the other brushes in my vast collection. It’s a great size with a head that’s 2.5 cm wide compared to the 3.25 cm large stippling brush and it fits in where a larger brush won’t.

Beauty Junkees mini Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

Pro Duo Fiber Large Powder Brush: Blends and diffuses powder for a softer, more natural and flawless finish.’ This is the largest brush in the set and reminds me of my first duo fiber brush from Prescriptives and later MAC. The fibers are looser on this and the Fan Brush than the others in the set. It’s wonderful for loose powders as well as pressed powders. When you want to highlight your shoulders or decolletage this or the fan brush are what you should reach for.

Beauty Junkees has so many brush sets that are just amazing. The quality vs the prices will thrill you. One of my favorites ever is the Mini Kabuki set that has brushes that are normally only found in expensive sets. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Beauty Junkees set. They even have a 30 day guarantee. I can guarantee though that you’ll love this set.  —  Marcia

Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set
Exp: 10.31.2017
1 Redemption per customer
25% Off your order



  1. Lynne B | 25th Sep 17

    I loved yours and Lisa’s reviews of these brush sets from Beauty Junkies. We gave my daughter a set from Smashbox a few years ago and they haven’t held up, in either performance or construction. I think I’m going to get her one of these sets for Christmas. (Maybe one for myself, as well!)

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 25th Sep 17

    I have the BJ Large Stippling Brush, and I love it. In fact, I could use the entire set

  3. The Jedi Wife | 25th Sep 17

    I love finding good makeup brushes at an affordable price! A few of my beloved brushes are at the end of their lives so I need to get some to replace them.

  4. Kathryne | 25th Sep 17

    I have this set, I love it as with other Beauty Junkeses sets I own

  5. Ehmkay nails | 25th Sep 17

    Such a great price for makeup brushes! Can never have too many!

  6. Kristi V BeginNails | 25th Sep 17

    I’m always looking for good brushes. I’ve heard good things about Beauty Junkees brushes. Great review.

  7. CosmetopiaDigest | 25th Sep 17

    I love duo fibre brushes for liquid products. These are such a steal for the price!

  8. Phyrra | 25th Sep 17

    I love duofiber brushes, especially for blush!

  9. Judy | 25th Sep 17

    This set is so economical!!! I need that fan brush! Thanks for the discount code!

  10. Anastasia | 25th Sep 17

    Loving that cosmetic baggie for the brushes!

  11. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 25th Sep 17

    I love Beauty Junkees brushes, thanks for the code, I’m going to get this set!

  12. Polished Hippy | 26th Sep 17

    There are definitely a lot of nice options here. I had never heard of this brand before.

  13. My Nail Polish Obsession | 26th Sep 17

    Those are really nice brushes. My 6yo daughter took mine and now I have none.

  14. Polarbelle | 27th Sep 17

    I’m really impressed with every brush I’ve ever purchased from them. I prefer their dupe to the Mac 217 which was my number one holy grail for a long time.

  15. Courtney | 27th Sep 17

    I could really use a new set of brushes. These look like a great choice.

  16. Katie Marie | 27th Sep 17

    Beauty Junkies has been on my “want to try” list for a while now, they seem to be a fantastic brand! These brushes look awesome — especially that eye blending brush and the fan brush! <3

  17. fairytalesnails | 1st Oct 17

    These sound really nice, a great price too x

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