Beautiful brows with Rozge Renew™ Eyebrow Oil

I have had some interesting results with Rozge Renew™ Eyebrow Oil ($34.95), a conditioning eyebrow serum for healthy brows.

renew-brow-bottleboxThis oil unclogs hair follicles and promotes hair growth, so brows are thicker and healthier. Ingredients include the antioxidant rosemary oil, lemon extract to unclog hair follicles, niacin for fullness, and hibiscus rosa-sinensis to condition and soften hair.

I’m not sure why, but the first few times I used this eyebrow oil that Rozge sent us I kept thinking it was a rollerball applicator.  I guess I’m a bit slow because it took about three times of uncoordinated juggling before I remembered that it was a brush applicator.

Rozge Renew Eyebrow Revitalizer

Rozge Renew Eyebrow Revitalizer

I have ok eyebrows…a little too thin, and I definitely need tweezing to keep them groomed. I applied this oil every night, although it can also be applied twice a day – I just kept forgetting in the mornings. I have definitely seen results! My brows filled in, and the really interesting thing is I have seen a big reduction in stray hairs – you know, the weird ones that far enough from the brow they make you wonder why they ever grew in the first place.

If you have sparse brows, I absolutely recommend the Rozge Renew Eyebrow Oil. It’s a great product and I have had excellent results!  – Lisa

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