Beautiful nails with Ciate and Sante America

I haven’t written as much about nail polish as I’d like to. I have a large collection of polish that I’ve acquired within the last 2 years. I went from wearing the same polishes over and over to being anxious to get to my nail tech so I could try out lots of colors. I bit my nails down to the quick for most of my life. One day I resolved to grow nails and I actually did it (so all you mothers with children that bite their nails, there is hope). My nails aren’t super strong because of the damage I did to them which is why I get my nails done most of the time. To get to the point, this is the first of two polish reviews I’m ready to post.

Both of the brands I’m reviewing today are new to me and possibly to you too. These were sent to me to whet my palette I’m sure. Now I want MORE.

The first is CIATE Paint Pots which are from the UK. This is the cutest bottle ever! I wish I had a whole collection of these polishes. The bottle is slightly curved and has this adorable bow on it. These cost £9.00 and can be bought from Ciate’s website. There are 53 shades in their regular collection plus they have a lot of fabulous looking color collections. Ciate was created by one of the top nail stylists in the UK, Charlotte Straughan, to ensure professional quality for her customers.

This polish applied like a dream. I took this to my nail appointment and my manicurist was just as enamored as I was. She loved the brush (according to the site it has 250 flat bristles – I personally wouldn’t want to count them!). The polish just glided on. It was easy to apply but the best part is that this lasted a solid two weeks. The picture below is after 10 days of wear – typical housework included. When I went in to get my nails done again it was mainly because of a little tipwear and growth. I rarely touch up polish either. I know I should put on a top coat but I don’t.

The color I was sent is called Mistress (039) and at first I thought it was a little bit on the orange-red side but as I wore it I realized it was a great fire engine red (the site calls it a true red with a touch of coral). It’s a crème finish and was beautifully shiny using Seche Vite top coat. This will get worn again (and again). I like that Ciate describes their polishes and doesn’t just rely on photos which can be deceiving. I’ve got my eye on Burlesque (deep plum crème), Starlet (rich shimmery purple with blue & green) and Kitten Heels (red shimmer) and I’m sure one night when I’m in that mood I’ll be hitting BUY!

I also have been lucky enough to try out Sante America’s nail polishes ($15). I reviewed this natural brand before and was very impressed with what I’ve been using. I was thrilled when they sent me two polishes to try out. I’ve worn both polishes and got a week’s wear out of them. I actually did my nails myself with one myself because I was ready to change polishes before I had time to go for an appointment and I wanted to see what the application was like. It was a breeze. I’m not a good manicurist and I am impressed by those of you who can do their own nails. The bottle is very thin and so is the brush. For me that made it easy to use because I wasn’t making a mess on my cuticles. Even though the brush is thin it was great to use to cover the base of my nails.

The two colors I have are No. 18 and No. 07. The site names the polishes but they aren’t named on my bottles. No. 18 is a brown red cream called Magnolia Red and No. 07 is called Metallic Lavender. I didn’t love the look of No. 18 since it was a little too brown for me but the quality was great, it’s described as a deep dusty burgundy. No. 07 was much more interesting to me and showed me that I can comfortably wear this type of shade. Even though Sante’s site called it a lavender I saw a lot of light taupe in it rather than lavender on my hands. There is shimmer to it creating a metallic effect but it’s not over the top with either shimmer or metal. This is a polish I’ll be wearing again this spring and summer.

What Sante America brings to the table is a natural polish. The polishes are 100% formaldehyde free, don’t contain toluene, are vegan and gluten free plus they are free from colophony rosin (a product that’s from the resin of pine trees). Their polish remover is 100% acetone free and made with natural ingredients. I was amazed at how quickly this dried when I did my nails with it.

So there you have today’s nail episode. Two terrific brands of polish that you may not have been aware of before but now that you do, act on it!! — Marcia

Disclosure: polishes sent for PR consideration. Please see our disclosure statement for further information.